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100 Day Celebration
added by Susie
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Matthew relaxing with Grandma Shin

Matthew with Auntie Grace, Uncle Mike and Uncle Guy

Matthew getting a kiss from Auntie Grace

Matthew posing with Auntie Grace and Uncle Mike

Matthew with Uncle Guy

Matthew posing with Auntie Amy and Uncle Guy

Auntie Amy taking a bite out of Matthew

Matthew with Auntie Amy and Auntie Grace

Matthew hanging out with Auntie Amy and Auntie Grace

Aunt Louise talking to Aunt Verna

Matthew's Cake

Darren, Uncle Bill, Aunt Leona and Debbie

Danny, Aunt Verna, Cindy, Kiana and Briana

Kenny, Lawrence, Nolan and Denise

Jason playing with Grandma Lee and Aunt Louise

Matthew with Grandpa Lee

Matthew playing with Grandpa Lee

Matthew with Auntie Amy

Matthew taking a walk with a little assistance

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