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Susie's Sisters' Baby Shower
added by Elliott
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Susie and Elena

Susie and Anita

Susie and Baby

Cake Top Message

The Cake

Anita, Susie and Candice playing the nursery rhyme game

Susie and Candice (two pregos)

Party goers chatting it up

Susie showing off the pack and play sheets

Susie opening gifts

Susie examining the Baby Healthcare kit

Gracie measuring yarn for the Measure Susie's Belly game

Everyone at Susie's Shower

Winnie the Pooh baby clothes for Matthew

Susie and Mary and all the great gifts from Mary

Susie and Candice and all the great gifts from Candice

Susie checking out some really cool gifts

Susie and Crystal and all the great gifts from Crystal

Susie really trying hard to get to the gift

Shirley and Susie


Laurie and Susie


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