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June 2007
added by Susie
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Eating a cookie

One of the last happy pictures before Matthew gets his haircut

Getting his hair cut

After the haircut

Playing with a little girl at Gymboree

Matthew playing with his friend Brayden

Matthew and Brayden fight over the tunnel

Matthew on his tippy toes

"Wow the kids hands look just like mine!"

Playing the drums

"I can almost reach it..."

Matthew working hard

Matthew and his pet frog

Taking a step up

Under Balls

Resting with the balls

In a maze

Telling Mommy something funny

Can you see that?

Join Me

Matthew and Gaby playing ball

Matthew and Gaby in a tunnel

Matthew and Taylor trying to get out

Matthew and Mommy on the train

Matthew playing in the Sandbox

Matthew spinning his toy

Matthew's Famous Pose

Matthew flirting with Grandma

Matthew trying to eat the ball

Matthew playing ball

Everyone watching Matthew

Grandma and Grandpa playing ball with Matthew

Grandma and Grandpa walking with Matthew

Matthew showing off his walking skills

Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma cleaning Matthew's face

Matthew playing ball with Grandma

Matthew wondering what to do next

Matthew relaxing at the Park

Matthew and Grandpa staring at the ball

Grandpa helping Matthew walk

Matthew, Brayden and Ryan playing together

Matthew is Clapping

Matthew with his favorite ball

Matthew senses a ball near him

The Ball is Stuck

Matthew and Brayden playing on the tile

Matthew and Friends are wondering what Ryan is doing

"My Lips are Sealed"

Balancing a Ball on his head

Mommy and Matthew moment

Showing off his favorite teeth


Matthew and Brayden are counting the balls

"Wow, this ball is light"

"ooohhh, sand"

Happy Matthew

Working Hard

Playing his drums fast

Showing off... One Hand

Having a good time

Relaxing at the Park

Look Over There

Big Red Ball

Wood Working

Crawling through a Tunnel

Brandon looking at Matthew

One Handed Pushup

Neeeed toooo geeetttt thhhhee laaassst baaaalll

Matthew's Friend Braydon

Thaaaa Daaaa

Matthew's Friend Brayden

Matthew's Friend Camilla

Stepping Up

Having Fun with Mommy

Going up the Stairs


Row Row Row Your Boat

Matthew and Brayden having a serious talk

Camilla showing the guys how to have a good time

Matthew and Daddy sleeping

Camilla still having fun

Matthew telling it like it is

Matthew and Brayden hanging out

What up there?

Really, what is up there?

Korean BBQ

Can I keep the lens cap?

Matthew with Auntie Amy

mmmmmm.... cookie

Matthew and Grandma having fun

Showing all three teeth

What is Grandma doing?

Kneeling for a toy

Kaya, Julian, Matthew and Mommy on the train

Kaya and Matthew on a Plane

Matthew on his tippy tippy toes

Matthew palming a ball

Wax On ... Wax Off


"I think my arms are still too short"

Playing Peek-a-boo

Playing in the sand

Taking a Taste Test

"Woo, look at this twig"

Matthew and Brayden fighting for the sand toys

Brayden getting Matthew's attention

Matthew and Mommy


Matthew resting at Gymboree

Matthew in air

Matthew showing off his walking skills

Woo... bells

Look at all the Balls

On a Ledge

Getting off the ledge

Asking like a dog

Matthew playing with Taylor

Matthew with bubbles

Matthew with Taylor and Thej

Matthew and Taylor with a Tube

Taylor, Can I come through?

Matthew with Teacher Elsa

Matthew and Taylor playing with balls

Matthew and Taylor still playing with balls

Slam Dunk

Matthew in a Fire Truck

Matthew putting out a fire

Matthew is a Fire Chief

Matthew playing hide and seek

Matthew and Mommy at the LAFD Museum

Matthew and Mommy on the Big Slide

Matthew and Mommy coming down the big slide

How do I get down this slide?

Matthew and Maya on the swing

Maya's Birthday Party

Matthew staring at the Ball

Matthew playing with a ball

Maya cleaning Matthew's Face

Matthew trying to grab Maya's hand

Maya trying to take her racket back

Maya and Matthew talking Badmitton

Matthew trying to rest on Maya's Shoulders

Matthew trying to make his move on Maya

"Stop Bothering Us"

Taking a Time Out

Maya trying to spray water on Matthew

Maya trying to take Matthew water

Matthew looking under Maya's skirt


Allison leaning on Matthew

Allison and Matthew hanging out

Matthew showing off

Matthew popping bubbles

Can I order something?

Leaning on the window

In a Cave

Matthew and Brayden causing trouble

Matthew and Brayden up to no good

Playing in his ballpit

Happy Hands

Matthew laying with Dada

Wooo... balls....


brayden climbing

Matthew, Brandon and Tej playing with balls

bouncing a ball

Tunnel Time

Matthew leaning on Mama

Matthew and Brandon

Matthew showing off his new wheels

"I think I'm stuck"

Matthew playing with Sand

Matthew building a sand castle with Brayden

Matthew trying to eat a twig

Matthew playing with a Turtle

Matthew playing with a fish

Matthew cruising in his car

Matthew eyeing Thomas the Train

Matthew eating a Taco

Matthew standing on a basket

Matthew reaching for a ball

Matthew walking with a Train

Matthew walking with Thomas

Matthew with a Yellow Ball

Matthew laying on a Tube with Jason

"Hi Gaby!"

Matthew crawling through a tube

Matthew Crawling

Matthew and Brayden at the tube

Matthew has bubbles everywhere

Matthew sitting

Matthew and Mama on a horsey

Matthew taking a walk

Matthew picking up a ball

Matthew squating

Brayden hiding the balls from Matthew

Matthew going to Brayden for the ball

Matthew intensely staring down the Red Ball

You da man!

We're number 1

Matthew and Dada at Petersen's Automotive Museum

Pointing at the smoking dog

Matthew and Herbie

Matthew and the Microcars

Matthew's Fire Engine

Ringing the bell

Mesmerized by the table

Having some fun

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