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August 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew running at soccer

Broom hockey at the aquarium

Hitting a big hammer

Water break

One of Matthew's last days at pre-school

On the pirate ride

Star summer camp last day after the field trip

Riding on the pirate ride

Matthew's nose patch

Field trip info for Star summer camp

Matthew at pre-school

Wacky Wednesday at pre-school

Gift from Auntie Grace for getting to kindergarten

Playing a game at the aquarium

Last days at pre-school

Matthew and a group of kids at Star summer camp

Matthew making his first purchase -- Angry Bird pig

Practicing high kicks

After purchasing Piggy Tiggy

Matthew's nose patch

Using a huge hammer

Pirate ride

Soccer kid

Kicking the ball

Parents cheer at soccer

Matthew and his bag on a hook at Star camp

Angry Birds game from Auntie Grace

One of the last days at pre-school

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