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Florida Trip 2011
added by Susie
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Back stretch at Daytona International Speedway

Our first view of Daytona International Speedway

Osprey wondering why I'm standing there

Matthew walking to the Turtle Mound at Canaveral National Seashore


Matthew on the plane to Florida

Starting line at Daytona

View from on the track at Daytona

Driving fast down the track

Matthew and Susie at Victory Lane

Fish at Canaveral National Seashore

Huge Banana Spider

View of Disneyworld from the plane

Matthew playing PvZ on the airplane

Huge spider

Osprey that just caught a fish

Waiting to get the rental car

Matthew on the 18 degree straightaway

Smashing a penny at Daytona

Epcot from the air

Matthew playing mini golf at Congo River

Space Mountain

At Victory Lane

Mini golf at Congo River in Daytona Beach

Playing golf

First view of the Magic Kingdom from the ferry boat

Castle at the Magic Kingdom

Matthew at Swiss Family Treehouse

Porsche at Daytona

Covered hole at golf


2011 Daytona winning car

Last winning car at Daytona

View of Victory Lane from luxury suites

Race car at Daytona

Alligators at Congo River golf


It's hot at Swiss Family Treehouse

Feeding an alligator

When first entering Magic Kingdom

Matthew in front of the big castle

It's a Small World chess piece

Jack Sparrow at Pirate of the Carribean

Really hot on Tom Sawyer's Island

Skeleton at Pirates of the Carribean

Happy Matthew waiting for the pirate ride

Jack Sparrow hair

Trying to stay cool on Tom Sawyer's Island

Playing in the pool

Susie taking a picture of us

Matthew driving while sitting Indian-style

Matthew with his Mickey Mouse ears

Running across a bridge

Trying to reach a rope to ring a bell

King chess piece at It's a Small World

Matthew underwater

Big castle

Matthew sweating

Jumping for the rope

It's a Small World

Matthew hot

Elliott's Lego rocket

Matthew in the pool

Fish swimming with their heads above water

In front of the Orion capsule

Susie's Lego rocket

Matthew in the Kennedy Space Center jungle gym

Satellite inside the Explorer Space Shuttle

Matthew driving the spacecraft

Matthew's Lego creation


Jungle Gym at Kennedy Space Center

Matthew sweating

Matthew and Susie in front of Explorer


Matthew and Susie in front of the Saturn V rocket

Jungle Gym

Fish from our dock

Matthew's Lego scene

Inside the spacecraft

Huge jungle gym

Bottom of the Saturn V rocket

Hermit crab



Rocket Garden

Matthew smiling in the water

Stages of Saturn V

Matthew in the pool

Lunar Lander


Walkway to Apollo

Matthew in front of astronaut Snoopy

Blue crab


Rocket engines


Matthew smiling in the pool

Mars robot

Saturn Center

Model of Saturn V

Mars rover

Juno lifting off

Apollo 12 Capsule

A few seconds after launch

Juno on the ground

Ibis in front of us at the rocket launch

Apollo Lunar Command Module

Vehicle Assembly Building

Matthew and Susie in our rocket launch spot

Holding up the Saturn V rocket

Holding up the rocket

Alligator in front of us at the rocket launch

Tiny Matthew head in an astronaut's car

Towers at Kennedy Space Center

Lunar Rover

Top part of Saturn V

Our last view of Juno

Lunar Command Module

Saturn V rocket bottom


Susie holding up the rocket

Having fun in the pool

Playing on the river simulator table

Train at Kennedy Space Center


Matthew petting an alligator

Matthew's Lego creation


Mousing around at Orlando Science Center

Building a river

Sitting in front of a studio background at Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center entrance

Feeding alligators

Crawler that transports rockets

Lego creation

Lego creation

Alligator biting the pants of the guy feeding him

Making a smashed penny

Matthew playing iPad on the plane

Matthew and Elliott on the Daytona tour

In front of a satellite inside the space shuttle

At the Kennedy Space Center

View of our dock

Goofy glasses

Under the waterfall

Driving the car ride at Disneyworld

Matthew's hot

Part of the tracks that transport rockets to the launch pad

One of our fish we caught

At the mosquito infested area

At the front of Disneyworld

Goofy at the Orlando airport

It's hot at Disneyworld

Running under the huge spider's web

Huge chess in Orlando

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