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Flying toward the airport


More Minilanders

Personal birthday card

Check for his birthday

Opening a birthday present

Power Ranger pose


Chris playing a shooting game


Matthew on the boat

Kylie's mom

Matthew in a jungle gym

Shane driving

Chris' dad Rich on the left

Matthew blowing out his candles

Chris and Gabriel

Chris, Matthew and Shane

Watching a video game

Playing a video game


Chris eating

Ariel, her brother and Dad

Gibson and Kirby

Shane and Matthew

Ariel and Matthew playing a Spongebob game

Matthew and Shane playing Skee-Ball

Chris eating lunch


Matthew at his party

Matthew and Gibson playing a game

Isabella and family

Kids at the breakfast

Charlie winning his prize for slot car racing

Sensei Sarina

Matthew with his fourth place trophy for Pinan 4

Sensei Sam getting his first place trophy for sparring

Lava rocks on the coast

Rainbow Falls


Checking out the lunch menu at school

Cleaning chairs

Rose Bowl ticket

Matthew getting ready to do his form

Matthew with Sensei Sam

At the Rose Bowl

Scene after the game

Matthew in front of the Duck

Hanging out before the game



Matthew sweating in the 82 degree heat

Fireworks before the game

Matthew at the game

Rose Bowl before the game

Duck on the big screen at the Rose Bowl

Susie's parents and Matthew

Ducks running on the field

Walking to the game

Elliott and Matthew

Elliott's Hero


Avoiding balls

Throwing foam balls at people

Matthew's Hero

Matthew and some Lego people

Log ride

Getting ready for a big splash

Making chocolate chip cookies

Matthew's face


Climbing the net ladder

Riding the arm ride

Matthew and Chewbacca

Auntie Verna

Nolan and Ryan

Evan flying the helicopter


Ryan, Nolan and Micah

Taking gifts

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin

Susie's gift

Elliott and Matthew on Christmas morning

Matthew's card for Mom

Some candy

Matthew's gift to Dad - $1

Dance Central 2

Balancing soccer balls

Matthew opening up Lego Pirate ship

Waiting for the field trip

Having fun at hockey

Susie and Matthew decorating our lopsided tree

Matthew having fun at hockey

Smiling at hockey

Susie putting hats on the kids

Art on the kindergarten wall

Kicking a ball

Amazing middle school acrobat

Walking down Santa Monica Blvd.

Matthew at soccer

Watching DS before school starts


At bowling

Matthew hula hooping


Very decorated house in our neighborhood



Super Mario

Elliott playing hockey


Spinning color wheel for tickets!

Ghost basketball


Cake walk

Getting ready to make a shirt

Playing skee ball

Trying to win tickets

Kicking a ball

Duck fishing

Going into the Haunted House


Marines Memorial with ninja

Hugging R2-D2

Matthew in front of a ninja at Legoland

One of the last days at pre-school

Matthew and his bag on a hook at Star camp

Matthew's nose patch

Kicking the ball

Building a river

Train at Kennedy Space Center

Lego creation

Matthew petting an alligator

Having fun in the pool

Lunar Command Module

Alligator in front of us at the rocket launch

Towers at Kennedy Space Center

Vehicle Assembly Building

Mars rover

Matthew smiling in the pool

Andrew playing guitar

Claire and Louise jumping into the pool

Crazy tushy light

Watching other kids play soccer

Majestic Crest Theater where Augie had his birthday party

Watching kids play soccer

Learning something in swimming

Sparring with Sensei Sam

Playing soccer

Soccer Picture processed in Wordfoto


Who's not wearing orange shorts?

Andrew playing with Alex

Team meeting

Watching soccer

Matthew getting a prize

Kids lining up

Picking up balloons

Jason picking his prize

Jason shooting

Running around Cindy's house

Trying to catch a water balloon

Ryan has two guns

Evan shooting


Going through the obstacle course

Matthew getting his prize

Matthew trying to catch a water balloon

Running away from someone



Ryan filling up some water balloons

Team cheer

Running at soccer

Matthew and his new blue belt



Doris and Molly at the fundraiser

Learning some dance moves

Eating pizza


Who knows how to dance?

Breakdancing at school

Matthew at the bottom of the big slide

The mother (with backpack on) who wanted me to push her son down the three story slide

Making his name

Endor antenna

Imperial vehicle on Hoth

Music at school

Matthew making faces

Matthew posing with his name

At Thomas and Andrew's party

Team Lee in the snow

Lots of snow coming down

Sliding down

Matthew all bundled up

Wearing one of the socks Susie made

Matthew is Karate's Student of the Month


Zachary's birthday party

Matthew making a funny face

Our mayor at the parade

Dragon at the Chinatown new year's parade

Nika at school

Susie and Matthew in Chinatown


Matthew running in the rain

Dribbling the ball

Matthew controlling the ball

Matthew at Karate

Rainy soccer

Soccer drill

Hollywood sign from our local park on a clear day

Water break

Matthew at soccer

Matthew and Elliott in front of the wooden bike

Shin Grandparents and Matthew riding in the car


Auntie Leona


At the sing-a-long

Dixon and Dixon

More Pre-K kids

Matthew with his new hat



Ellie and Isabella

Cookies made at pre-school

Making a gravity ball maze

Matthew at Under the Sea

Matthew, Luke and Julia making cookies

Making cookies

Luke making a cookie

Kids at Nasib's party

Jumping into the bouncer

Matthew's Halloween cookie


Nasib sliding

Nasib's party

Nika and her mom

Matthew's follow through

Matthew and Elliott

More funny faces

Meditating again

Lined up

Slinking across the field

Jumping over a cone

Hanging out

Pictures at school

Medieval podium

Ashley at school

Talking to Andrew and Alex

Coliseum flame


Curled tongue face

Laughing at dinner


Running after a coach

Blue Room kids making faces

Karcher, Konrad and Will

Big jump!


Matthew inside the block

Having fun with the parachute

Sensei Jason putting on Matthew's new belt

Staring at the camera

Wags, Dorothy and Fernando performing at the Zoo

Carrying some toys

Another goofy face

Digging in the sand

Kicking the ball

Sunset at the beach

Monkey crawl

Rolling around at the park

Trying to keep his eyes closed


Running around

Swordfighting with another kid

Having fun at the park

Playing soccer

Matthew with food on his mouth

Looking out the submarine

Moving the bench to get to the steering wheel

Eating pasta


Looking out the top of the submarine

Playing at the children's museum

Riding in a submarine

Playing checkers at the Gull Wings Children's Museum

Sliding with Dad

Shooting a canon from the pirate ship

Preparing food

Relaxing by the pool

Riding along the beach

Having fun in sand

Matthew and Susie in the surrey

Riding on the surrey

Laying on the beach


Playing in the sand

Doing karate at the beach

Having fun on the beach

Look over there

Matthew in Oxnard

Digging in the sand

Oxnard Mandalay Beach

Matthew and his underwear

View from our room in Oxnard

Matthew and Gabi jumping

At the Ventura Maritime Museum

Making a funny face

Gabi jumping in

Zelio jumping into the ball pit

Hugging Kayla

Hugging Dona

Matthew jumping in

Having fun with Gabi

Hugging Riley

Hugging Tandi

Speeding away

Riding a scooter

Playing air hockey

Playing with Play Doh at Pre-school

Using chopsticks

It's cold


Crawling through the tight space


Big jump!

Block #1

Tall tower

Riding the roller coaster

Reading the Jungle Book

Matthew and Daddy playing Twister

Matthew doing the horsey

Matthew and Daddy helping animals get on the Ark

Matthew sharing his stick

Matthew still at the UO Business School

Having fun at the Lew pool

Matthew with his ball in the tunnel

Matthew with his colander

Fun in the Sand

Matthew crawling on a ramp

Matthew Opening a gift

Stepping Up

Matthew relaxing at the Park

Going through the tube

It's a boy!

Susie and Candice (two pregos)

Anita, Susie and Candice playing the nursery rhyme game

Susie and Anita

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