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September 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew playing with magnets

Matthew dancing on the bridge

Matthew coming out of his cave

Matthew having fun by himself

Matthew and Zoe on the boat

Elliott making a funny face

Matthew looking at the ground

Matthew digging for a toy

Matthew on his Octopus Chair

Matthew flipping his hat off

Matthew wearing his Oregon Ducks hat

Matthew playing with his sand toy

Matthew using his shovel

Matthew taking a bath

Matthew hiding behind his tube

Matthew playing with balls

Matthew and his new friend rolling the log

Matthew holding onto his red ball

Matthew throwing his red ball

matthew pushing his bucket to clean up

Matthew finds a choking hazard

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew with his ball in the tunnel

Matthew getting up

Matthew intensely playing with a toy

Matthew crawling through a tight tunnel

Matthew perfecting his bowling form

Matthew balancing a ball

Matthew clapping

Matthew playing ball with a friend

Matthew and Gaby hanging out

Matthew and Daddy playing with blocks

Matthew making a castle

Matthew and Daddy stacking blocks

Matthew resting

Matthew on the balance beam

Matthew resting again

Matthew about to throw blocks

Matthew and Daddy stacking

Matthew and Daddy playing in water

Matthew and Daddy playing with a boat

Matthew standing next to an abacus

Matthew playing with an abacus

Matthew and Zoe playing with the bucket

Matthew holding on to the bucket

Matthew and Alison playing

Matthew in the tunnel

Matthew giving mommy the ball

Matthew and Zoe playing soccer

Matthew playing with the wire table

Matthew playing with a friend

Matthew trying to keep up with his friend

Matthew reaching for mommy

Matthew scooping sand

Matthew handing mommy a big leaf

Matthew playing with Annie the Train

Matthew taking a look at a toy

Matthew walking out of the kitchen

Matthew coming out of the tunnel slide

Matthew buried in ball

Matthew really buried in balls

Matthew trying to catch bubbles

Matthew leaning on a dome

Matthew in a field of bubbles

Matthew resting

Matthew collecting balls

Matthew crawling on a tube

Matthew pushing a tube

Matthew daydreaming of his days in the NBA

Matthew slam dunking

Matthew staring at the pit

Going for a drive

Looking at the fountains

Matthew playing with his sand toys

Go long!

Showing off his teeth

Matthew and Andrew

Jumping around

Riding on the horsey

Balancing on the beam

Matthew and Gaby playing with the bucket of balls

Matthew in his boat

Having fun at the Lew pool

Going for a boat ride

Having fun at Gymbo

There's something fun over there

Ride 'em cowboy

Look at my sand toys!

Having fun in the fountains at Virginia Park

Look at my leaf!

Eating a corn dog at the zoo

Petting the goat

Matthew and Jason petting a goat

Matthew and Evan playing at the zoo

Having fun riding a dinosaur

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Matthew and Dada climbing the boxes

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