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September 2012
added by Susie
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Giving out snacks in the Lee soccer tent

Matthew running away from someone

Coach David Parks

Charlie and Matthew

Matthew and his Lego creation

Evan's birthday

Matthew about to kick it

Talking to the ref

Matthew's creation

Space ship

Good game

Talking to one of his teammates

Matthew's new soccer jersey

About to kick it

Soccer practice

Matthew's AYSO team

Lego space port

Soccer game

Evan's birthday

Kicking the ball

Coach Parks

Matthew and his teammates

Space ship

Team meeting

Space ship

Throw in

Lego person

Matthew and some Lego mice

Nyan cat

Light bulb Lego

Matthew and a big Lego dude


Another Lego guy


Princess Leia

Boba Fett


Some Lego creations

Lego Mosaic

More Minilanders

Darth Maul

Luke Skywalker

Nyan cat

Lego jackhammer

Atlanta Braves mosaic

Darth Maul

Nyan cat


Evan, Matthew and Jason

Matthew and a Lego crown

Riding at Legoland

Obama Lego head

Tauntaun that we built the year before


Riding on the boat ride at Legoland

Matthew's alien for the Lego contest

Kicking a ball


Playing soccer

Big kick

Soccer practice

Star Wars Miniland


Matthew playing soccer

Star Wars Miniland

Playing a game at George's party

Good game

Bowling at George's party

Matthew and Luke from school

Playing at George's party



After scoring a goal

Waiting for the driving ride at Legoland

Haley and Matthew


Matthew and his pre-school classmate Grant

Eating a piece of bread

Kicking it in the goal

Matthew and his light saber

AYSO soccer

Kicking it

Practicing soccer


Pinata candy

Selling popcorn at Ralphs

Light saber fight at Haley's party



Throw in


Talking to Tommy

Running at soccer

About to kick it

Pinata hit

Looking at Gangnam Style on the iPad


Matthew in his Cub Scout uniform

Soccer game

Team meeting

Haley and Matthew


George opening his gifts


Soccer practice

At the Disney Concert Hall

After the Cub Scout tidepool adventure

Playing soccer on the other side because they didn't have enough players

Downtown LA

Tidepool adventure

Looking for sea creatures


Running at the Disney Concert Hall

Karate class

Angel's Flight

Disney Concert Hall

Three surfers competing for a wave

Running at soccer

Disney Concert Hall

Angel's Flight

Playing soccer

In Malibu for tidepools

Looking for some fish

World's biggest rock according to Matthew

Matt Construction

Frog hop

"Pass it over here!"

Angel's Flight

Front position

At Zuma Point for tidepools


In Malibu for tidepools

Looking over the tidepools

Endeavour doing a fly-by of the airport

NASA escort jet

People watching from the 105 freeway

People watching on the other side of the 105 freeway

People watching from the top of Baldwin Hills

People leaving across the freeway

Downtown and haze

Endeavour flying over Baldwin Hills

Taking a picture of Endeavour

Endeavour coming towards the airport

Crowds on top of the 105

Escort jets

Our first view of Endeavour

People watching from this airport tower

Endeavour flying overhead

People watching from the edge of the 105

Endeavour flying over

Crowds waiting on Aviation Blvd

Endeavour flys over

Flying toward the airport

Endeavour flys past

Flying low near the airport

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