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November 2012
added by Susie
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NASASocial group picture

Hard Hat tour of the new Atlantis building

Rendering of the new building

Outside of new Atlantis building

Shuttle Launch Experience ride

Astronauts Bob Crippen and Jon McBride

On the Hard Hat tour

Tile that's supposed to change colors just like the shuttles did on re-entry

Rendering of the new building

First glimpse of Kennedy Space Center

Rendering of the new building

Waiting for the events to start

Describing the material of the sidewalks which are made of crawler rock

Intro to the Hard Hat tour

Rendering of the new building


Atlantis logo

Before we went inside

Some of the group members

Atlantis' home


Front of Kennedy Space Center

Intro to the Hard Hat tour

Vehicle Assembly Building

First glimpse of Atlantis

Top of Saturn V rocket and the moon

Underside of Atlantis with help from Photomatix

Tour bus

Me and Atlantis

Mock control room for Mercury

Beginning of the 2nd day

Top of the Orion/SLS rocket

Launch pad for the Space Shuttles. The wings rest on those two things sticking up on the right side

Mercury capsule and the moon

Me and Atlantis

Vertical Pano of the VAB

Huge crane inside the VAB

Catwalk for Saturn V

What SLS rocket will look like inside the VAB

Astronaut bus


Countdown timer

Countdown timer and launch pad

Original 7 astronauts

Group members

Inside our bus

Group members

Huge countdown timer

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

Atlantis looks like it's hovering


Kennedy Space Center security


Crowds of people taking pictures of Atlantis

Back of the wing

Atlantis coming into view

Coming towards us

Underneath Atlantis

Under Atlantis

Coming right at us

Shuttle Xing

Parade for Atlantis

Atlantis coming towards us

Front of Atlantis

Coming at us

Tracey Larvenz and Atlantis

Me and Atlantis

NASA helicopter taking video of the parade

Armored tank

Side of Atlantis

Kids leading the parade

Atlantis in front of the Visitor's Complex

Side view of Atlantis

Getting a better view from a lift

Tiles on the bottom of the nose

Liz, Kelly and I with Astronaut Jim Voss

Last view of Atlantis in its building as I was driving away

Atlantis passing by the front of the Visitor's Complex

Carrying Atlantis


Me in front of SpaceX capsule

Lift people taking video or pictures

Bird on top of Atlantis

Fireworks celebration

Wheels on the transporter

Atlantis heading for the rocket garden

Atlantis passes by

Atlantis and reflection

Taking a close-up picture

Atlantis rolling down the street

Side of Atlantis

Astronaut and head of KSC Bob Cabana

Matthew looking out the window from the Catalina ferry

Checking his BB gun target

Climbing a big hill in Catalina

Susie and Matthew's tent


On the shore at Catalina


Eating a S'more

Outside the tents

On top of a big tree trunk

Hanging out in Catalina

Shooting a BB gun

Reading before the trip to Catalina

Sunset on Catalina


Matthew inside the tent

Inside the boat

Waiting in line for S'mores

Dolphin in San Pedro

At the campground

Heating up a marshmallow

Loading his gun

Wildlife Conservation class

In Catalina

Going on a hike


Matthew and his new friend Riley

Boat in the ocean at Catalina

At the activity area


Bison in the distance

Sweating inside the tent

At the beach

Praying Mantis

Matthew on top of a log

Bathrooms at Catalina

Using his Map and Compass skills

Wearing a life jacket

Map and Compass class

Petting a shark

On the beach

On the beach in Catalina

Susie and Matthew in Catalina

Hanging out at the beach

Back in San Pedro

In front of the camp sign


Susie and Matthew back in San Pedro

Matthew in Catalina

Matthew and his pal Riley

Getting ready to leave

Getting off the dock


Playing on the hill

Getting off the boat

Matthew and Riley

Matthew way over there

Boat coming back from Catalina

Kids at Catalina from Westwood

Writing in his journal

Matthew and his new friend Riley

Matthew and the pirate sign

Westwood Pack

Coming back home

Den leader Steve and his son

Owen and his dad

On a trampoline

Playing soccer with Elliott as Ref

Karate group class

Big kick

Catching a ball at Cub Scouts

Playing soccer


Jumping off the balance beam

Watching some coaching

Max talking to Matthew

Frog hop

After scoring a goal

Doing the balance beam

Putting a dent in the ball

Soccer game

Throwing a ball at Cub Scouts

Soccer with Matthew's friend Michael on the left

After scoring

Cub Scout Den

Playing soccer


Balance beam

Matthew at Chess Club

After scoring a goal

Pack leader Chris

Matthew and Chris looking at a Space Shuttle toilet

Orbiter rocket engine

Looking at an interactive exhibit at California Science Center


Holding up Endeavour


Watching a movie of the move across town


Matthew's box he painted for the Cub Scouts book drive

Under Endeavour

Running at soccer

Matthew in Karate

Chris and Matthew

Underneath Endeavour

Raffle time at Cub Scouts

Listening at Cub Scouts

Watching a movie at the Endeavour exhibit

Looking at Space Shuttle stuff

Receiving a patch for Cub Scouts

Reading about the Space Shuttle

After Max scored a goal

Playing with his jersey

Matthew's awards

Looking at the ocean at Cambria

Space Shuttle exhibit

Team Lee in Cambria

Back of Endeavour

Elephant seals

Waiting for a ball that's in the air

Running from the waves

Underside of Endeavour

Elephant seals

Shaking hands

Looking at the tide pools

Underneath Endeavour

Tide pools in Cambria

Hotel at Cambria

Inside California Science Center

Waiting for a high ball

Elliott and an orbiter rocket engine

In Cambria

USS Hornet

Matthew at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Apollo capsule

Susie and Matthew on the USS Hornet

Coast near Carmel

USS Hornet

Apollo capsule

Elephant seal coming out of the water

Bay Bridge, Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge

Bridge near Carmel

Matthew and a big candy bar at Ghirardelli Square

Sea creature at the aquarium

Helicopter like the one that pulled up the Apollo 11 capsule

Octopus in Monterey

Susie running back to the car

F-14 Tomcat on the USS Hornet

Corsair on the USS Hornet

Matthew taking a nap

Sleeping with his arm up

Trying to recreate a famous photo of Apollo 11

Hurrying to get the smashed penny


Plane on the USS Hornet

Shin family Thanksgiving

San Francisco

Matthew and a crab

Ghirardelli Square


Making pumpkin pie

Climbing over a wave

At Treasure Island at the Bay Bridge

Matthew's new funny face

Bay Bridge

SF from Chinatown

Surfing a wave

Matthew in SF

Goofy face

Susie and Matthew in San Francisco

Elliott and Matthew and the Bay Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge

Matthew and his pre-school friends at Ghirardelli Square

Matthew climbing a structure

Chocolate machine

Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge

Matthew playing at a park

Cable Car

Susie and Matthew and our tree

Running from the wave

Grace, Matthew and Susie

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