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Jumping at Chris' birthday party

Matthew and his pre-school friend Claire who's selling Girl Scout cookies

Stars in Lompoc

Opening Day at baseball

Lots of people with expensive camera equipment watching the launch



Multicultural feast

Rock climbing

Surfing a wave

Running from the wave

Susie running back to the car

Plane on the USS Hornet

Orbiter rocket engine

Waiting in line for S'mores

Atlantis coming towards us

Atlantis looks like it's hovering

Chris, Haley and Matthew

Matthew at the Challenger Memorial

Koreatown Parade

AYSO game

Tidepool adventure

Running at soccer

Space ship

Matthew and his teammates

Matthew and his Lego creation

Less competitive sack race

Shooting his water gun

Jumping in

Great foot work

Getting ready for a drill

4th of July - posing in front of a fire truck

Team cheer

Shane and Matthew

Matthew shaking hands with Mrs. Higa


Haley, Matthew and Shane

STAR basketball team cheer

Matthew's Mother's Day present

Kids playing outside the pizza place at the t-ball party

Mrs. Higa's class at the Butterfly Pavilion for a field trip

Looking at the butterfly guide

Looking at animals at the Natural History Museum

Looking for art supplies


Coffee factory

Matthew posing with a shark statue


Taking a break



Matthew D

Playing soccer


Ethan running


Chris at first base



100 items

On Matthew's class board

Chris enjoying cake

100 days of school celebration

Matthew in the helicopter

Ariel's Mom and Alejandro's Dad

Kids playing iPads and iPhones

Matthew's Hero

Riding the arm ride

Waiting for the field trip

Susie, Liliana, Matthew and Haley

Matthew and his soccer medal

Kids getting medals

Kicking a ball


At bowling

Matthew playing drums


Kicking a ball

Getting some candy


Kicking a ball

Bowling at the Hoot

Matthew putting his shoes on

Matthew and Christopher at school

Chess club

Matthew at soccer class

Running at soccer

Kids driving school

On the pirate ride

Star summer camp last day after the field trip

Last days at pre-school

Running under the huge spider's web

Alligator biting the pants of the guy feeding him


Matthew and Susie in front of the Saturn V rocket

Susie taking a picture of us

Feeding an alligator

Kicking a ball

Matthew and Andrew racing to the ball

Painting at school

Karate baseball

Getting a soccer medal

Matthew chasing Elliott

Majestic Crest Theater where Augie had his birthday party

Awards for sparring

Sparring against a bigger kid

Heather and her cake



Fun in the bouncy

Kids lining up

Participating in the music

Matthew and Sensei Sam

Matthew playing soccer


Pre-K class at the Easter egg hunt




Auntie Leona

The Rangers


Matthew controlling the ball

In the mirror room

Matthew at the Da Vinci exhibit

Enjoying lunch

Elliott and Matthew exercising at Roxbury Park

Us with Supwitchugirl

At swimming class

Playing a game at Karate

Susie and Matthew with Oregon cheerleaders


Angry Bird!

Getting stuff from Santa

Nika, Ali and Nika's cousin

Pre-K kids singing


Matthew relaxing

Grandpa's birthday

Matthew's turkey mask

Pulling the bowling ball

About to kick the ball

Kids at pre-school

Showing Benjamin an iPhone game

Trying to avoid bubbles


Getting ready to swim


Trick or Treating


Nika and her mom

Matthew decorating a cookie

Matthew on the slide

Sunset at our house

Running at soccer

Elena and Matthew after soccer

Elijah from Red Room

Matthew's dinosaur tattoo

Talking about their wooden planes

Canoeing at the Chicago Children's Museum

Polar Bear

Playing around in front of the Bean

Putting sunscreen on

Riding on the Royal Joust

At a planetarium exhibit

Matthew and Susie in front of submariners

Who wants cake?


Fun at soccer


Eating cake

Running again

Talking to Elena

Alexandru in the pool

Team meeting


Looking through binoculars

Fun at soccer


Getting ready for the pirate boat ride

Susie, Bonnie and Sabrina at Holmby Park

Fun at soccer

Shaking the maracas



Swimming class

Matthew enjoying Zachary's birthday party

Playing with the parachute

Matthew's glasses

Making new friends at soccer

Back punch

Kicking the ball between Coach Andrea's legs


Playing at pre-school

Using binoculars to see the other team

Doing a soccer drill

Matthew holding a soccer ball

Strategy meeting

Matthew and Mr. Zachary

Matthew's monkey

Making a goofy face

Kameline, Maren and Matthew

Eating some good stuff

Matthew as a mermaid

Kameline and Maren wearing the same shirt

Eating a snack

Teacher Rory reading a book

Koji and Maren

Watching Backyardigans in bed

Kaitlyn and Zachary

Matthew as a witch

Sending Freddy down the slide

Matthew's superhero pose

Trick or Treating at the senior housing

Making Halloween cookies

Thomas and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Keira riding the bike

Matthew and Teacher Rachel

Maren sitting in a bucket

Freddy at Karate

Meditating and breathing

Blue Room kids making a snack

Teacher Rory and Matthew

Making a snack

Claire thinking

Lola and Elphie

Decorating his scooter

Matthew playing with Legos

Riding a fire truck

Riding around the park

Konrad wanted to pose for this picture

Konrad and Karcher

Big jump!


Claire and Andrew reading books

Teacher Rory pulling kids

Zachary going for a ride

Huge 7-up waiting for Dad when we got home from our trip

Room parent meeting

Reading a story

Matthew at Karate

Matthew playing with Andrew

Kee Yi!!!!!!

Climbing down the hot dog

Having fun at the mall

Sam and Jeff

Shooting water at frogs

Cleaning up


Wiggles puzzle

Dad pushing Jason, Evan and Matthew

Having fun at the Zoo

Rolling around at the park

Pushing a toy around and Three Cheeky Monkeys

Almost flipping over


Picking oranges at Grandma's

Drinking juice


Mom and Matthew swinging

Riding in the fire truck

Performing on stage

Jumping at the water fountain outside the Aquarium

Is everyone looking at Matthew?


Going upside-down

Climbing over the barrier

Doing a show

Making snowballs

Riding down on a tube

Racing on a wheelchair

Matthew rowing a boat in a race

Rowing with Lola and Elphie

Lola and Matthew with Elmo

Running around with Aidan from music class

Playing with the football equipment someone carefully laid out

Matthew and Lola at Aidan's Place

Climbing stairs at the Getty Center

Stuffing his mouth with cheese

Matthew and Auntie Grace

Opening up a present

Matthew and Lola

New glasses

Matthew and his pajama jacket

I'm taking off my sock

Relaxing at Almansor Park in Alhambra

Riding the fish

Kitty time

Matthew showing off his play-doh art

Matthew enjoying his pizza

Matthew trying to pull Eric back in

Making a sandwich

Running with Gabi

Sliding down the bumpy slide

Matthew prepping for painting

Going crazy swordfighting

Matthew covering his eyes for hide-and-seek

Matthew climbing up to the big slide


Matthew flying a kite

Matthew pretending to play the violin

Matthew under the parachute

Reading on the plane

Matthew and Susie building in the sand

Matthew and friend look at Elliott's Wall E

Carrying balls at OMSI (science museum in Portland)

Matthew walking around

Matthew getting Mom water

An impression of a walrus

Matthew playing with Gabi and Teacher Jillian

Matthew playing air hockey

Matthew on a plane ride

Matthew holding five balls

Matthew inside a bouncy at Roya's

Matthew relaxing

Matthew enjoying some fruit

Matthew and Elliott inside the Pavilion of Wings

Walking through the park to find birds

Matthew at Gymboree

In the bouncy


This little piggy...

Matthew as a turtle

Matthew having fun

Doo doo doo doo

Having fun at the Block of Orange

Matthew in class

Matthew and Gabi holding hands


Matthew, Evan and Jason playing

Feeding a pelican some fish


On the Balance Beam

Crawling through

"Cover your eyes and don't look"

Matthew trying to find where the rain comes from


Matthew picking an orange

Relaxing in the back yard

Matthew laughing

Matthew founds some pencils

Matthew with a valentines balloon

Matthew holding a big red ball

Practicing for our next snow slide run

Matthew climbing

Matthew looking at the camera

Playing Peek-a-boo

Matthew and Daddy looking for fish

Matthew with his sword and the Snowman

Matthew sharing the experience with Mommy

A Chimp at Oakland Zoo with his teddy bear

Matthew playing with Teacher Elsa

Matthew sliding down without his cape

Matthew playing golf for candy

Matthew walking like an Astronaut

Matthew on a wagon

Matthew picking out a pumpkin

Matthew and Daddy digging for toys

Matthew playing with a fire engine

Matthew still pushing his train

Matthew and Annie the Train

Matthew running with his train

Matthew checking out the curtains

Matthew pretending to be an airplane

Balancing on a Bridge

Wow! Look over there!

Susie and Matthew at Universal Studios

Dennis Dixon warming up

Matthew and Evan playing at the zoo

Matthew in his boat

Looking at the fountains

Matthew really buried in balls

Matthew holding on to the bucket

Matthew with his ball in the tunnel

Matthew balancing a fork

Going for a walk

Making a mess

At Aidan's Place


Gabby giving Matthew a ball

The many faces of Matthew

Matthew playing in a kitchen

Matthew showing off his stomach

Matthew and Brayden going for a ball

Matthew crawling on a ramp

Can I order something?

Listening to Elmo

Matthew and Brayden fighting for the sand toys

Playing Peek-a-boo

John and Mary with Matthew

The Party

Playing pattycake with Matthew

Eating lunch at Anna's

Officer Matthew

Elliott and Matthew in the driver's seat

Matthew driving the fire engine

Riding on a car at Child's Play

Family on the last day

Susie taking a bite out of the boat

Stairways down to the bedrooms

Wow, two microphones!

Wow, this is a close up...

Gift unwrapping competition

Matthew's new bear

Christmas 2006 in Whittier

Riding the Firetruck

This is fun

I can stand!

Practicing Boy Scout Signals

Evan & Grandma T

Swapping Jokes?

I'm walking!

Evan playing with balloons

Whoa... this is fun...

Push me higher Mommy

This position is hard to hold

Look into my eyes

Matthew sleeping in Grandpa Shin's arms

Hello Camera....

The crowd rushed the field

Let the Party Begin

Grandma Shin feeding Matthew

Matthew back from his first day at Day Care

I'm so happy...

Cousin Josh

Go Ducks!

Auntie Linda and Grace

Here He Is With Mommy 6/21/06

Please, can some help me get more food...

Relaxing at Work

Dressed to Impress

Geez, mommy just combed my hair

Big yawn

Matthew, Pooh and Piglet

Matthew in his crib

I'm hungry!

Susie taking a nap during the NST

Susie about to get an ultrasound

Baskets of stuff

Gracie measuring yarn for the Measure Susie's Belly game

Susie checking out some really cool gifts

Susie and Candice and all the great gifts from Candice

Winnie the Pooh baby clothes for Matthew


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