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Climbing over a wave

Leilani with a butterfly on her finger

Ducks about to win the game 45-38

Balancing soccer balls


Matthew hula hooping

Pendulum at Griffith Observatory

Playing soccer

Konrad and Andrew

Waiting for the tumblewheel


Coach Justin getting a drink

Looking at dinosaur bones

At the Academy of Sciences

Medieval podium

Fun at soccer

Matthew and Teacher Rory

Look over there

Tinker-toy exhibit at DSC

Matthew getting Dad on the defensive

Ice Hockey... "GOAL"

Swimming with Teacher Nathan

Matthew in his old-school Kobe Bryant jersey


Coach Keith must have said something funny

Coach Michelle putting on an orange shirt for Matthew

Matthew received his medal for his soccer class

Running happy


Grandpa Shin's 76th birthday

Playing a game at Karate

Caught practicing Kata 1 at soccer

Matthew at Karate

Thomas playing with Play Doh

Isabella and Teacher Rachel

Reading a book

Matthew sitting on the window


Alexandru cutting something

Washing babies

More swinging

Swinging on the big swing

Riding horses

Ashley getting her face painted

Claire playing with the parachute

Keira playing air hockey

Ian and Matthew playing a game

Claire getting her face painted

Eating cake

Nika waiting for face painting

Looks like they're looking at something scary

Matthew getting his face painted

Keira as a tiger

Running after class

Claire sliding

Catching bubbles

Waiting for the fun to start

Entertained by the mermaid

Eating lunch

Kids playing dodge ball


Lauren and Nika

Watching a magic trick

Claire's birthday party

Vincent sliding

Lauren riding

The mermaid talking to Claire

Talking to the mermaid


Racing Carter

Team huddle

Coach Keith talking to Matthew

Running to the ball

Matthew going under Coach Alexa

Kids enjoying soccer

Kicking the ball

Matthew and Mom relaxing at the Bel Air Bay Club

Our gang

2nd floor of the jungle gym

Grant coloring his hat

Kids under the table

Keita and his brother making pizza

Sliding on the new jungle gym slide

Swinging his favorite way

Tour of California Pizza Kitchen

Lauren coloring her chef's hat

Matthew making pizza

Andrew and Zachary

Matthew looking through his chef's hat

Driving the pirate ship

Nika designing her hat

Matthew at music class


Sleeping at school

Matthew and Nika pretend sleeping at school

Holding his breath

Riding on the roller coaster

Nika jumping

Sarah dancing

Using a computer in the yellow room

Kids watching the band

Pre-K kids and Charlie Russell watching the band

Matthew and his new friend Luke

Modifying his car at Legoland


Claire, Isabella and Ashley have a talk

With Napping Lego


Relaxing after Soccer

Putting at Legoland

Driving at Legoland

Racing at Legoland

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Getting ready for Pin the tail on the donkey

Sue, Andrew's Mom

Luke playing

Collyns family

Pass the parcel

Luke playing with a car

Zachary playing

Birdie song

Matthew playing with trains

Eating a big cookie

Grant eating cake

Nika eating cake

Andrew and Matthew playing with Thomas trains

Nika swimming

Andrew and his brother Thomas

Listing to music by Halina

Andrew and his cake

Kids participating in music

Ashley and Luke

Ashley in the pool

Andrew blowing out his candles


Matthew and Susie swimming

Floating in the pool at Andrew's

Having fun at soccer

Alexandru in the pool

Matthew in the pool

Relaxing at soccer

Happy running

Zachary on the slide

Matthew and Alexandru on Susie in the pool

Matthew, Harrison, Elena and Isabel at soccer

Team meeting

Lucy swimming

Climbing the spider web

Looking through the back of a chair

Playing with water

Looking through something at each other

Looking at the map at Kidspace

Floating on his back with his tongue out

Playing at Kidspace

Riding on a car

Matthew and Coach Keith

Looking through binoculars

Matthew making music

Playing Congas

Susie with two kids Matthew met in Huntington Beach

Weird face

Happy face

Making a face

Team meeting

Kids fishing

Fun at Holmby Park

Matthew's new headband

Keira launching a rocket

Keira's footprints after she took her rain boots off

Thomas' birthday party

Blowing out the candles

Kids at Thomas' birthday party

Eating fruit

Keira playing with puppets

Isabella and her hat

Hiding behind something

Thomas and a sea cucumber

Thomas and his cake

At the puppet area

Sabrina, Carol, Barbara and Susie

Isabella after eating some cake


Lining up for some fun

In a Lego car

Kids making music at the water park

Nika and her pirate mask

Running in the play area at Legoland

In the Lego car

Matthew reading

Looking for something at Legoland


Matthew and his pirate mask


At the water park

Learning about fish

Matthew and Alexandru playing with the table at Thomas' birthday

Shooting something on the bike

Shooting some frogs

Building something

Matthew at Legoland

Looking at the foam ball machine

Getting on Aqua Zone

Matthew and his Lego guitar

Riding the helicopter

Matthew and Elliott on the Fairy Tale Brook ride

On Fairy Tale Brook

Touching a Lego guy

Susie and the Lego guy

Putting together a tower

In the Lego jail

At the water park

Riding a police car

Riding in a car

Susie, Bonnie and Sabrina at Holmby Park

Riding in a wagon

Konrad pulling the wagon

5 kids on the swing

Zachary, Matthew, Ian and Keira on the swing

Nika and Konrad

Rock out!

Jason after Pinkberry

Jason and Matthew

Grace, Matthew and Jason looking at a game

Daddy and Matthew

Kids love games

Matthew's ribbon "tie"

Kiana, Joanne and Evan

Matthew looking at Susie from above

Playing with the ribbon

Looking at birds

Running outside the church

After the wedding

Touching a feather

Taking a tour of the Star ECO station

Drinking during the ceremony

Ryan, Nolan, Matthew and Jason

Matthew and Jason

At Elizabeth and Tommy's wedding

Kids were told to fold their hands on the tour

Grabbing ears

Looking at the fountain

Some Lee family

Fun at Tej's party

Kids in the jungle at Holmby Park

Matthew looking at a picture on Ian's camera

Looking at loud birds

Kids gathering around the lizard

Music Class

Eating at Tej's party

Practicing Karate

Looking at pictures

Rocking out at Music Class

Attacking in the jungle at Holmby Park

Matthew getting a ring from the bottom of the pool



Mimicking Alex

Soccer drill

Susie and Matthew looking at animals at the Zoo

Alexandru hanging out

Ring toss equipment

Running after the class

Matthew and his belt

Sparring gear

Picking oranges

Sliding down the stairs

Shifting gears

Soccer kids

Jason at Grandpa's



Sparring gear

Picking oranges

Running after the ball




Matthew at swimming

Team meeting

Kicking a ball

Playing soccer

Using binoculars to find something


Shopping at Koreatown Galleria


Four more times

Matthew smiling

Look at my hands

Thomas playing with silly putty

Matthew and Alexandru putting a puzzle together


Hello in there!

Putting together a puzzle at pre-school

Driving a space shuttle

Building something

Blue Room kids

Girls playing

Konrad playing doctor

Matthew's tower

Matthew's superhero pose

Walking on stage at the costume contest at Santa Monica Airport

Matthew in his Spider-man costume

Playing a game at Discovery Science Center

Reaching for the twister

Playing hockey

Nika on Halloween

Pulling the bowling ball

Doing the Thriller dance

Making smoke signals

Dad and Matthew relaxing

Claire the cat

Teacher Rory and Claire

Fitting Claire for the cat ears

Making Matthew's cat ears

Playing with the wood blocks

Teacher Rory and Matthew with his new cat ears

Reading a story

Red Room Spider Web Art

Kids participating in a story

Matthew having fun

Getting some goodies

Trick or treating

Walking outside toward the senior housing

Getting goodies at the church office

Walking the hallways on Halloween

Getting candy from Sidney at the office

More goodies

Trick or Treating with Wendy, Dillon's mom

Red Room getting ready to trick or treat

Kids with their trick or treat bags

Teacher Rory leading kids to trick or treating

Trick or Treating at the senior housing

Andrew showing Tej his bounty


Dr.'s inspecting their noses

Heather doing a puzzle with Teacher Rachel

Mom and Matthew swinging

Kids doing puzzles

Vincent and Claire eating a cookie

Checking for a fever and H1N1

Dr. Keira

Making Halloween cookies

Heather on the slide

Matthew and Alexandru sliding at the same time

Heather's cookie

Zachary having fun

Thomas and Zachary's Grandma Jean

Alexandru and Dad, Lucien, playing with gears

Matthew and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Thomas and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Having fun at swimming

Juliette making a snack

Matthew at swim class with his new teacher Brett

Concentrating on the gears


Riding the big wheel

Vincent and Matthew

Teacher Rory and Freddy

Heather making some food

Keira riding the bike

Blue Room kids


Ellie and Kameline

Matthew upside down

Climbing a rope


In the fun obstacle course

Elliott rolling down

Throwing a hoop

On the balance beam

Kicking a ball

Checking out his bag of goodies

Eric and Matthew eating popcorn at the zoo


Reading in the tent before the big campout

Nika playing with Legos

Meditating and breathing

Freddy at Karate


Everyone working on something

Karate class with Sensei Diego

Having fun in Karate



Teacher Rory and Matthew


Making a snack

Blue Room kids making a snack

Working on a puzzle

Practicing kicking

Claire thinking

Matthew at swimming class

About to dive in


Building a marble tower

Ashley and Claire

Throwing a ring down in swimming

Keira, Alexandru and Ian racing


Matthew, Keira and Ian racing

Teacher Rory catching Sadie

The jungle gym at pre-school through the church arch

Matthew trying to win more stuff

Pre-K pumpkin

Nika playing games too

Goldfish contest where we won Seventoes the goldfish

Yellow Room pumpkin

Trying to catch a duck in a net

Trying to knock over some paint cans

Mmmm cupcakes

Eating some cake

Lola with three different cakes

Sugar high!

Riding at Giggles n Hugs

Playing with trains

Riding on a strange bike

Matthew, Freddy and Teacher Rory

Sleeping in the Red Room

Koji, Nika and Matthew playing with trains

Kaitlin's tower

Riding bikes

Shooting some water


Putting at Legoland

Looking for something

Riding on a boat

Building something at Legoland

Matthew and Freddy sliding

Matthew and Alexandru

Will and Dillon riding

Playing at Holmby Park

Matthew and Keira making sand castles

Having fun on swings

This isn't as comfortable for adults

Big jump!

Matthew and Matthew playing

Maren sitting in a chair

Making a potato head

Matthew, Teacher Rory and Freddy

Having fun in the Red Room

This is the one!


Getting ready to frog hop

Shooting a canon

Having fun at the pumpkin patch

Picking a pumpkin

Mom and Matthew on the boat at Mr. Bones

Bouncing inside the pumpkin bouncy

Matthew fits in the hay maze with ease

There's hay in my pants!

Sliding at Mr. Bones

Looking for fishies

Feeding a ray

Matthew's hat

Squirting some water

Bubble time at music class

Matthew enjoying bubbles

Matthew and Elle

Kaitlin posing

Kids helping the plant

Matthew dumping some sand on the plant

Jenna adding sand to the plant

Claire and Andrew reading books

Playing with Karcher

Eating a snack

Putting something on top of the play house

Playing inside the house


Side kick

Teacher Rory

Kids enjoying the ride

Zachary going for a ride

Teacher Rory pulling kids

Making a steep ramp

Playing with a house

Matthew's really flexible


Kicking a ball

Matthew and Grandpa and Grandma Shin

Eating some chocolate ice cream at Junior's

Zachary and Dillon making faces

Dillon makinga face

Ticket please

Dillon swinging

Climbing through the window

Kee Yi!

Matthew, Kaitlin and Keira playing with the castle

Building a train track

Playing a board game

Teacher Rory singing a song

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Kids enjoying the song

Playing with stacking people

Matthew and Keira in a playhouse

Matthew, Anirudh and Keira

Teacher Rory and Willaby Wallaby

Playing in the house

Matthew found some debris

Huge 7-up waiting for Dad when we got home from our trip

At the Utah game

Sitting in the theater

Playing on stage

Sitting in a cave

Look at this octopus!

Running at the beach

The view from our condo

Sea lions in Newport

Mom and Matthew at Newport

Playing in the sand

Inside the play area

Playing a video game at McDonald's

Dad and Matthew and the view north of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The beach below the lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Watching a sea lion swim by

Hello is anybody there?

Wearing a crab hat

Playing checkers

Wearing his hat Darth Vader style

Mom and Matthew having fun

Touching a wooden walrus

At the entrance to the Newport Aquarium

Going into a cave at the Aquarium

Team Lee inside a shark's mouth

Matthew and Dad having fun with the incoming waves

Dad and Matthew at Seal Rock

Some plants in the tidepools at Seal Rock

Seal Rock State Recreation Site

Mom and Matthew at Seal Rock


Riding on a train


Dad and Matthew at Autzen

Brushing his new horsey, Floopy

Having fun with kids at Valley River Center

Matthew in front of the football door

Mom and Matthew at Autzen


Climbing the jungle gym

Playing with his "bow and arrow"

Eating chips and guacamole at Nacho's

Matthew at Autzen Stadium

At the Purdue game

Taking little steps down the hill at Riverplay in Eugene


Having fun at the Fred Meyer kids area in Eugene

Bubble science

Bubble wall

Making bubbles

Riding a horse at Freddy's

Matthew inside a big dinosaur

Playing the huge xylophone

Matthew playing treasure chess

Building a dam

Sending some rocks up the conveyor belt

Dumping some rocks

On the phone

At the cash register

Check this out!

Room parent meeting


Reading a story

Playing with the castle

Playing with the knights and castle

Sifting sand with Mom

Getting dismissed from a story

Zack on the slide

Getting all the debris out

Reading a story

Lola sharing raisins with Matthew

Doing a puzzle

Matthew and Zack doing puzzles

Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Matthew and his panda hands


Teacher Rachel and Matthew



Teacher Rory watches Matthew build a tall tower

Matthew and Matthew

Swimming with Teacher Alex

Looking at a shoe mirror

Surf's up!

Dogpile on Dad

Matthew and Jason

Eating some cake

Sleeping in a Wiggle's pull-out couch

Playing with cousins

Evan's birthday

Making a Tinker Toy tower

Playing drums


At music class

Jason playing in bed

Having fun with Jason

Resting in Jason's room

Playing with cousins

Reading a book in Jason's room

Playing clarinet with Teacher Shane

Climbing the hot dog

Lola at the Westside Pavilion

Coloring at Nordstrom's Cafe

Matthew and Lola eating

Matthew and Lola on a hot dog

Dragon Breathes Fire

Elbow strike

Unorthodox Karate exercise

Sensei Diego helping put Matthew's belt on

At pre-school with Heather

Building a Mr. Potato Head

Reading books with Dillon

At the Green Eggs and Ham event at pre-school

Playing with cars with Teacher Rory and Sammi

Willaby Wallaby song

Doing the limbo

Flamenco dancing at pre-school

Having fun at afternoon circle time

Matthew and Heather

Showing off the car

Hula hooping

Racing, but having time enough to smile for the camera

Riding the ATV


Pulling hard!

Chloe, Victoria and Matthew

Touching the cone in the race

Playing Treasure Chess

Doing jumping jacks

Trying something out

Mom and Matthew

Matthew and Shin Grandparents

Hugging Grandma Shin


Walking around the museum


Looking down from the dinosaur


Going crazy

Having fun at Discovery Science Center


Making a smoke ring

Putting together a dinosaur puzzle

Matthew staring at an exhibit

Putting together the puzzle with Grandpa Shin

Riding a dinosaur

Rolling a golf ball down a river



Watching a presentation at Discovery Science Center

Playing an instrument with Teacher Matthew

Dad and Matthew in a boat

Getting music stamps

Reacting to Teacher Rory's song

Kids loving the song

Having fun in the Yellow Room

Playing piano with Teacher Shane

Matthew and Hayden waiting for the Piano

Making something out of foam, hammer and tees

Sifting for debris

Willaby Wallaby song


The sand gang

Having fun with sand

Pouring some sand in a bucket


Talking over a snack

Lola hugging Matthew

Matthew and his favorite toy in the sand area

Hanging out at the park

Hanging out near the baseball field

Playing at Clover Park

Having fun at the park

Sensei Diego showing how to duck

Matthew and his rainforest art in the Red Room

Relaxing on the grass

Matthew and Lola

Head butt

Avoiding the snoodle

Knee kick


Running for dear life

Practicing blocks

Trying to do something with the tire

Elbow hammer strike

Matthew at Karate

Flamingo kick

Playing in the house in the sand area

Matthew and Dillon

Floating on the mat

Matthew at swim class

Playing in the sand

Playing with Zack

Pouring some sand at pre-school

Reaching for his ping pong ball in the sand area

Matthew and Dillon

Matthew inside the Red Room


Chasing Chloe for her belt

Block 1

Having fun at Karate

Matthew and Chloe


Standing on his tap

Monkey crawling

Smelling his feet

The moth on Dad's foot

Playing Ring Toss

Matthew at Karate

Looking at the water fountain

Sliding down the dinosaur tail

Playing bean bag toss at Nisei Week

Matthew took this picture of Dad taking a picture of a Moth on his foot

Having fun in Little Tokyo

Mom and Matthew at Nisei Week

The vortex

Inside the Tornado tube

Trying really hard

Matthew and Mom's impression

At the campground

Playing hockey with Mom

Eating at Junior's

Getting bubbles with Teacher Rory

Matthew and Jenna

Climbing with big Matthew

Having fun at pre-school on sports day

Swinging at Holmby Park with Zack

Playing with the puzzle

Matthew and Dillon

On the train at the sand yard

Sliding down a pole

Matthew and his swim gear for water day at pre-school

Watering the plants with Teacher Rachel

Building with Sammi

Making something with Play-Doh

Hugging Jenny

Matthew at Fun Care with Tandy and Kayla

Matthew playing in the sand yard

More washing machine stretch

Trying to smell his feet

Doing the washing machine stretch

Matthew and Chloe

More fun with Dylan

Relaxing at Karate

Playing at Karate

Matthew, Dylan and Sensei Mario

What did you eat for breakfast?

Big hit!

Playing Skee-Ball

About to win a prize

Having fun at Matthew's favorite place

Matthew and Dad at Pacific Park (the Pier)

On the spinning ride

Matthew and Jason

Mom and Matthew on a ride

This is fun!

Playing a board game

Driving the school bus with Jason

Making faces on the swing

Doing some hard work

This is hard!

Building something

Flipping out of the window

Digging some sand

Matthew, Lola and Anne at Aidan's Place

Matthew and his sand shoes

Making some art with Sammi at pre-school

Driving a jeep

Matthew playing in the sand at pre-school

Building a road

Playing Wii at the Dentist

Stretching out his triceps

Matthew's favorite stretch


Block 5

Monkey crawl

At Karate


Riding in the cable car with Mom

Tiger crawl

Having fun with Eric at Kidspace

About to knock the tower over

Ordering some food

Matthew, Eric and Dad riding on a jeep

Riding with Dad

Playing hula hoop

This is fun

Making a wet mess


Looking down

Playing with water

Matthew from below

I made it to the top

Matthew and Dad climbing a tower

Playing in the sand

Playing with cars in the Red Room

Playing violin with Teacher Jason

On the small jungle gym

Playing music with Sammi

Riding the trolley at the Grove


Kee Yi!!!!!!

Hurdling a bag

Talking about his day

Hot Potato Hot Potato

Learning about bugs

On stage


Bubble time at music class

Matthew and his Hawaiian shirt

Punching at Sensei Diego

Dodging a ball

Block 1

Block 2


Horse stance


At Karate with Victoria


Going across

Meditating with Victoria

It's too bright!

Just hanging out

Riding at Koreatown Plaza

Going under something with the scooter

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Drinking on a hot day

Riding the scooter

Riding at Chuck E. Cheese

Superhero Matthew

Driving the monster truck

Matthew and Grandparents Shin

Matthew and his cape

Playing guitar with Teacher Matthew

About to slide

Getting bubbles with Mom

At the cash register

Enjoying Music Class

Climbing at pre-school

On the teeter-totter

Playing in the sand

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Riding on the fire engine with Lola

Matthew and his Spongebob relaxing clothes

Playing Treasure Chess with Dad

Swimming lesson

Matthew's first swimming lesson with Teacher Tricia

Digging in the sand

Matthew and friend at pre-school


Doing the dragon walk with his hands

Placing a cone at Karate

Fun at Karate

About to catch a ball

Catching a ball


Matthew playing in sand at pre-school

Building with Declan

Running at Karate

Jumping at Karate

Playing the bottle game with Declan

Having fun with Sensei Kirk

At group karate class


Matthew and butterflies at the Koreatown Galleria

Running around in a circle

Grabbing a butterfly

Matthew's bad habit

Lola taking a picture of Matthew

Lola taking a picture

Matthew at the Zoo

Riding in the train

Sitting at the Zoo

Playing keyboard with Teacher Shane

Looking through the "kaleidoscope"

iPodding with Ryan

Talking to Mom


Playing at music class

Playing in the sand

Matthew participating in singing

Emptying out the sand

Walking with a broom

Singing with Teacher Rory

The last day at Child's Play

Washing a tricycle

Playing with Lego trains


Riding with Austin

Matthew and Matthew


Catching a ball


Playing at the mall

Running like a fool

Playing air hockey


Jumping on the bags

Jumping through the cones

Dragon walk


Setting up the dragon walk line

May the force be with you

Matthew and Thomas

Matthew with Bob

Matthew and some Lego dudes


Matthew and Jason under a Bionicle

Stop! Only go up and down!

Look out!

Matthew enjoying pure sugar

Trying to get through traffic

Driving again

Bew bew bew bew

Matthew and Dad on a ride

Matthew loves water

Mom and Matthew on the copter

Looking at Lego divers

Looking at a lot of fish

Sliding at Sea Life

Fender bender

Matthew and Jason admiring their newly acquired driver's licenses


Exploring the doors

Shooting water at frogs

Playing with water

Playing at Legoland

Getting sunscreen applied

Matthew with a Lego guy

TV couch pose

It's cold

Inside a playhouse at Legoland

Enjoying milk

Daddy reading Matthew a book

Matthew at Legoland

It's in the hole!

Having fun after a bath

Drinking water on a hot day

Messy ice cream

Digging the sand

Jumping at Holmby Park

Frog jump

Carrying a bag

Matthew trying to grab Victoria's belt

Victoria chasing Matthew



Riding his scooter in Long Beach

Touching a fish

Really hiding in a shell

Mom on top of Matthew

Blowing out his candles at pre-preschool

All the kids at pre-preschool enjoying Matthew's birthday cupcakes

Tractor set


Matthew blows out his candle

Ripping open Jason, Evan and Grandpa's gift

Playing drums with Toddle Tunes

Kids having fun making music

Will enjoying his drink

Matthew having fun with Will

Susie, Anne, Lola, Will and Maia

Devin and Family on the train

Choo choo!

Kids having fun with the Thomas trains

Anne and Lola enjoying the birthday party

Waiting for a balloon sword

Playing with the parachute

Matthew in the bouncer

Having fun with the parachute

Matthew riding on a boat with Lola

Matthew's getting more adept at this


Story time

Rocking out

Matthew had to climb up here to get the puck

Playing belt tag

Squeezing into this little area at Target

Monkey crawling at Karate with new yellow belt

Matthew wearing a baseball helmet

Riding on a dinosaur

Bumping a kid

Matthew and Dad on the airplane

Going after a kid


Riding a truck with Dear Ol' Dad

This is fun!

Riding on an airplane


Matthew riding with Dad

Bumper cars!


Riding with Mom

Matthew's Yellow Belt Ceremony

Matthew getting his yellow belt

Matthew and Auntie Amy

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Daddy and Matthew

Matthew watching Kung Fu Panda with his Panda hands and blanket

Having fun in underwear

Jumping at Karate

Riding down a huge slide at Lindberg Park

Matthew dancing

Will making faces


Talking on two phones

Matthew riding a bike

Sitting in front of the mirror

Evan hugging Matthew

Lucy jumping into the ball pit

Matthew getting some air

Jumping at Child's Play with Lola and Claire

Matthew napping

Jason making faces

Matthew, Evan and Jason and a giraffe

Having fun at the Zoo

Dad pushing Jason, Evan and Matthew

Having fun on the camel

Looking at a mouse

Matthew riding a camel

Wags, Dorothy and Fernando performing at the Zoo

Matthew and Jason

Jason and Evan riding a hippo

Climbing on a one-humped camel

Matthew climbing at the Zoo

Matthew and Jason

Matthew with Wags, Fernando and Dorothy from The Wiggles

Catching bubbles

Rocking out

Team Lee with Wags, Fernando and Dorothy

Matthew and Jason at the Zoo

Matthew and Mom at Music class

Climbing the jungle gym

Watching Kung Fu Panda with Po Panda hands

Matthew and Teacher Matthew

Playing the electric guitar

Teacher Nancy reading the Big Green Monster book

Matthew and Mom and his Po Panda hands

Matthew at fun care with his bag

Story time

Jenny and Charlie

Riding at Child's Play

Matthew eating the icing off the cupcake

Jacob enjoying his cupcake


Claire blowing out the candle on her cupcake

Playing the violin

Riding a scooter

Matthew and Mom at Pre-school

Matthew resting

Mixing up some food

Playing cars with Will

Matthew, Will and River

Making food

Matthew and Daddy

Bouncing at Under the Sea

Playing air hockey

Running in karate


Matthew swinging

Kilroy was here

Riding the teeter-totter

Making it light up with his nose

Making faces with Dad

We ate something weird

Matthew and Adriana

Throwing something at Child's Play

Having fun at Child's Play

Having fun in the ball pit

Matthew riding with Lucy

High-Fives for Mom

Climbing on a watermelon

Matthew, Lola and Teacher Nancy singing about what's in the water

Sitting at a table

Matthew and Austin playing

Making a funny face

Playing foosball

Playing air hockey

Matthew eating a sandwich

Closing his eyes at pre-school

Playing with Will at Pre-school

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Dad and Matthew playing guitars

Climbing at Aidan's Place

Singing on stage

Another goofy face


Kicking the ball

Using heavy machinery

Trying to keep his eyes closed


Rolling around at the park

Having fun at the park

Running around

Playing soccer

Looking out the submarine

Eating pasta


Playing at the children's museum

Moving the bench to get to the steering wheel

Looking out the top of the submarine

Shooting a canon from the pirate ship

Camping in a tent

Preparing food

Sliding with Dad

Playing checkers at the Gull Wings Children's Museum

Riding in a submarine


Having fun in sand

Riding along the beach

Matthew and Susie in the surrey

Riding on the surrey

Relaxing by the pool

Playing in the sand

Laying on the beach

Laying on the sand

Having fun in Oxnard


Using his shovel

Look over there

Having fun on the beach

Digging in the sand

Matthew in Oxnard

Doing karate at the beach

At the Ventura Maritime Museum

Oxnard Mandalay Beach

View from our room in Oxnard

Making a funny face

Matthew and Gabi jumping

Matthew and his underwear

Gabi jumping in

Hugging Dona

Hugging Kayla

Having fun with Gabi

Zelio jumping into the ball pit

Matthew jumping in

Riding a scooter

Speeding away

Hugging Riley


Hugging Tandi

Playing air hockey

Blue dog race

Jumping at Under the Sea

Getting the winning goal

Playing with Play Doh at Pre-school

Matthew trying to wake Susie up

Eating some noodles at Shin Peking

Using chopsticks

Hopping at karate




Frog hop

Relaxing on the grass

Climbing up

Having fun at the park

On the balance beam

Catching a bubble

Riding the dinosaur

Kicking a ball

Playing at Aidan's Place

Justin kicking the ball


Catching a bubble

Playing with Justin and his friends

With his new hat

Sliding at Roxbury Park

Eating frozen yogurt


At the Aquarium for Mother's Day

Lola taking a picture of Matthew, except the camera's backwards

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Waiting for the show at the Aquarium

Walking around Hotel Bel Air

Pressing the water button

Making a funny face

With Lola and Anne at the swimming pool

Matthew showing off his goggles

Matthew drying off

It's cold

Matthew and Lola hanging out


Eric and Matthew and Noah's Ark

Matthew and Eric

Having fun at Noah's Ark

Matthew and Eric enjoy a story

Making food

Matthew and Eric setting up food

Driving a fire truck

Climbing up at Noah's Ark

Crawling through the tight space

Clapping at music class

Playing bongos

Enjoying Wonder Pets

Matthew and Austin watching Wonder Pets

Matthew and his engineer outfit

Matthew and Austin

Austin posing

Matthew and Jack

Putting a flag on his sand castle

Climbing the ladder

Setting up tea at pre-school


Painting at pre-school

Carrying a huge ball

Playing with Play-Doh with Charlie Breitbart

Riding a tractor at Under the Sea

Playing catch

Another goofy face


Making goofy faces with Dad


These are our goofy faces


Running at karate

Eating some popcorn on Dad's head

Matthew with a better view

Walking around the zoo

Matthew and Lola high up

Matthew and Lola on the train

Pretending to be a gorilla


Am I tall enough to ride on the train?

Are you there?

Bert,Ernie and Lola's Dad Charlie

Posing for a picture

Team Lee and Bert and Ernie

Matthew showing off his belly button

Looking at Bert and Ernie at the zoo

Matthew, Bert and Ernie

Playing drums

At pre-school open house

Sitting and watching the magic show

Watching kids play with the parachute

At music class playing a ukelele

Playing guitar

Looking at a globe

Matthew took this picture

Matthew in front of a people globe

In front of the fountain in Exposition Park

Matthew and a huge baseball globe

Another big globe

Matthew and Austin dressing up


Riding on Dino

In the engineer's outfit and straw hat

Having fun with Austin

Sharing candy with Austin

Playing guitar with the broom at pre-school


Singing Rockaway Beach on the broom

Racing Austin

Lots of sand toys

Matthew making a sandwich

Eating his sandwich

Big jump!

Looking for things

I see you

Drinking some soup

Trying to get Sensei Kirk

Flying Squirrel Hammer Strike


Snoodle fight!

Kee Yiiiiiii!

Riding on the frog

Climbing the ladder


Kicking the ball

Huge kick!

Having fun at Roxybury Park

Having fun with Dad

Running with the ball

La la la la


Kicking a ball

Setting up a goal for soccer

In the petting zoo


Playing with Justin

Matthew playing with a ball

Retrieving an errant ball

Playing soccer

Playing hockey with the hoe

This is fun

Playing with the hoe

Playing with the pooper scooper

Playing Wii

Matthew packed in with a bunch of kids

Riding a horse at Jacob and Sophie's 3rd birthday party

Jumping over the snoodle

Pushing a toy around and Three Cheeky Monkeys

Flying through the air

Big jump!

Matthew at the Star Eco Station

Matthew hugging Grandma Shin

Eating a snack

Ducking under the snoodle


Matthew having fun with Eric

Eating snacks

Matthew with his hair combed

Matthew and Teacher Jason

Playing the guitar

Matthew and Eric at the zoo

Matthew and Teacher Matthew



Getting a push from Joseph

Sitting at the table

Racing Zelio

No, it's this big!

Playing with his new friend Gavin at the Airport


Really Cold

On the third level of the tower

At Paul Revere's House

In front of the altar at the North Church

In front of the Paul Revere statue

In the Apollo Pod

At the first Christian Science

At the MIT Museum

Drawing at MIT Museum

Eating at Quincy Market

Walking down Charles Street

Smiling at the Boston Public Gardens

Matthew and Froggy pondering

In front of the old city hall

Riding a Donkey

Quacking with the Mrs. Mallard

On School Street in Boston

Matthew showing off his bicep

Matthew Feeding Gabi

Opening the door at Fun Care

Matthew getting ready to frog hop

Reaching for some food in the bag

Chowing down at the Getty Cafe

Matthew and his artwork

Matthew's postcard creation

More goofy faces

Eating a hash brown

Making some music

Playing a new instrument with Teacher Jason

Having breakfast at McD's

Having some fun in music class

Making some funny faces

Jumping like crazy

Playing the xylophone

Tall tower

Riding the roller coaster

Matthew with lots of stuff inside his house

Matthew and Gabi

Matthew and Dad driving the boat

Matthew and the big ball

Driving the little red car

Almost flipping over

Giving a show


Folding his belt after class

Riding the blue dogs

Playing some hoops

Frog hopping

Matthew's Sunday Karate group

Pulling hard on an orange

Eating a big meal

Evan, Matthew and Jason

Rocking out playing Rockband

Driving a Matthew-sized tractor

Grandparents and Matthew

Matthew's world record sized orange

Picking an orange

Matthew and his freshly picked orange

Doing yoga on the Wii Fit


Playing guitar with Teacher Matthew

Bubbles at Toddle Tunes

Eating more

Matthew playing the xylophone

Swordfighting Austin

Matthew and his friend Austin

Bouncing on a ball

More funny faces

Riding the Snoopy-housemobile

That's goofy

Playing at the Topanga Mall

Making funny faces

More funny faces


Matthew feeding Gabi a strawberry

Going around

Goldfish... live in a bowl

Playing golf

Kicking the Backyardigans ball

On the balance beam

I can reach this far!

Eric hugging the pad

Big kick!

Eric relaxing

Testing out the sense of smell

Playing the game show with Guy Smiley

Looking for Oscar the Grouch

Matthew going on the obstacle course

Eric and family

Playing with the Sesame Street game

Drumming with Teacher Shane

Matthew pushing Dad around


Playing guitar

At Sesame Street

Playing the drum

Matthew mowing

Watching a performance

Riding the fish

Sit and spin

Playing with the bead toy

Carrying play food

Doing yoga with Teacher Nancy from Pre-school

Participating in the Monster Book reading

Hula hoop

RIding a horsey

Karate racing

Inside Superman's phone booth

Matthew enjoying an apple

Hanging out at the Skirball Museum

Hugging Riley from Fun Care

Riding in the Batmobile

Putting it in

Is everyone looking at Matthew?

Jumping at the water fountain outside the Aquarium

Matthew racing

Matthew playing golf at Rancho Park



He's over there

Climbing at the Aquarium

Gabi, Matthew, Mom and some kid touching fish

Telling the birds to keep quiet

Look at that seal!

Having a snack

Driving the boat

Sitting at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Rocking out with Teacher Jason

This is my new phone

Playing recorder with Teacher Shane

Hello? Hello

Counting the number of blocks

Having fun on the ground

Riding the teeter tooter

This is tall!

Going upside-down

Jumping for joy

Building a tower

Having dinner at Child's Play


Playing on the Thomas table with his engineer outfit

Racing with Gabi


Eating at Mitsuwa

Rolling the ball down the roller coaster/slide

Playing soccer

Playing with the big ball

Matthew jumping

Climbing over the barrier

Playing with some new friends at Under the Sea

Pointing at something

Doo doo

Doing a show

Riding down on the snowboard

Matthew with two heads!

Near the top of the hill

Dad catching Matthew for a ride

Making a snow angel

Playing in snow

Going down on the snowboard

Matthew having fun with Pengy Pengy (Penguin Penguin) and Underbear

Climbing to the top of the hill

Having fun in snow

Dad said something funny

Throwing a snowball

Riding down a hill

Matthew playing with snowballs

Riding down on a tube

Making snowballs

Matthew and Dad at a cabin in Big Bear

Matthew riding on a tube

Shoveling some snow

Playing bass with teacher Matthew

Matthew and Grandparents Shin


Watching the Grandpa Shin picking lettuce

Playing drums with Teacher Jason

Listening to the bass

Having a snack

Using a drumstick as a bubble stick

Making a tower with Gabi

Matthew and Gabi playing with a Slinky

Dancing at music class

Kicking some bumpy balls

Racing on a wheelchair

Matthew rowing a boat in a race


Rowing with Lola and Elphie

Eating lunch with Lola

Eating a snack with Underbear

Matthew at group Karate class

Lola and Matthew playing the game show

Matthew getting hugged by Elmo

Running in a race

Lola and Matthew with Elmo

With Elmo

Matthew and his favorite pal

Playing a game show at Sesame Street

Matthew and Penguin wearing hats

Kicking a ball

Trying on some baseball equipment

Making faces

In front of the zebra area

At Junior's with Aidan, Connor and Nathan

Walking with Dad at the LA Zoo

Matthew and his hooded jacket

Eating some popcorn

Playing iPhone on Mom's shoulders

Matthew's flower drum at music class

Doe ray mi...

Eating a snack

This is good!

Playing the bells

Matthew's creation at Pre-preschool

Bouncing game

Going down the slide

Look at me!

Climbing out

It's not a karate pose


Jumping at Under the Sea

Matthew's sandwich

Getting air

Matthew performing on stage

Shopping for food



Rolling a penny

Stretching at karate

Matthew and a bear height chart

Running at La Brea Tar Pits

Sitting on the bridge

Matthew and a mastodon

Matthew looking at turtles

Running like fools

Touching a fossil

Hiding behind the bear

Matthew and the polar bear

Matthew and Eric

Listening to the ocean

Staring at bugs

Matthew putting his art on the wall

Jumping high

Digging for dinosaur bones at Natural History Museum

Playing guitar with Teacher Jason

Looking at bugs

Rocking out

Matthew and Eric

Go sit down to get a drum

Watching Teacher Matthew play the drums

Playing drums


Matthew and Teacher Matthew

At music class

Making food

Going to the top

Fun at Under the Sea

Lola and Matthew at music class

Snack time

Really fast down the slide

Big bead circle

Talking on the phone

Putting together the beads

Riding a tricycle

Climbing the ladder

Riding in outside at pre-preschool

Matthew playing while Lola hugs him

Feeding fish with Lola

Playing with Play-doh

Fun in the jumper

Hula hoop

Lola hugging Matthew

Doo doo

On stage

Sliding at Under the Sea

Sitting on a stool

In the fire truck

Performing on stage

Thrust punch



Dodge ball



Running around with Aidan from music class

We saw Aidan at Aidan's Place

Climbing the ladder

Swinging with Aidan

At karate with Sensei Mario

Riding on a swing


At Aidan's Place

Burying the beach ball

Matthew climbing a ladder

Kicking a beachball


Hop hop

Going over the obstacle course

Sliding down the obstacle course

Weighing some produce

Playing with the digestion toy

Ringing up some food

Hop hop hop!


Matthew putting clothes on a magnetic Elmo

Waiting at Sesame Street for Elmo

Matthew and his finished Elmo

Matthew and Elmo

Checking out


Climbing up a slide

Walking across the bumpy bridge


Putting the steps near the bouncy

Running down the ramp

Playing with the football equipment someone carefully laid out

Lola's new hat

Let's see where we can put this

These are great toys

Playing with football markers

Talking to mom on the phone

Going down the slide at the other Aidan's Place

This seems too small

Swinging with Lola

Swinging really really fast


Eating snacks with Lola

Ring around the rosy

Going around in circles

Matthew and Lola at Aidan's Place

Matthew and Lola spinning

Doo doo

Matthew's picture of Mom and Dad

Matthew inside a telephone booth

Playing a new game

Playing games

Dad and Matthew and Long Beach

Eating a snack at the Queen Mary

Matthew playing a huge instrument

Playing the real banjo

Riding on a Bob the Builder ride

Matthew in the Batmobile

Pretending to be a butterfly

Trying to bring Maracas for everyone

Matthew at Wednesday Gymboree class

Relaxing at Gymboree

Fun at Gymbo

Looking at the circus trains

Running around like a fool

Getting a stamp



Trying to catch a ball

Playing the drum

Matthew at Child's Play

On a sleeping bag at Gymboree

Matthew at Gymboree class

Eating a snack

Milk, crackers and dino nuggets

This is my favorite part!

Riding on an elephant

Making water come out

Matthew and Eric in a boat

Riding in the boat

Climbing on a hermit crab


Racing his new buddy

Racing down the roller coaster

Matthew and Eric at the Aquarium of the Pacific

On your mark... Go!


Riding on the roller coaster

Running with drum

Matthew wearing his drum

New glasses

Bong bong bong

Playing drums at music class

Flamingo kick

Matthew going down head-first

Matthew making antlers at the LA Zoo

Matthew and his pajama jacket

Having a snack

Matthew drinking some juice

Matthew snacking

The ABC puzzle

Matthew at OnLok

Matthew with Auntie Amy

At the kitchen table

Doing a really big puzzle

Having fun in San Francisco

Eating breakfast

Looking at the sea lions

Riding on a cable car in San Francisco


Matthew after he had a green lollipop

Feeding a goat

Toot toot chugga chugga

Playing piano

Hot Potato Hot Potato

Sitting on a chair

Inside a fun play house

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Matthew as a lion

Tin Man

Matthew the scarecrow

This is the third pig's house

Reading some books

Matthew and his new pal

Having fun at Fairyland


Running through the card maze

There's the Cheerio

Matthew at Fairyland in Oakland

Riding with a new friend

On the airplane ride

Hanging out with Dad

Riding the air log

Block one

Climbing a slide

Eating at Shin Peking

Carrying stuff from Gymboree

Mmmmm noodles!

Using chopsticks


Eating some noodles

Sitting in a shopping cart

Having a drink

Pretending to eat an ice cream at Child's Play


Matthew reaching under the jungle gym

Matthew carrying a big pad

Climbing through a hole

Matthew having fun at Gymboree

Matthew learning the half moon

Matthew learning the half moon

Riding the horsey

I climbed up here all by myself

Matthew in his karate uniform

Relaxing at Almansor Park in Alhambra

Having fun with bubbles

Getting a stamp

Engineer Matthew at Child's Play

I caught another bubble

Listening to Teacher Kate

Climbing the banana at Westside Paviliion

A bubble got stuck to Matthew's eyelid

Crawling through a hole

Running in circles

Singing Yellow Submarine

Doing a jigsaw puzzle

Two Darth Vadars

Matthew playing golf for some candy

Darth Matthew

Family of Star Wars

Matthew on his way to a halloween party

Matthew eating his winnings

Matthew and Daddy fighting

Darth Matthew

Matthew jumping

Matthew about to slide

Matthew loves his pizza

Matthew really having fun

Matthew loves bouncies

Matthew a natural horse rider

Matthew and Daddy on a train

Matthew jumping high

Matthew on horse


Matthew trying to get over a hill

Matthew and Gabi hanging out

Matthew and Gabi resting


Matthew riding around at a pumpkin patch

Matthew and Daddy rowing

Gabi jumping

Matthew trying to carry it

"Check it out!!!"

Matthew playing a game at a carnival

Matthew riding a motorcycle

Darth Matthew waiting for cake

Matthew showing off his play-doh art

Matthew and his hula hoop

Matthew's tower

Matthew eating Chap Jae

Matthew pretend play

Matthew jumping

Matthew enjoying his haircut lollipop

Matthew caught a ball

Matthew and Eric snacking

Matthew kicking a ball

Matthew caught a bubble

Showing a bubble

Matthew and Lola

Matthew masters 3

Matthew jumping

Matthew about to throw a ball

Matthew running with food

Trying to stop a virtual soccer ball

Matthew and Eric trying to play virtual soccer

Eric sitting on the table

Matthew watching Eric Jump

Eric pressing a button

Matthew and Eric frolicking

Matthew and Eric waving

Matthew looking

Matthew Shows How Its Done

Making a tall tower

Looking through his telescope

Going crazy in the bouncy

I see you



Sliding down head-first

Going around in the circle

Getting ready to slide

Running around at Gymboree

Filling up the container with water

Matthew sweeping with Andrew

Matthew having fun

Matthew at Pre-preschool

Dancing at Pre-preschool

Little red caboose... smokestack on his back back back back


Driving the big red car

Sliding down the bumpy slide

Matthew hugging

Riding the motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle and reading

Running around

Relaxing at Gymboree

Matthew and Gabi sharing a cookie

Making sand castles

Riding on a ship

Matthew having fun at the game

Matthew carrying beach balls

Inside the sea lion caves in Florence

Matthew and Elliott at Sea Lion Caves

Matthew riding with Underbear

Matthew at RiverPlay in Eugene

Matthew squeezing through a small hole

Cleaning off his Underbear

Feeding geese at Alton Baker Park

Matthew making duck sounds

Hot Potato

Riding the tram at RiverPlay

Matthew at a park in Eugene

Matthew at Autzen Stadium

Matthew and Susie taking our traditional picture at Autzen

Matthew trying out Daddy's shoes

Having fun at the beach

Matthew and Susie building in the sand

Matthew running around

Matthew having Parachute time with his pals

Matthew riding a roller coaster ride at Chuck E. Cheese in Springfield

Matthew finding a clam shell

Here's some sand

Matthew making a mound of sand

Elliott and Matthew way out there

Matthew and his 'bob 'pants pajamas

Elliott and Matthew at the beach in Florence

Playing with fun stuff

Matthew at the Spaghetti Factory in Portland

Putting something on top of his bowl

Matthew's creation

Building a long chain

Playing some music

Matthew drumming

Matthew building

Matthew building

Having fun with the turntable at OMSI

Matthew's finished tower

Matthew and friend testing out the gears

Matthew in front of the Children's Museum

Walking down stairs at the Children's Museum

I see you!

Having lots of fun at Pioneer Square in Portland

Running like a fool

Elliott and Matthew at the Portland Zoo

Matthew putting mice to sleep at Finnegan's toy store

I'm thirsty!

Eating a muffin

Testing out one of his favorite genre toys

Mmmm cereal

Eating breakfast at our hotel in Portland

Looking at the wacky mirror

Blowing bubbles

Putting together a puzzle

Eating lunch at OMSI

Building a wood tower or airport

Having fun in the sand area at OMSI

Matthew having fun in the eagle's nest

Matthew and friend look at Elliott's Wall E

Building at OMSI

Matthew playing Leap Frog

Matthew climbing on a turtle

Matthew on a lady bug

Matthew with his tower

Matthew playing with this Wiggles Slippers

Matthew playing doctor

Matthew on a Roller Coaster

Matthew and Daddy having a chat

Matthew looking at fish


Matthew in the Jumper

Matthew pretending to eat a sandwich

Matthew climbing

Matthew playing with Small Duckie

Matthew having fun

Matthew riding a tricycle at preschool

Matthew sitting on a tree

Matthew catches a bubble

Matthew writing out the word "Power Rangers"

Matthew and Gabi and bubbles

Caricature of Matthew from around April 2008

Caricature of Matthew from Olvera Street from April 2008

Making a Fava fa

Having fun in the ball pit

Playing air hockey

Lights Camera ACTION!




Holding a lot of balls

Team Lee at Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party

Matthew getting a Big Red Car on his arm

Looking at Wiggle pictures

Matthew and Eric

Matthew and Jenny

Matthew's birthday cake

Matthew's party

Matthew's new Thomas set

Wiggle House

Opening a present

Opening a Thomas train


Matthew looking at the fish


Matthew posing

Having fun at the Block of Orange

Gabi jumping

Matthew and Gabi holding hands

Making a cute face

Matthew carrying something heavy

Shaking the parachute at Gabi and Kayla's birthday

Riding in a fish

Running around in the lights at LACMA

Making leaves fly at La Brea Tar Pits

Sitting and spinning

Matthew showing off the tower he built

Matthew and Cali

Fire Fighter Matthew

Matthew getting ready to shop

Suzanne and Brayden

Matthew on a motorcycle

"Can I get more balloons, please?"

Matthew sitting on a passenger car

Daddy and Matthew at Travel Town

Eating two cookies

Delivering Ice Cream with Teddy


Gabi at Gymbo

Matthew squatting


Who is that behind the curtain?

Matthew carrying his golf clubs around

Hitting a ball off of a tee

Playing golf

Watching a sea turtle

Making water come out of the squid

As far as Susie and Matthew got on the slide

Having fun at Gymbo

Climbing the bumpy ramp

Matthew on the train at Lindberg Park

Copying what Elmo is doing

On the Gymbo slide

Matthew's friend Eva from Gymboree

On the ride at Westside Pavilion

Going across the bridge

Climbing up the stairs at Lindberg Park

Matthew and Elliott at the zoo

Susie and Matthew at the zoo

Looking for Wally

Matthew petting an Easter rabbit at the LA Zoo

Matthew being pulled around at Gymbo

Matthew and the back wheel of the DC-3

Inside a DC-3

Matthew at the Flight Path Museum


Matthew trying to find where the rain comes from

Matthew and Gabi making rain

Matthew on his toes

Matthew and Daddy giving a thumbs up

Matthew showing his fonzie move

Matthew mowing the lawn

Matthew climbing through the hole

Matthew walking down the ramp

Matthew almost through the hole

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew smiling at breakfast

Matthew wearing a Wiggles Shirt

Matthew driving a car at HEB

Matthew with Grandma in Austin Hotel

Matthew sliding

Matthew and Evan playing with trains

Matthew putting his orange in the wheelbarrow

Matthew in his small fort

Elliott and Matthew in front of Barton Springs Pool

Matthew and Elliott on the train at Zilker Park

Matthew driving the Zilker Fire Engine

Wearing each others' shoes

Elliott and Matthew and the train at Zilker Park

At the wedding

Matthew and Susie at the wedding

Mike, Guy, Grandpa Shin, Elliott and Matthew

Matthew watching the Texas birthday parade

Great Aunt and Matthew

Aunt Grace

Great Aunt, Liza and Grandma Shin

Matthew and his rehearsal dinner outfit

Matthew with some sweetener on his forehead

Texas state capitol

Grandma and Grandpa Shin, Great Aunt and Matthew

Matthew coming down a slide

Matthew carrying a big red ball

Reading a book

Matthew laying down with Susie

Matthew fixing Wally's hairdo

Practicing for our next snow slide run

Reading a book

Susie and Matthew playing

Matthew climbing the stairs

Matthew ringing the bell

Matthew flying

Matthew pondering

Matthew building

Matthew on a choo choo train

Matthew on a firetruck

Matthew looking around

Matthew still trying to open the puzzle

Matthew opening up his puzzle

Matthew hanging out with Beary

Matthew looking at his puzzle with Beary

Matthew with his friends Gaby and Roya

Matthew on a boat with Gaby and Roya

Matthew about to slide

Matthew playing at Aidan's Place

Susie shooting off balloon rockets

In front of a fish tank

Mesmerized by the puffins

Matthew and Susie at Griffith Observatory

Elliott and Matthew in front of shark jaws

Matthew at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Wow, look at those fish!


Looking up at fish

Matthew climbing the slide

Matthew climbing steps

Matthew wearing his hat

Matthew sitting on top of the slide

Matthew climbing

Matthew balancing

Matthew playing with the yellow ball

Matthew on a Zebra

Matthew looking through the Thomas Books

Matthew reading a book

Matthew checking out the Thomas Books

Matthew holding a ball and trying to get another

Matthew moving the blue ball

Matthew playing with kids

Matthew playing

Susie and Matthew in front of Lightning McQueen


Evan, Jason, and Matthew playing on the Presidential Seal

Elliott and Matthew sitting on a train bench

Holding a flower

Opening a Christmas gift


About to do the "Look!" pose

Matthew ripping open a Christmas gift

Matthew looking at the camera

Matthew and Daddy with a hazmat truck

Matthew picking more car books

Matthew making a row of cars

Matthew resting on his pullout sofa

Matthew playing with his trains

Matthew walking with Daddy

Matthew looking at his sticker

Matthew looking at this fingers

Matthew trying to get change out of his pocket

An IV in Matthew's foot for Kawasaki treatment

Playing Peek-a-boo

Examining a Harry Potter ornament

Matthew placing an ornament on the tree

Blowing up a big balloon

Shaking maracas at Gymbo

Daddy helping Matthew roll down the hill

Matthew and Daddy at La Brea Tar Pits

Matthew with a stuffie

Matthew and Daddy pointing at fish

Matthew playing with Sand

Matthew and Daddy looking for fish

Matthew trying to pick up two balls

Matthew taking a ride

Matthew running

Matthew playing with a ball

Matthew laughing with Daddy

Matthew hiding from Daddy

Matthew with his sword and the Snowman

Matthew playing with the curtain

Matthew trying to get to the other side

Matthew and his toy

Matthew with a plastic apple

Matthew and Daddy reading a book

Matthew reading Auntie Lisa's book

Matthew and Cousin Jason

Matthew and Daddy at the Planes of Fame

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew pondering what to do next

Matthew playing with the ramp

Matthew still wearing his favorite cap

Matthew is still a Duck fan

Matthew wearing his favorite cap

Matthew looking at the Build a Bear bathtub

Matthew reading

Daddy playing with Eric and Matthew

Matthew checking out the Fire Engine

Matthew getting his car

Matthew building with Daddy

Matthew throwing two balls

Matthew sitting on Daddy

Matthew resting

Matthew sharing the experience with Mommy

Matthew looking at the lights

Matthew and Daddy with a snowman

Matthew with Grandma Shin

Matthew pointing at his nose

Matthew asking to go high

Matthew and Daddy on a carousel

Matthew on a tiger

Matthew trying to get a good look at the flamingos

Matthew standing in his stroller

A Chimp at Oakland Zoo with his teddy bear

Matthew holding onto his pianophone

Hey! He's in my chair!

Matthew and Daddy have a good time

Matthew resting in the ballpit

Matthew diving into the ballpit

Matthew laughing in the ballpit

Matthew in the ballpit

Matthew playing with the trains

Matthew waiting his turn

Hello, anybody there?

Matthew trying to get out

Matthew with Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Matthew with Daddy, Grandma Shin and Grandpa Shin

Matthew resting

Matthew and Daddy looking at Grandpa Shin

Matthew sitting in a sand pit

Matthew with Mommy

Matthew waiting around

Matthew stretching

Matthew pointing

Matthew negotiating with Brayden for a ball

Matthew at the Thomas the Train table

Matthew checking out the kitchen

Matthew running through the bubbles

Matthew playing with Teacher Elsa

Matthew getting a ride from Teacher Elsa

The new pumpkin tattoo up close

Matthew eating noodles

Zoe and Matthew

Matthew and Elliott parading around Gymboree

Matthew staring at Chicken Little's feet

Halloween at Gymboree

Team Lee at the Westwood Charter Halloween Hoot

Matthew eating at Anna's

Four kids in the ball pit

Matthew in the tot jumper

Matthew on a space walk

Matthew drawing on his pumpkin bag

Matthew resting

Matthew walking like an Astronaut

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin playing with Gourds

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin posing for a picture

Matthew still playing with the ball toy

Matthew playing with the ball toy

Daddy checking out Matthew's skills

Matthew playing with the rollercoaster

Matthew pressing a button

Matthew trying to get up from the ballpit

Matthew holding onto his Thomas Train

Matthew with a Cantalope

Matthew playing with the wooden bridge

Matthew running with Bread


Why the angry face?

Matthew's first time in the ocean, sorta

Evan, Matthew and Jason in their halloween costumes

Elliott and Matthew making sand castles in Santa Monica

Evan, Jason and Matthew playing with the car ramp


Jason and Matthew looking through their books

Look over here!

Matthew pointing at his favorite page

Matthew playing with the wheel

Matthew on the teeter totter with Dada

Matthew with Dada

Matthew looking through a dome

Matthew at Aiden's Place

Drinking Milk like a big boy

Balancing on a Bridge

Wow! Look over there!

Having fun at Grandparent Shin's house

Susie and Matthew leaving Universal Studios

Matthew on a horsey

Matthew laying on top of mommy to get to the window

Matthew running over UO

Matthew testing out the Benz logo

Matthew laughing

Matthew playing with a football at the Ducks Store

Flight to Oregon

Matthew climbing up a ramp at the student union

Matthew on the giant chair at the EMU (student union)

Matthew spinning around on a stool

Oregon's first offensive formation

Go... Ducks

Dennis Dixon warming up

Susie and Matthew in front of Autzen

Elliott and Matthew in front of the big duck

Matthew in front of Oregon soccer field

Susie and Matthew in front of Autzen Stadium

Matthew picking a flower

Matthew crawling around outside Autzen

Matthew at Oregon City

Matthew and Dada climbing the boxes

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Petting the goat

Having fun riding a dinosaur

Matthew and Jason petting a goat

Look at my leaf!

Ride 'em cowboy

Having fun in the fountains at Virginia Park

Eating a corn dog at the zoo

Going for a boat ride

There's something fun over there

Having fun at the Lew pool

Matthew in his boat

Having fun at Gymbo

Matthew and Gaby playing with the bucket of balls

Balancing on the beam

Showing off his teeth

Go long!

Looking at the fountains

Going for a drive

Matthew resting

Another view of the walkway

Another view of the walkway

Another view of the walkway

Another view of the walkway

Another view of the walkway

Another view of the walkway

View from the walkway up to our house

View from the top of our garage

Another picture from the side of our house

Matthew coming out of the tunnel slide

Matthew playing with Annie the Train

Matthew handing mommy a big leaf

Matthew playing with a friend

Matthew playing with the wire table

Matthew and Zoe playing soccer

Matthew trying to keep up with his friend

Matthew in the tunnel

Matthew and Alison playing

Matthew holding on to the bucket

Matthew and Zoe playing with the bucket

Matthew giving mommy the ball

Matthew and Daddy stacking

Matthew and Daddy playing with a boat

Matthew and Daddy playing in water

Matthew about to throw blocks

Matthew playing with an abacus

Matthew making a castle

Matthew and Daddy playing with blocks

Matthew resting

Matthew resting again

Matthew balancing a ball

Matthew and Gaby hanging out

Matthew clapping

Matthew perfecting his bowling form

Matthew crawling through a tight tunnel

Matthew playing ball with a friend

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew getting up

Matthew intensely playing with a toy

Matthew with his ball in the tunnel

Matthew throwing his red ball

Matthew holding onto his red ball

Matthew and his new friend rolling the log

matthew pushing his bucket to clean up

Matthew finds a choking hazard

Matthew playing with balls

Matthew hiding behind his tube

Matthew playing with his sand toy

Matthew taking a bath

Matthew using his shovel

Matthew wearing his Oregon Ducks hat

Matthew digging for a toy

Matthew flipping his hat off

Matthew on his Octopus Chair

Matthew looking at the ground

Matthew and Zoe on the boat

Matthew having fun by himself

Matthew dancing on the bridge

Matthew and Brayden on the boat

Matthew heating something on the stove

Matthew making Corn Soup

Matthew playing with Thomas

Matthew putting a train on the track

Whoa, Look at That

Everybody Concentrate

Listening to Jason


Serious Pose

Bearing Gifts

Matthew playing in a circle

Matthew getting something from the bucket

Going for a walk

Matthew and Daddy

Matthew/Daddy racing against Brandon/Brandon's Daddy

Grandma and Matthew at Dim Sum Restaurant

Jason and Elliott Enjoying a Book

Engrossed in a Book

I'm a One Year Old Now

Waiting For Dim Sum

Matthew at 14 months

Having fun at Gymboree

Walking at Roxbury Park

Matthew doesn't want to get his knees dirty

Playing with sand toys in the grass

What's that over there?

Hiding in his fort

Flinging his starfish

In the choo choo train

Having fun at McDonald's

Matthew and Dada looking at the fountains at Koreatown Galleria

Eating some food

In the Fire Engine

Making a mess

Eating dinner

Playing with Thomas train table

Sand is fun

With all the sand toys

At Aidan's Place

I feel something on the back of my head

Here goes...

Matthew with sand toys

Walking with a ball

Riding the horsey

Matthew and Brayden

I'm tall!

Climbing into the circle

Slam dunk!

Hanging out in his circle

Matthew's swim-suit

Matthew putting a ball into the bucket

In the pool

Swimming with Ryan

Watching Music 'n Me

Reaching for bubbles

Bubble time


Hiding in the fort

Matthew in his Gymbo fort

Matthew on the Gymboat

In the ball pit

Playing with Thomas trains

May I take your order?

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5


Matthew with rabbit ears

Matthew and Dada

Matthew waving

Matthew reaching for a ball

The many faces of Matthew

Brayden and Matthew with the secret toy

Matthew and the star ball

Matthew popping a bubble on his finger

Matthew and Ryan with the secret toy

Matthew looking at dada

Matthew relaxing again

Matthew - Slam Dunk

Matthew and Zoe playing with a ball

Matthew giggling

Matthew excited to be cool

Matthew playing with his ball

Matthew laughing

Matthew trying to catch water

Matthew loving his new pool

Matthew satisfied with his raspberry

Matthew eating a raspberry

Matthew drinking his milk

Matthew eating a raspberry and drinking his milk

Matthew flirting

Matthew laughing

Matthew looking through a bowl

Matthew smiling (and unfortunately showing food)

Matthew eating a raspberry

Matthew smiling like Mama

Matthew licking his bowl

Matthew looking through his bowl

Matthew getting sworn in

Matthew looking serious

Matthew chasing a bubble

Matthew on the bridge with Brayden

Matthew staring after himself

Matthew with the big red ball

Matthew checking under the carpet

Matthew in the innertube

Matthew showing off his teeth

Matthew playing ball with Brayden

Matthew trying to find Brayden

Matthew with his bubbles

Matthew playing with Mega Blocks

Matthew climbing the dome

Matthew sliding down the dome

Matthew running around

Matthew loving his Quesadillas

Matthew on a boat

Matthew with a ball

Matthew showing off his stomach

Matthew taking a little stroll

Matthew staring at Brayden's ball

Matthew and Brayden going for a ball

Matthew walking

Matthew climbing on the circle

Matthew getting excited

Happy Matthew

Matthew crawling out of the cave

Matthew staring at the bubbles

Matthew in a cave

Matthew getting excited in a tunnel

Matthew smashing his face

Matthew playing with Andrew

Matthew playing the drums

Matthew laughing

Matthew playing with his boat

Matthew and Brayden causing trouble

Matthew making faces

Matthew and Ryan with a bucket of balls

Matthew and Brayden hanging out

Happy Matthew

Matthew, Brayden and Gavin with their balls

Matthew going through a tunnel

Matthew walking with his hoop

Matthew trying to get his hoop

Matthew walking

Matthew crawling on a ramp

Matthew going up the stairs

Matthew eating his Raspberry

Matthew smiling

Matthew and Brayden and two star balls

Matthew grabbing a ball

Mesmerized by the table

Ringing the bell

Having some fun

Pointing at the smoking dog

Matthew squating

Matthew picking up a ball

Matthew and Brayden at the tube

Matthew and Mama on a horsey

Matthew has bubbles everywhere

Matthew crawling through a tube

Maya trying to take her racket back

Matthew and Maya on the swing

Matthew in a Fire Truck

Matthew with Teacher Elsa

Matthew resting at Gymboree

Wow... look at all those balloons

Licking Elmo

Brayden getting Matthew's attention

Matthew and Mommy

"Woo, look at this twig"

Playing Peek-a-boo

Matthew on his tippy tippy toes

Kaya, Julian, Matthew and Mommy on the train


Matthew trying to remember Candle Practice

Susie and Elliott at the Party

Bubble Time for Matthew and Maya

Megan smiling

Matthew saving food for later

Camilla showing the guys how to have a good time

Stepping Up

Matthew's Friend Camilla

Thaaaa Daaaa

Neeeed toooo geeetttt thhhhee laaassst baaaalll

Wood Working

One Handed Pushup

Crawling through a Tunnel

Brandon looking at Matthew

Big Red Ball

Relaxing at the Park

Showing off... One Hand

"ooohhh, sand"

Working Hard

Matthew and Friends are wondering what Ryan is doing

Matthew, Brayden and Ryan playing together

Matthew is Clapping

Matthew senses a ball near him

Matthew and Brayden playing on the tile

The Ball is Stuck

Matthew and Grandpa staring at the ball

Grandpa helping Matthew walk

Grandma cleaning Matthew's face

Matthew relaxing at the Park

Grandma and Grandpa playing ball with Matthew

Everyone watching Matthew

Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa

Matthew trying to eat the ball

In a maze

Join Me

Matthew and Gaby in a tunnel

Telling Mommy something funny

Matthew and Gaby playing ball

Can you see that?

"I can almost reach it..."

Under Balls

Taking a step up

Matthew and his pet frog

Matthew working hard

Matthew playing with his friend Brayden

Matthew and Brayden fight over the tunnel

Playing the drums

Playing with a little girl at Gymboree

Matthew on his tippy toes

After the haircut

Eating a cookie

One of the last happy pictures before Matthew gets his haircut

Getting his hair cut

Slam Dunk

Matthew and Dada

Officer Matthew

What's over here?


Eating a cookie

What's this sand?

Posing for the camera

Going Up! May 12, 2007

Matthew and Susie in front of the fire truck

Hard Hat Matt

Matthew stands on the bumper

Matthew in the ball-pit at AdventurePlex

Super Matthew

Smiling Matthew

Content Matthew

Mommy and Matthew


Riding a tricycle

Whatcha lookin' at?

Happy Matthew

Matthew at LAX

Matthew riding his dragon

Wow, two microphones!

Love Posing

110... and 5 more to go...


Playing with Daddy at the Park

Matthew opening his cars


Gift unwrapping competition

Matthew and Grandma

Christmas 2006 in Whittier


Let's Eat

This is fun

Keeping an Eye on Evan

Swapping Jokes?

Birthday Party Drink

This is fun

Fun in my walker

I'm walking!

Look at my suspenders!

Hap-Pea Lee

Susie and Matthew at Andersen's

Whoa... this is fun...

Hello folks

Hello folks

Matthew at the Westwood Charter Halloween Hoot

My hat is tight...

Matthew at his first Carnival

That's a big camera

Matthew sitting with Grandpa Lee

Matthew lounging with Grandma Lee

I'm just hanging out

I sense someone behind me

Grandma Shin helping Matthew stand

Evan Brings His Own

Auntie Amy taking a bite out of Matthew

Matthew's Cake

Matthew looking around

Still happy

Mommy and Matthew are off to outer space

Happy face

Matthew taking a nap after a meal

Karate chop

Who are you staring at?

Go Ducks!

Won't Be Long Now

Matthew and Grandpa Lee

So this is my cheek

Another picture?

It's a boy!

Susie taking a nap during the NST

View of Beverly Hills and Century City

Susie and Elliott's Xmas Card picture 2005

NST: Nap Sleepy Time

Bag of goodies!

Butt Paste

Pooh Mobile

Susie and Candice (two pregos)

Anita, Susie and Candice playing the nursery rhyme game

Cake Top Message


Shirley and Susie

Susie and Elena

Susie and Elena

Nick and Brent

Susie and Elliott

Brett and Ryan

Susie and Elliott

Susie being measured at the baby shower

Susie at the Poppy Reserve

Susie and Evan at Micah's 1st Birthday

Misty wanting some treats

Susie at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Elliott and Seabiscuit at Santa Anita

Elliott playing hockey

Elliott and Seabiscuit at Santa Anita

Susie at the Poppy Reserve

Cali reacting to some funny TV

Susie at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Susie, Amy and Grace at Amy's work

Elliott and Seabiscuit at Santa Anita

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