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July 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew playing with Keira

Lizard at Huntington Library

Matthew and Boojack watching fireworks

Looking at a book

Flower at Huntington Library

Resting from the heat

Snack time at school

Playing iPad/iPhone games with visitors from Korea

Playing with Keira

Resting at Huntington Library

Fireworks in front of our house

Matthew watching fireworks

Interesting fireworks picture

Matthew in a tunnel

ABC helicopter over Beverly Hills

Matthew practicing Kata 1

In front of the fountain at the Aquarium

News helicopter following the royal couple

Matthew watching the wave fountain

Trying to catch a car in a bucket on the slide at school

In front of the shark air blower

Crawling through the trees

Looking at an exhibit at the aquarium

Four helicopters (out of five at least) that were following the royal couple

Taking pictures at the aquarium

Matthew and his puzzle he got from Ashley and Luke


KTLA helicopter

Matthew in front of the shark air blower

In the Lorikeet cage looking at birds

Kids getting ready to run at soccer

Matthew's soccer class

Dribbling the ball

Running to the ball

Matthew kicking a ball

Going to the net

Painting at school

Grandma Lee


Nobody on the freeway at the entrance to the 405 from the 10

Empty onramp to the 405 from the 10

Fighting for the ball

Auntie Leona and Uncle Bill



Tushy light

Playing iPad at the wedding

Matthew and Nika at school

Green team

Matthew at the wedding

Helicopter over Cheviot Hills park

Steve and Auntie Verna

Matthew doing the Soulja Boy dance

Passing with Elena

Getting ready to catch the garter

Jordan winning the garter toss


Grandpa Lee taking a picture

Lew Crew dancing

Learning a new dance

Talking strategy at soccer

Police helicopter over Cheviot Hills park

Running with Aaron at soccer


Bouquet toss

Danny and Kenny


Matthew and Andrew racing to the ball

Matthew making gestures


Flower girls

Ryan doing a dance move

Matthew throwing a ball at Karate

Orange team

Getting ready to play a game at Karate

Nika throwing the ball

Talking strategy at soccer

Carrying two chairs and a blanket

Matthew throwing the ball

Celebrating after winning the game

Trying to block the ball

Matthew hearing some soccer techniques

Running with the ball

Ashley and Matthew on Ashley's last day at school

Riding the half circle

Carrying his new golf clubs (Thanks Ryan!)

Playing with water toys

Making art at school

Ashley hiding

Matthew at swimming class

Making snake art

Kicking a ball

Tej and Matthew meditating

Making art

Elena and Matthew at soccer

Pre-K class

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