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June 2011
added by Susie
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Matthew and Heather sliding

Matthew in a bouncy

Sliding at Heather's party

Shanté dance move




Evan in a bouncy

Matthew and Susie trying to win a fish

Matthew and Jason in a tent

Ready to play for a fish


In the bouncy

Heather sliding


Jason and Matthew playing Stratego

Fun in the bouncy


At music class

Riding the train at Westside Pavilion

Matthew and his Tiger Defense

Matthew and Heather

Heather getting her custom stuffed animal

Fun with Heather

Sliding into traffic

Grabbing pinata candy

Building his tiger

Getting candy from the pinata

Heather awaiting her cake

Kids waiting for Heather's cake

Waiting for their turn at the pinata

Grabbing candy

Waiting for the tumblewheel

Matthew and Heather

Pinata time

Grabbing candy

Matthew waiting for his tiger

Heather and her cake

Blowing her cake out

Girls waiting for their turn on the pinata

Waiting for his turn in the tournament

Kids at Alexandru and Vincent's party


Z-Ultimate sign

Kids lined up

Matthew getting his medal

Sarah shooting an arrow

Susie's parents waiting for the sparring to start


Sparring against a bigger kid

Sparring in the match that Matthew won

Ashley shooting an arrow

Sliding down a hill

Riding the tumblewheel

Climbing up a hill

Thumbs up

Matthew and his medal and certificate


Matthew and Susie waiting for the tournament

Konrad and Andrew

Matthew performing Kata 2 at the tournament

Awards for sparring

Matthew and another kid with their medals

Matthew and Susie's parents

At the forms event

Matthew with his new hat and headband

Matthew at swimming

Doing push-ups at soccer


Matthew playing soccer

Learning something in swimming

Crazy tushy light

Playing soccer

Luke at school

Watching kids play soccer

Majestic Crest Theater where Augie had his birthday party

Playing soccer

Watching other kids play soccer

Sparring with Sensei Sam

Matthew and Keira

Sarah and Nour

Claire and Louise jumping into the pool


Listening to music

Nika swimming


Andrew playing guitar

Listing to music

Swimming at Keira's house

Andrew diving in

Matthew doing the backstroke

Kids in the pool


Participating in a song

Matthew and Keira

Matthew swimming


Matthew playing golf at Holmby Park

At Claire birthday party



Elliott being held down by Elena during soccer

Matthew getting his bear

Matthew chasing Elliott

At Build a Bear for Claire's party

Matthew's bear

At the brushing station

Claire and her birthday cupcake


Listing to instructions

Kids at Claire's party

Matthew with his pen

Matthew talking to Ashley

Talking to Keira

Lauren, Claire and Ellie

Sitting on a hot dog

Holding up some bears

Kicking a ball

Claire's birthday party

Listening to instructions

Playing soccer

Eating Angry Bird cake pops

At swimming

WUMP church

Matthew and his building

Graduation picture

Receiving a soccer picture

Karate baseball

Graduation picture

Listening to a book being read

Holding Max

At swimming

Ellie holding Isabella's head

Matthew's Lego creation

Before graduation

Matthew and Keira with small kid on their shoulders

Thanks to Susie for the treats

Karate baseball

Getting a soccer medal

At the Sparks game

Goofy picture

Watching Sparks basketball

Graduation picture with family

Matthew's birthday party

Singing at graduation

Family at Magicopolis for Matthew's birthday party

Matthew graduating

Matthew's party

Blowing out the candle

Matthew and his teachers (Denise, Nagwa and Ann)

Watching a magic trick

Going to graduation

Doing magic

Shin grandparents

Watching magic

Goofy picture

Angry Birds pops

Group picture with family


After graduation

After graduation

Another goofy picture

After graduation

Matthew on a scooter at school

Dixon with Karcher in the burger

Matthew at school

Jason, Matthew and Evan at 3rd Street Promenade

Doing a magic trick

Thomas participating in magic

People at Matthew's birthday party

Doing magic


Resting on the Pre-K bed

Cousins at 3rd Street

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