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People watching from the top of Baldwin Hills

Lining up for games

Chess Club cake

Matthew's dinosaur tattoo

Matthew's art

Running in Karate

Red Room kids cooking with Grant's mom

Playing in the Red Room at Pre-school

Rocking out

Closing his eyes at pre-school

Matthew in Oxnard

Hugging Kayla

Matthew and his Circus crown

Eric hugging the pad

Big bead circle


Matthew making a mound of sand

Matthew plugging his ears

Matthew having a lot of fun

Matthew making wind

Matthew helping a cow get on the Ark

Matthew pushing

Making art with Mom

Really huge duckie

Matthew drawing with a pencil

Daddy, Matthew and Schroeder

Matthew and his new hat

Look at the bubble I caught

Watching street performers on 3rd Street

Doing the famous Matthew Squat

Matthew saying bye to 'Bob 'Pants

Matthew being the crazy kid that he is

Matthew hiding at Gymboree

Looking at bugs

Matthew and Elliott inside the Pavilion of Wings

Playing in the water

Resting at LACMA

Matthew throwing the bag down the slide

Matthew and his favorite fire station apparatus

Matthew playing with Marly

Building a tower

Matthew on his toes

Matthew hiding in the corner

Matthew created the tower all by himself

Relaxing in the back yard

Matthew founds some pencils

Matthew at the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame

Matthew performing physics experiment

About to go home from the hospital

Matthew building with Daddy

Matthew climbing out of the slide

Listening to Jason

Matthew loving his new pool

Matthew cruising in his car

Matthew Opening a gift

Oh, wow... let me in

I want to go up there!

El Gato #3 at downtown market

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Susie and Elliott's Xmas Card picture 2005

Susie and Elliott

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