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May 2012
added by Susie
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Helicopter over the park

Presidential helicopter flying over our house

Helicopter over the park

Presidential helicopter flying directly over the house

At the T-Ball party

Kids playing outside the pizza place at the t-ball party

Matthew kicking a ball

About to kick the ball

Running with the ball

Matthew and Brett

Waiting at soccer

After scoring a goal

Soccer kids

Matthew kicking it

Matthew, Brett, and Brett's sister

Soccer kids

STAR basketball team cheer

Some of Matthew's work on the kindergarten wall

Chris and Matthew at school

Having fun at soccer


Karate with Sensei Bobby

Shane playing basketball

Hayley O and Matthew in the cafeteria before school

Matthew hiding in his shirt

Hayley O and Matthew

Opening a Mother's Day gift

Matthew playing basketball

Matthew's Mother's Day present

Playing soccer

"I'm open!!!!"

Butterflies in kindergarten class

Matthew and Wilson getting ready to do a drill

Mother's Day

Chris and Matthew at the Aquarium

About to receive a pass

Running around the Aquarium

Playing guitar at music

Trying to make whale sounds

Matthew and a little penguin statue

Susie and Chris in front of the big tank

Chris smashing a penny

Posing with the penguins

Looking at fish

Shane and Matthew having fun at the Aquarium

Matthew and Chris looking for frogs

Pink fish

Kevin (Shane's Dad), Shane, Chris and Matthew at the Sea Lion show

Chris and Matthew

Trying to get wet

Shooting water

Spraying water


Matthew and Chris looking at fish

Having fun at lunch

Chris and Matthew looking for sea lions

At the whale sound exhibit

Interesting looking fish

Trying to figure out what kind of sea creature's in there by feel

Whale sound exhibit

Chris, Shane and Matthew

Posing with the penguin

Watching the fountain

Having fun at the Aquarium

Partial eclipse

Volunteering at the sea otter show

Chris, Shane and Matthew

Partial eclipse

Volunteering at the sea otter show


Watching the slideshow at school open house

Matthew riding on the Expo Line

Walking at STAR

Matthew bowling

Relaxing during the open house

Natural History Museum

Chris and Matthew

Matthew dancing

Matthew finding his bowling ball

Matthew reading Mom a story he wrote

Matthew and Mrs. Higa

In line at STAR

Chris bowling

Matthew's schoolwork about butterflies

Attributes of Matthew at open house

Picking a prize for winning freeze dancing

Drinking from the fountain

Matthew with his best friend Christopher

Evil moustache

Smiling at the park

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