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September 2006
added by Susie
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Favorite Chair

Happy Boy

Helicopter outfit from cousin Ryan

Matthew taking a nap after a meal

Cousin Jason entertains Matthew

What's the weird noise?

I like the chicken

Happy face

Matthew and Jason hanging out

There's that chicken!

Matthew and Mommy

This is fun!

Cousin Evan, Matthew and Susie

Happy Birthday Evan!

Evan, Taylor, Auntie Joanne, and Jason

Evan having fun

Matthew in a cute outfit from Joan and Peter

On TV for the first time

Mommy and Matthew are off to outer space

Matthew and the cat in the hat

I'm standing

Matthew doing the pop and lock

Look into my eyes

Look at this toy

The camera always adds 5 pounds

Up up and away

Go Ducks Go!

I'm happy


Still happy

Matthew in a sleeper from Colin, Lisa and Morgan

Matthew with Grandma Shin

Matthew with Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Matthew playing with Pooh Bear

Matthew with Auntie Amy

Matthew getting a big hug from Grandma Shin

Matthew looking around

Matthew with Grandma Shin

Matthew with Uncle Guy

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