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February 2013
added by Susie
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Matthew hitting a baseball

Elliott waiting for a rocket launch

Stairs to nowhere at Vandenberg at the launch pad

Tracey taking a picture of the rocket

Computer room near mission control

Inside of the top of a nuclear missile

Landsat Atlas rocket

Mission Control room

Lots of people with expensive camera equipment watching the launch

KSC head Bob Cabana and NASA head Charles Bolden

Tracey at the launch site

Charlie, Matthew and I with Ken Landreaux

Landsat Atlas rocket

People at the NASA Social

Missile at Vandenberg

Mustang display at Vandenberg

Launch complex where the space shuttle was supposed to use

Opening Day at baseball

Start of the NASA Social

One of the computers at Mission Control

Stars in Lompoc

Cloud created by the launch

Hailey O jumping rope

Matthew going into class

Matthew jumping rope

Jumping or celebrating

Throwing a baseball

Plovers at Jalama Beach

Matthew trying to avoid the rope

Seagulls at Jalama Beach

Plovers searching for food

Jalama Beach

Hailey O jumping

Matthew avoiding the rope


Going under the rope

Susie and Matthew

Decorating a pot

Jalama Beach

Matthew's school work

Landsat LDCM launch (Landsat 8)

Rocket launch at Vandenberg

Matthew taking Karate

Matthew waiting for baseball

Snowy mountains behind Downtown LA

Matthew taking a swing

Celebrating a goal

Trying to block another kid

Haley and Matthew at Chess Club

Favorite thing to do at soccer

Rocket launch

Rocket launch

Jumping on the trampoline

Karate group class

Opening Day

Karate class

Matthew and Haley with their teacher Mrs. Oschack

Matthew and his pre-school friend Claire who's selling Girl Scout cookies

Mini golf

Rocket on re-entry


Matthew jumping

Matthew and Haley at school

Rocket launch

Our model rocket


Matthew playing baseball

Playing basketball at Chris' birthday party

Michael's birthday party

Watching basketball

Trying to make a basket

Jumping at Chris' birthday party

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