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August 2007
added by Susie
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Matthew on the Gymboat

Matthew in his Gymbo fort

Hiding in the fort


Walking around Gymboree

Matthew holding a ball

Bubble time

Reaching for bubbles

Hanging out at home

Matthew and Ryan at Ryan's 1st birthday

Matthew putting a ball into the bucket

In the pool

Swimming with Ryan

Watching Music 'n Me

Matthew's swim-suit

Matthew and Brayden

Hanging out in his circle

Climbing into the circle

Slam dunk!

I'm tall!

Slam dunk!

Walking with a ball

Standing on one foot

Riding the horsey

Hee haw

About to get his second haircut

Here goes...

I feel something on the back of my head

Under the jungle gym

Matthew with sand toys

With all the sand toys

Sand is fun

Looking at his sand tools

Walking in the sand

At Aidan's Place

Making a mess

Eating dinner

Playing with Thomas train table

At Child's Play

In the Fire Engine

In the choo choo train

Eating some food

Is there something on my head?

Having fun at McDonald's

Matthew and Dada looking at the fountains at Koreatown Galleria

Hiding in his fort

Playing with sand toys in the grass

What's that over there?

Matthew doesn't want to get his knees dirty

Flinging his starfish

Walking at Roxbury Park

Looking at the starfish

Having fun at Gymboree

Hey You....

Matthew and Mommy

Matthew/Daddy racing against Brandon/Brandon's Daddy

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew getting something from the bucket

Going for a walk

Matthew playing in a circle

Matthew going for a ball

Matthew looking through the tunnel

Matthew coming out of a cave

Matthew smiling

Happy Matthew

Matthew playing

Matthew and bubbles

Matthew and more bubbles

Matthew and Brayden at the park

Matthew and Brayden playing with sand

Matthew playing with his fork

Matthew and Brayden playing with sand toys

Matthew and Brayden sharing

Matthew and Brayden playing together

Matthew playing tic tac toe

Matthew and Brayden playing in a circle

Matthew standing on a bridge

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew balancing a fork

Matthew cooking

Matthew preparing a meal

Matthew making some broccoli

Matthew making a snack

Matthew with his trains

Matthew in the kitchen

Matthew making Corn Soup

Matthew playing with Thomas

Matthew playing with the trains

Matthew putting a train on the track

Matthew with his colander

Matthew eating a Hot Dog and Corn

Matthew heating something on the stove

Matthew having fun

Matthew and Brayden on the boat

Matthew feeling seasick

Matthew and Gaby taking a horse ``

Matthew having fun in the tunnel

Matthew reaching for a ball

Matthew having fun at the ball pit at Child's Play

Slam Dunk!

Having fun laying down

Matthew and Dada in front of the Delorean time machine

Matthew and Elliott in front of the Universal Studios sign

Susie and Matthew at Universal Studios

Susie and Matthew leaving Universal Studios

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