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June 2012
added by Susie
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Matthew practicing Pinan 4 at the tournament

Sensei Sam doing the weapons competition

Matthew picking up Pico

Pick up Pico day

Matthew picking up trash

Judge at tournament getting the winners names

Sensei Bobby and Sensei Sarina judging sparring

Sensei Sarina sparring

Matthew with his fourth place trophy for Pinan 4

Sensei Sam, on the right, sparring

Sensei Sarina

Sensei Sam sparring against Sensei Kirk

High kick

Sensei Sarina

Sensei Jason getting his 2nd place trophy for forms

Sensei Sam getting his first place trophy for sparring

Sensei Sarina kicking

Matthew in line to get his trophy

Sensei Sam sparring

Sensei Jason jumping

Charlie winning his prize for slot car racing

Matthew and Shane

Patrick, Matthew and Chris at Chess Club

Charlie and Matthew at Charlie's birthday party

Sparring with Sensei Bobby

Shane won

Kicking Sensei Bobby

Slot car racing

Shane after he won


Flamingo and then kick

Matthew and his fourth place trophy

Nika running at group class

Matthew lost his first tooth

Getting ready to race

Sensei Bobby and Matthew with his trophy

Shane taking a shot



Shane and Matthew at basketball

Eating at Charlie's birthday party

Shane getting his prize


Kids at the kindergarten breakfast

Matthew playing air hockey against Giselle

Planning at soccer


Mr. Harrison, the music teacher


Haley, Matthew and Shane

About to sing to the parents

Matthew at the school breakfast

Matthew and Wilson after a goal

Charlie blows out his candle

Eating at Charlie's house


Isabella and Mr. Harrison

Kids at the breakfast

Playing badminton

Matthew and Jenny at Albertsons

Shane getting his certificate

Charlie getting his certificate

Matthew and Isabella

Shane and his breakfast

Isabella and family

Matthew getting his certificate

Looking at their certificates

Matthew and Shane eating breakfast


Matthew and Mrs. Higa

Getting his certificate

Matthew shaking hands with Mrs. Higa

Parents and kids at the breakfast

Looking at the picture

Matthew, Chris, Isabella and Charlie

Mrs. Higa, Ms. Jeanne, and Matthew

Parents taking pictures of the kids

STAR show (Matthew on the far right)

Matthew with alien glasses

Chess Club cake

Isaiah and Matthew

Matthew playing against Chris

Matthew with two of his chess teachers

Sonia from Chess Club

Kids waiting for the chess cake

Matthew and Coach Alex

Chess Club teachers

Girls at the STAR show

Matthew after the STAR show

Matthew in the STAR show

Matthew and Isaiah

Kids eating chess cake

Logan and Alejandro at Matthew's party

Shane and Matthew

Playing a game

Charlie and his brother Max


Gibson and Kirby

Chris, Gibson and Logan


Shane and Matthew

Matthew at his party

Ariel and Matthew playing a Spongebob game

Matthew looking at a big ball dropping game

Ariel, her brother and Dad

Shane playing a basketball game

Kylie and Cameron

Gibson eating

Matthew and Gibson playing a game

Chris eating lunch

Chris eating

Matthew and Shane playing Skee-Ball


Shane driving

Kylie's brother

Chris' dad Rich on the left

Power Ranger pose

Chris and Gabriel

Matthew on the boat

Chris, Matthew and Shane

Kylie's mom



Chris playing a shooting game

Shane and Matthew

Watching a video game


Playing a video game

Matthew blowing out his candles

Matthew in a jungle gym

Susie and Haley H

Charlie and Kirby


Matthew and Mrs. Higa on the last day of school

Matthew's Angry Birds present

Matthew and a pirate water bottle

Radio Control car

Matthew driving

Personal birthday card

Power Rangers stuff

Opening a birthday present

Check for his birthday

Matthew playing two-touch at school on the last day

Matthew and Coach Mike

Matthew's birthday at home

Magic set

Matthew and Miss Brandy

Carcassonne game

Pokemon battle set


Matthew and Miss Melanie

Birthday lunch

More birthday presents

Jason at bowling

Matthew riding his bike

Playing soccer

Joanne and Jason

Susie playing a game

Matthew and his bowling ball

Looking at the bowling scores


Matthew bowling

Team cheer


Jason's form

Evan bowling

Strategy meeting


Matthew at UCLA summer camp


Playing soccer

Getting a drink

Matthew likes to play with his jersey


Trying to find stuff at Discovery Science Center

Looking at a dinosaur skull

On top of the world

Playing a game at Discovery Science Center

Matthew at Discovery Science Center

Matthew and Ashley at UCLA camp

Finding some bones

Playing Connect 4 at UCLA camp

Rolling a ball across a turntable

Matthew and his friend, Kyle, at UCLA Summer Camp

Kyle's work of art

Last day at Mrs. Higa's Class

Crazy Hair Day

Matthew and Christopher's crazy hair

Kyle's fun project at camp

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