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October 2006
added by Susie
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Oh, someone is approaching my Jumperoo

I love my Jumperoo

Please don't take me away from my Jumperoo

Look at all the cools toys on my Jumperoo

Why am I wear Cal colors?

Misty sniffing Matthew

I hope daddy doesn't see me in Cal colors

Matthew hanging out with Grandpa Shin

Matthew sleeping in Grandpa Shin's arms

Matthew getting a big kiss from Grandma Shin

Hello Camera....

Grandma Shin helping Matthew stand

I lov e standing

Look at my cheeks

Look at my chin...

I sense someone behind me

Matthew examining Grandpa Lee

Matthew with Grandpa Lee

Matthew with Grandma Lee

I'm just hanging out

Matthew lounging with Grandma Lee

Matthew sitting with Grandpa Lee

Matthew starting to smile

That's a big camera

Matthew at his first Carnival

wow... look at this pumpkin

Can I take this pumpkin home?

Susie displaying her power

Resting with Mommy at the Carnival

How do you like my hat?

My hat is tight...

I'm Winnie the Pooh

Matthew riding in his stroller like a big boy.

Matthew at the Westwood Charter Halloween Hoot

Matthew in a pumpkin patch

Matthew and Daddy in a pumpkin Patch

Matthew at the Halloween Hoot

Matthew playing with his feet

Matthew in his Winnie the Pooh costume

Hello folks

Look into my eyes

This position is hard to hold

Matthie the Pooh

Look at my new highchair

I can't wait to get real food

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