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December 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew playing soccer

Watching Manuel play his DS at school

Matthew in hockey gear

Matthew learning how to skate

Walking to Emerson Middle School

Playing hockey

Playing soccer

Walking to Emerson for the Mulan play

Matthew at soccer

Learning to skate


Skating with another kid

Skating by himself

About to fall down

Watching Manuel play his DS


When Matthew first went on the ice

Being held up

Watching DS before school starts

Matthew's cafeteria card

Kids in the Emerson auditorium

Amazing middle school acrobat

At the end of the play

Matthew with his friends

Mulan and Mu Shu

Going into the auditorium

Walking down Santa Monica Blvd.

Jonathan's Mom

Going to find a seat

Pyrotechnics at the play

Matthew waiting for a throw-in

Rhonda, Bobby, Matthew and Jason

Nika getting her orange belt

Matthew's gingerbread house from school

Matthew at soccer


Brogan, William and Matthew

Kicking a ball

Matthew got his Blue/Green belt

Saving a ball from going out of bounds

Big kick

After the belt test

Matthew and his new belt

Getting his new belt on with help from Kim

Throwing the ball in

Running in soccer

Nika and her new belt

Kicking the ball

Matthew inside the test

Matthew getting his new belt

Matthew and his soccer medal

Kids getting medals

Matthew and Andrew at the park

Team picture

Zachary, Matthew and Andrew

Getting his AYSO soccer medal

Matthew, Susie and some Angry Birds

Kicking the ball in

Elliott as a referee

Getting his medal

Going through a tunnel of parents

Matthew having fun at hockey

Matthew's class with hats

Art on the kindergarten wall

Mrs. Higa with Akira and Kylie

Matthew and Alejandro

Matthew trying to type a message to Mom

Passing the puck with an older kid

Matthew and Logan

Matthew and Darron

Matthew's class with hats

Susie and Matthew decorating our lopsided tree

Passing the puck

Susie putting hats on the kids

Matthew and his class' pinwheels

Having fun at hockey

Smiling at hockey

Trying to get up by himself

Making chocolate covered pretzels

Matthew eating a Chili's Baby Back Rib

Matthew with his fruit-roll and rice krispie sushi made at school

Elliott and Matthew decorating the tree

Shooting a puck into the net

Mrs. Higa with Jiselle, Matthew, and Liliana

Matthew opening up Lego Pirate ship

Opening up a present

Matthew on the bus

Putting socks on before opening presents

Running around the yard on pajama day at Winter Camp

Matthew's dirty pajamas

Waiting for the field trip

Having a drink

Balancing soccer balls

About to board the bus

Calendar that Matthew made us for Christmas

Matthew and Christopher

Susie, Liliana, Matthew and Haley

Opening up a present

Looking at something on the wall

Balancing soccer balls

Mrs. Higa's class

Getting on the bus

Waiting for the field trip

Matthew and Christopher at the movies

Opening a present

Elliott and Matthew on Christmas morning

Matthew and Susie

Matthew and his candy cane stocking

New sweater

Long sleeve shirt

Matthew and his Oregon pillow pet

New Lego set

Radio controlled helicopter

Some candy

Opening gifts

Matthew and his new pirate ship

Susie holding a present from Matthew

Matthew's card to Susie (an Angry Bird scene)

Susie's Angry Bird pops

Dance Central 2

Gift for Mom

Matthew's gift to Dad - $1

Matthew's card for Mom

Matthew's new Millennium Falcon

Gift exchange

Susie's gift

Jason and Matthew

Kids at Cindy's house



Matthew waiting for gifts

Hanging over the couch

Kiana opening a present

Matthew hiding

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin

Ryan, Nolan and Micah

Taking pictures


Auntie Verna



Playing video games


Taking gifts

Jason and Matthew looking at the DS

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin

Matthew playing Dance Central 2

Trading gifts

Looking at the Pokemon game

Evan flying the helicopter

Auntie Verna

Gift exchange

Jason flying the helicopter

Showing off their gifts


Debbie and Nolan

Auntie Marylin

Matthew and Jason and the flattened gingerbread house

Nolan and Ryan


Angry Bird pops

Matthew flying the helicopter

Looking for presents under the tree

Gift exchange

Riding the arm ride

Playing a game at Legoland

Climbing the net ladder

At the top of the ladder

Going through an obstacle course

Clone troopers

Going through the obstacle course

Riding in Joanne's car

At Legoland

King throne

Clone troops

Clone troops

Riding an ATV at Bass Pro Shops

Matthew and R2 D2

In front of Bass Pro Shops

Flying helicopter

Han Solo's tauntaun

Clone troops

Matthew and Chewbacca

Posing at Legoland

Pirate fighting in the Lego store

Log ride


Log ride splash

Matthew in the ball shooting room

Getting ready for a big splash

Matthew's face

On the really long Oceanside Pier

Matthew and the cookies he made

On the log ride

Eating a cookie

Putting together his car

Bird on the Lego cruise

Riding the horse

Our cars

Making chocolate chip cookies

Ridiculous amount of avocado on my burger


Matthew waiting in line by himself

Riding on the Lego cruise

Matthew and some Lego people

New Year's hat

Elliott's Hero

Coming out of the big slide


On the horse ride

Building a car

Matthew and his Hero

Susie and Matthew listening to music

Playing video games with another kid

Susie coming out of the big slide

Dodging foam balls

Avoiding balls

Building a Hero

Throwing foam balls at people

Throwing a ball

Matthew talking to Susie

Matthew's Hero

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