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February 2007
added by Susie
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Bracing for a Big Kiss...

Big Kiss


With Grandpa Shin and Cousin from Korea

Taking a Bath

Trying out a New Hairstyle

I'm Happy and I know it....

Grandma Lee telling a funning joke

110... and 5 more to go...

Mom.. Dad... Can you do this?


So Happy... I know how to crawl...

Throw me the Ball...

I'm walking....

OK... I'm just standing...

Crawling Away

Rolling Around

So Happy

Look Into My Eyes

Hello Everyone...

Love Posing

My New Toy

Making Music



My Teeth Hurt


So much fun

Wow, two microphones!

Elliott feeding Matthew at the Beach

Susie and Matthew at the Santa Monica Pier

Matthew swinging at Santa Monica Beach

Matthew playing with sand for the first time

Matthew having fun at Santa Monica Beach

Matthew riding his dragon

hello everybody

Matthew trying to crawl

Matthew doing yoga

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