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Watching races

Getting ready to slide

Susie opening a present

Nyan cat

Parents and kids at the breakfast


After Matthew's goal

Eating a donut

Mrs. Higa with Akira and Kylie

Elliott and Matthew decorating the tree

Matthew's cafeteria card

Matthew and the cake we made for the cake walk

Going through a tube

Waiting for his turn in the tournament

Matthew and Heather

Testing pulleys

Our view

BCS Championship Ticket #2


Kaitlyn making a tower

Eating some raisins

Running at the beach

Matthew and Grandpa Shin

Grabbing a butterfly

On School Street in Boston

Looking for Oscar the Grouch

Matthew and Mommy trying on some hats at Ikea in Burbank

Who's that?

Making water come out

Neeeed toooo geeetttt thhhhee laaassst baaaalll

Matthew and his pet frog

Sea Lions

I'm standing

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