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May 2007
added by Susie
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Content Matthew

Smiling Matthew


After having a sip of water

Mmmm food

Super Matthew

Super Matthew and tongue

Matthew crawling

Matthew showing off his standing ability


Matthew in the ball-pit at AdventurePlex

Climbing up to the bridge

Mowing the carpet

Riding on a car at Child's Play

Look, one hand!

What's in there?

Climbing up to the ball pit

In the ball pit

I want to go up there!

What's up here?

Climbing up stairs

Matthew learned how to use a sippy cup

Susie and Matthew in front of the fire engine

Matthew stands on the bumper

Lee's at Fire Station 92

Elliott and Matthew next to the fire gizmos

Matthew driving the fire engine

Elliott and Matthew in the driver's seat

Matthew trying on some firefighter duds

Matthew and Elliott in front of the fire truck

Susie and Matthew in front of the fire truck

Matthew and Susie in front of the fire truck

Evan, Jason and Matthew riding cars

Matthew on the stairs

Matthew climbing the stairs

Hard Hat Matt

Having fun with Fiber (Fire Bear)

I love my Fiber

Hello there

Matthew and the Stanley Cup

Matthew crawling

What's this sand?

Watching baseball

Posing for the camera

Interesting grass

What's over here?


Officer Matthew

Eating a cookie

That's a bubble on my head

I'm gonna get up there!

Going through the tube

Matthew and Dada

Matthew's pose

Doggy licking Matthew

Matthew petting a dog

Riding the Century City Express

Cindy, Monica and Susie

Connor and Matthew wave

Connor and Matthew

Matthew, Cole, Kiana and Connor

Matthew riding the train

Mommy and Matthew (holding tight) on the train

Daddy and Matthew ride the slide

Matthew clapping

Clapping with Grandma

Inside the new ball pit

Matthew having fun in his ball pit

Eating lunch at Anna's

Bubbles and stairs

Climbing the stairs

Playing pattycake with Matthew

Matthew and bubbles

I need a haircut

Let Me In!!!!

Is someone following me?

Going to an emergency

Ballpit... so comfortable

Woohoo! Ballpit

How did I get up here?

How do I get out of this maze?

I need to get to that ball

Oh, what is that?


Slam Dunk

Can I get that ball back?

I hope I don't fall in...

Oh, wow... let me in


Heavy Ball


Playing with trains

Licking a plastic Sugar Cookie

Cleaning up

Another emergency to get to

Horsey ride

Matthew playing with his friend Brayden

Matthew and Brayden hanging out

Matthew and Brayden making sand castles

Matthew in his Traditional Korean Outfit

Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa

Matthew's Famous Pose

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