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September 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew in front of a ninja at Legoland

Plane ride

Kids driving school

Matthew with Susie and Doris in the background

Matthew climbing through the tunnel

Matthew with Chewie and R2-D2

Playing Harry Potter game


Matthew at his first AYSO soccer game

Marines Memorial with ninja

Building the taun-taun

Hugging R2-D2

Log ride

With the completed taun-tauns

Playing Ninjago game

Matthew and his team, the Blue Sharks

Doris and family on the fire truck ride

Matthew in front of another ninja

Building his Ninjago

Log ride

Ninjago battle

Matthew playing with Emma

Ninja on top of a carriage at Miniland

Going through a tube

Team Lee with Taun-taun models

Soccer class

Doing sports at the Westwood Charter Ice Cream Social

Making faces

Balancing a frisbee

Playing in his first official soccer game

Running at soccer class

Doing a soccer drill

Running after the ball

Matthew being interviewed at Westwood Charter

Running at soccer

Lined up with some kids at the Ice Cream Social

Physical soccer game

Soccer kids

Matthew talking on the megaphone

Controlling the ball at soccer

At the Ice Cream Social

Jumping over the lines

Kids at soccer

Running at soccer

Soccer kids meeting


Having fun at soccer

Matthew and Isabella hiding

Matthew and kids being led to the field at the Ice Cream Social

Matthew at soccer class


Matthew talking to Leilani

Elliott as a soccer ref

Matthew getting his chess problems graded

Kicking a ball

At chess club


Chess club

Matthew's chess problems

Kindergarten class

Sitting at kindergarten

Kicking a ball

Blocking Max from getting balls out of the goal

Playing soccer

Playing soccer


Middle of a soccer game

Kicking the ball

Wednesday's kindergarten schedule


Sitting in kindergarten

Following along in kindergarten

Resting at soccer


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