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August 2012
added by Susie
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Freestyle Race

Relaxing in the tube

Swimming in Florida

Swimming arounds

Tube and Float

Resting on the floaty

Trying to get on the floaty

Having a great time in the pool

Trying to swim with a tube

Freestyle swimming

Tipped over on he floaty

On the floaty


Backstroke Race

Trying to get on the floaty

Trying to relax

Trying to figure it out


Holding on

Having fun

Jumping in with a tube

Gun fight


Trying out new ways to play with the tube

Jumping in

Lighthouse in Florida

Shooting his water gun

Testing out his water gun

Dancing at the Science Center in Florida

Jumping in

Tricks with the tube

Pulling at the Science Center

Jumping in

How do you use this gun


Big Tire

Jumping in with a Tube

On the coast

Another trick

Dancing on the coast

IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame (I gotta pee!)

Diving into the pool

Making a big bubble

Matthew and Haley

Matthew and some big bugs

Inside a climbing area

Feeding fish and turtles

Flying an airplane

Making bubbles


Drying off

With some wildlife in Florida

Feeding fish and turtles

Banana spider

Big ball maze

Looking at birds

About to feed some fish



Opening some presents

Matthew doing the obstacle course

Gabi is now going to Matthew's school

Lining up for games

Sack race

Baby shower presents

Haley hiding from the camera

Less competitive sack race

More competitive sack race

Matthew at school

Noni and Danny

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