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January 2012
added by Susie
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Duck on the big screen at the Rose Bowl

Matthew at the game

Rose Bowl before the game

Matthew in front of the Duck

Susie's parents and Matthew

B2 flying over Rose Bowl

Hanging out before the game

Ducks running on the field



Walking to the game

Matthew sweating in the 82 degree heat

Field at the Rose Bowl

Elliott and Matthew

Fireworks before the game

Matthew and Elliott

Coin toss that Wisconsin won

Drinking lemonade

Ducks running onto the field

Bowing for money

Ducks about to win the game 45-38

Matthew playing iPad at the game

If you stand back far enough, this picture doesn't look too bad


Darron Thomas on the big screen

Picture after the game

Matthew and George Horton, the Oregon Baseball Coach

Team Lee at the Rose Bowl

Scene after the game

At the Rose Bowl

Matthew getting ready to do his form

Playing mini-golf

Rose Bowl ticket

Matthew's the shortest and only blue/green belt

Matthew with Sensei Sam

Matthew's New Years Resolution

Matthew and his certificate from sparring

About to spar

Kylie reading books

About to spar

Bubbles from school

Hitting a golf ball

Susie cleaning at school

Sensei Sam

Matthew and his certificate from Forms

Getting a medal

Sensei Sam taking down his opponent

Matthew, Ariel and her brother

Matthew with Susie's parents

Nice kick


Eating a big donut


Playing soccer at Soccer Kids USA

Charlie's Dad putting in shelves at school

Isabella's Mom cleaning

Kids playing iPads and iPhones

Running on the field

Isabella cleaning

Alejandro's Dad at school

Christopher and his Mom

Playing games

Ariel and Isabella

Ariel's Mom

At classroom clean-up day

Kirby's Mom

Ariel's Mom and Alejandro's Dad

Matthew running

Charlie's Dad

Kylie and her dad

Matthew running and jumping

Christopher's Dad cleaning the floor

Cleaning chairs

Hide-and-seek at school

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