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August 2006
added by Susie
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Please, can some help me get more food...

What a big kiss from Grandma Shin

"Grandma, your shirt is so flexible"

Hmm, I wonder what is going on

Oh, no!

Oh, geez!

Matthew lounging with Grandma Shin

Should I show my smile?

Hi Everyone!

Oh, boy... should I tell mommy I made a mess?

Wow, Grandma's glasses are thick...


Matthew smiling at Grandma Shin

Matthew flirting with Grandma Shin

Mom, leave me and Grandma alone

Posing for the camera

Grandpa Shin feeding Matthew

Grandpa Shin trying to burp Matthew

Grandpa Shin learning how to burp Matthew from Grandma Shin

Grandpa cleaning his first poopie diaper

Matthew sleeping in bed

Auntie Jacquie and Matthew

Uncle Dennis and SSX

Ryan is mesmerized

Trying to keep my balance

Just hanging out

Playing my air piano

Misty is thinking of joining the sleep fest

Matthew and Daddy sleeping together

Mommy sleeping with Cali

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Matthew showing Grandma Shin some Taekwondo moves

Grandpa Shin excited to see Matthew

Matthew sleeping in the Baby Bjorn

Sleeping with Mommy

Who are you staring at?

After a nice meal

Ready to go for a ride

Ahoy! Sweet bundle of joy!

Mommy and Matthew

Grandpa Lee and Matthew

Grandpa Lee feeding Matthew

Grandma Lee soothing Matthew

Grandma Lee with Matthew

My new outfit from Joan and Peter Jones

I'm to sexy for my clothes...

Do you like my shoes from Kevin and Kim?

I'm so happy...

Melissa and Matthew

Matthew in a cute sleeper from Leslie and Patie

Melissa trying to calm Matthew

Matthew back from his first day at Day Care

Grandma Shin feeding Matthew

Future baseball player

Cali and Misty trying to get some sleep


Lounging on the couch

Good cat

Karate chop

This cat is soft

I have a question

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