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October 2011
added by Susie
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Looking through the Griffith Observatory telescope

Matthew at soccer

Team cheer

Telescope at Griffith Observatory

Pendulum at Griffith Observatory

Susie looking through the telescope

Matthew and Leilani

Kicking a soccer ball

Watching Evan play Gameboy

Soccer class

Riding a seahorse

Watching a game

Matthew's famous squat

Eating breakfast at school

Matthew, Jason and Evan

Squatting at school

Evan's birthday present

Soccer class

Elliott refereeing a game

Matthew with Jason in the background

Angry Birds game

Eating a snack in Fairmont Park

Group picture

Sunday group Karate class

Playing soccer

Matthew's the short one

Lining up for a soccer drill

Mrs. Higa and Ms. Jeanie

Matthew and Christopher at school

Matthew and his smiley sausage

At Skye Richmond's party

Drinking lemonade

Skye Richmond in pink

Skye's mom doing a science experiment

Waiting for that little rocket to lift off

Golf swing

Drawing some snakes

Skye and Ariel


Soccer balls

Golf at Holmby Park

Matthew and Christopher

Waiting for the next experiment to start

Sitting in class

You can see Matthew's smile

Mentos and Coke

Waiting to make a lava lamp

Mentos and Coke experiment

Making a Halloween bag

Kicking a ball

Elliott refereeing

Playing basketball game at Halloween Hoot

Playing skee ball


Throwing a ball into a basket

Bowling at the Hoot



Susie giving out cakes a the cake walk

Matthew playing with Christopher

Skye's dad

Duck fishing

Kicking a ball

Skye blowing out her candles

Matthew and Christopher

Going into the Haunted House

Matthew and the cake we made for the cake walk

Getting ready to run

Trying to win tickets

Soccer game with Christopher


Matthew putting his shoes on

Matthew, Charlie and Christopher

Getting ready to make a shirt

Ghost basketball

Art at school

Cake walk

Cake walk

Cake walk

Baking at school

Making a shirt

Matthew and Christopher

Doing art with Ariel

Waiting for class to start

Susie and Matthew at the cake walk

Spinning color wheel for tickets!



Christopher doing the cake walk

Matthew making art

On the apparatus

Laughing because the schedule has two goodbye's

Talking to some kids

Waiting in line

Trick-or-treating at the Hahn's house

Soccer class on Halloween


Matthew doing Susie's video

Very decorated house in our neighborhood

Mrs. Hahn giving Matthew some candy

Matthew and his music teacher Jason


Karate with Nassib

Hockey again

Matthew sliding (It's Wear mismatched socks day)

Isabella's Mom, Chung, carving a pumpkin at school

Matthew at the Westside Pavilion play area

Playing drums

Super Mario



Elliott in the penalty box for hooking

Elliott playing hockey

Matthew at school


Teacher Jason and Matthew

Getting candy from someone dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow




Getting some candy

Under a big spider

Ariel and Matthew


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