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July 2006
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Getting ready to go out in a new outfit

Looking sharp in a new outfit from Bill and Machi


Trying out a new hair style

Flowers from Symantec Localization Team in Dublin

Why are these two pigs on my head?

You're thinking of... "cats in space"

I'm alert!

I'm not looking this time

Sleepy pose

This is comfy

Sleeping on Mommy's side of the bed

Going sightseeing in my new outfit from Leslie & Patie

About to Smile

So are you sure I look handsome in this outfit

Really are you sure?

Matthew at the Korean Friendship Bell in Sand Pedro

I love taking a bath

Look at the cute cat

I love sleeping in my Baby Einstein Gym... Thanks Michelle

Still enjoying the Baby Einstein Gym

Doing some exercises in my Baby Einstein Gym

Please stop taking pictures... I need my privacy

Grandma Shin feeding Matthew

Getting burped by Grandma Shin

Posing for the Camera

Is this a time out?


What's going on over there?

Almost Smiling

I love to lay on my Baby Einstein

Matthew with his cousin Jason

Boy, this sling is tight....

Grandpa Lee making funny faces at Matthew

Grandpa Lee making more funny faces...

Matthew and Grandpa Lee

Matthew, Grandpa Lee and Cousin Jason

Matthew and Grandpa Lee

Can someone wipe the milk off my face?


About to Smile

Just relaxing

My favorite chair

Hey there

Cali's new favorite spot

High five

Gimme the darned food!

Matthew with Grandpa Shin

Grandpa Shin feeding Matthew

Na Na Ne Na Na

Look... I'm waving

Grandpa Shin feeding Matthew

Grandpa Shin getting good at feeding... next step... diapers

Grandma Shin and Matthew taking a nap

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