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Mexico 2007
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Matthew at LAX

Grandma Shin at security

Happy Matthew

Matthew on the plane

Grace and Mike

Grace in the pool

Susie in the pool

View of beach at Zihuatanejo

Elliott and Matthew reading

Susie and Matthew swimming

Susie and Matthew in the pool

Susie and Matthew looking at the beach

Matthew swimming all by himself

Elliott and Matthew splashing

Elliott and Matthew swimming

Pruny toe

Mommy and Matthew drying off

Grandma Shin blowing out the candles


Susie in the pool

Flower and Zihuatanejo beach

Stairways down to the bedrooms

Casa que Canta

Zihuatanejo beach

Guy in the living room

Swan made out of towels

Downtown Zihuatanejo

Matthew and his toy

Dinner at Kau Kan

Mike reading a book

Matthew playing with the waterfall

Matthew in his boat

Mommy and Matthew floating

Matthew showing his swimming technique

Pool visitor

Grace, Susie and Amy

Family in front of the house

Beach at night

Hammock in the master bedroom

Pool at night

Jacuzzi at night

Susie and Elliott

Susie taking a bite out of the boat

Cruise ship in the bay

Matthew licking Grandma's shirt

Matthew showing off his teeth

Happy Matthew

The teeth again

Elliott and Matthew in the pool

Matthew and Grandma Shin in the pool

This boat is heavy

Matthew after being dunked in the pool

Hallway at the house

Grace in her balcony

Hammock in Grace and Mike's room

El Gato #1 at downtown market

El Gato #2 at downtown market

El Gato #3 at downtown market

Monument in Zihuatanejo

Family on the last day

Family with Leo

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