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Matthew's First Year
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TravelTown 6/20/06


Won't Be Long Now

Deliver Here

Delivereed 6/21/06

Here He Is With Mommy 6/21/06

Proud Daddy

Auntie Meets Matthew

Sleeping For Grandma

Cousins Jason & Evan Visit Too

A Moment's Rest

Grandma With Sleeping Matthew

Proud Grandmas

Going Home, Visit Over 6/21/06

One Week Old 6/28/06

Hi, Mom!

Discussion Group

Some Assembly Required

One Month Old

Matthew Gives A-okay Sign

Sing Along With Jason

Your Turn, Uncle

No Hands!





Getting Wet

Water Fun

Oregon Fan, Seven Weeks Old

Tasty Dreams

Mealtime at 2 Months

Evan and #1 Birthday Cake

Let the Party Begin

The Assemblers

Tucked in For Ride Home

Arriving at Matthew's 100 Day Celebration

102 Day-old Matthew

Evan Brings His Own

The Star

The Hosts

And the Winner Is

Jason Enjoys the Party

Almost 4 Months Old

Am I Getting a Haircut?

Swing Me 'Til My Hair Stands on End!

I'm a Big Boy Now


Birthday Party Drink

Jason's 3 yrs old Today

Swapping Jokes?

Keeping an Eye on Evan

Blowing All 3 Candles

Evan & Grandma T

Making New Sounds

Listen Closely


Pictured Sideways

Listening to ECHO Echo echo

Now, Think Hard

Right Turn!

Taylor Helps Opening Presents




I Like It, Mommy!

Practicing Boy Scout Signals

Jason Eager to Eat

Evan: Where's My Chow Mein?

Let's Eat

Matthew at 5½ Months


My Lips Are Sealed



We Got Wheels

Christmas in Whittier, 2006

Christmas 2006

6 Months Old

A Solo by Jason

Christmas 2006 in Whittier

Easter 2007

April 7, 2007 Whittier

Easter 2007 in Whittier

May 12, 2007 10+ months

Matt @ 10 mos, Jason @ 3½ yrs

Start Your Engines!

Going Up! May 12, 2007

Matthew @ 10 mos, Evan @ 20 mos

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