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Building a device to protect an egg

Watching a race

Building the Egg Device

Playing Quirkle at school

Testing the egg device

Celebrating a goal

Kicking the ball

Getting ready to bat

At school with Haley hiding


Waiting at soccer

Eating breakfast at school with Isaiah

Trying to make a basket


Snowy mountains behind Downtown LA

Haley and Matthew at Chess Club

Matthew and Haley with their teacher Mrs. Oschack

Trying to block another kid

Rocket launch


Rocket on re-entry

Our model rocket

Opening Day

Matthew and Haley at school

Cloud created by the launch

Susie and Matthew

Seagulls at Jalama Beach

Hailey O jumping rope

Rocket launch at Vandenberg

Matthew's school work

Matthew going into class

Matthew trying to avoid the rope

Decorating a pot

Hailey O jumping

Matthew waiting for baseball

Plovers at Jalama Beach

Tracey taking a picture of the rocket

Stairs to nowhere at Vandenberg at the launch pad

Missile at Vandenberg

Mission Control room

Launch complex where the space shuttle was supposed to use

Landsat Atlas rocket

One of the computers at Mission Control

Mustang display at Vandenberg

People at the NASA Social

Inside the California Science Center

Matthew testing out his whirlybird

California Science Center roof at the entrance

Shin family New Years

Pajama Day

The Moon and Jupiter

School work

Classroom clean-up

Throwing planes at California Science Center

Matthew with some friends on classroom clean-up day

Scene from Episode 1 of Star Wars

Space Shuttle

Feeding a Macaw


Captain Rex

Kid Power Tower

Matthew and Michael shooting water

Matthew racing cars

All wet (Michael's all covered up)

Legoland Christmas

Riding in a boat

Matthew's car

Michael and Matthew

Joseph, Matthew, and Michael

Michael at Pharoah's Revenge

Susie and Matthew



Uncle Frank opening a gift

Running around the jungle gym

At Legoland

Jason's gift

Matthew and Susie sliding

Matthew at Legoland


Uncle Frank and Uncle Bill

Book from Mrs. Oschack

Matthew and Jason




New Wii U


Present Matthew made

Xmas present

Picture Matthew made

Ronny, Cindy, Susie and Matthew

Uncle Bill, Auntie Leona, and Uncle Frank

Opening presents

Vandenberg AFB space sign

Monarch butterflies in Pismo beach


Matching Lego books

Power Rangers toy

Riding Angel's Flight

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese

Susie opening a present

Playing football


Change Matthew found while metal detecting

Feast at school

Swinging high



Matthew jumping over Griffith Observatory

Waiting for rock climbing

Listening to instructions for rock climbing

Goofy face


Chocolate machine

SF from Chinatown

Matthew and a crab

Matthew in SF

Matthew and his pre-school friends at Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square

Running from the wave

Climbing over a wave

Apollo capsule

Susie running back to the car

Coast near Carmel

USS Hornet

Matthew and a big candy bar at Ghirardelli Square

Apollo capsule

Corsair on the USS Hornet

Plane on the USS Hornet

Octopus in Monterey

Elephant seal coming out of the water

Hurrying to get the smashed penny

Playing with his jersey

Running from the waves

Looking at the tide pools

Shaking hands

Elephant seals

Elliott and an orbiter rocket engine

Matthew's awards

Tide pools in Cambria

Matthew in Karate

Chris and Matthew

Underneath Endeavour

Watching a movie at the Endeavour exhibit

Looking at an interactive exhibit at California Science Center


Running at soccer

Listening at Cub Scouts

Matthew and Chris looking at a Space Shuttle toilet

Catching a ball at Cub Scouts

Soccer with Matthew's friend Michael on the left

Big kick

Watching some coaching

Karate group class


Balance beam

Cub Scout Den

Doing the balance beam

Throwing a ball at Cub Scouts

After scoring

Back in San Pedro

Westwood Pack

Boat coming back from Catalina

Matthew and the pirate sign

Matthew way over there

In front of the camp sign

Matthew and Riley

Praying Mantis

At the beach

Using his Map and Compass skills

Wearing a life jacket

Hanging out at the beach

Boat in the ocean at Catalina

Going on a hike

Hanging out in Catalina

Waiting in line for S'mores

Dolphin in San Pedro

At the campground


Me in front of SpaceX capsule

Last view of Atlantis in its building as I was driving away

Atlantis heading for the rocket garden

Atlantis passes by

Lift people taking video or pictures

Atlantis in front of the Visitor's Complex

Astronaut and head of KSC Bob Cabana

Coming at us

Coming right at us

Atlantis looks like it's hovering

NASA helicopter taking video of the parade

Side of Atlantis

Kennedy Space Center security

Front of Atlantis

Coming towards us

Tracey Larvenz and Atlantis

Countdown timer

Countdown timer and launch pad

Mock control room for Mercury

Catwalk for Saturn V

Top of Saturn V rocket and the moon

Launch pad for the Space Shuttles. The wings rest on those two things sticking up on the right side


Huge crane inside the VAB

First glimpse of Atlantis

Before we went inside


Waiting for the events to start

Intro to the Hard Hat tour

Outside of new Atlantis building

Astronauts Bob Crippen and Jon McBride

Haley's bowling form

Electric chair at the Hoot

Running in soccer

Night soccer practice

Playing at the Hoot

Playing a game at the Hoot

Cake Walk

Obstacle course

Haley bowling

Matthew bowling

Haley celebrating in bowling

Back of Endeavour

Kickball at school

Endeavour parked in Westchester

Practicing at AYSO

Endeavour parked in Westchester

About to kick the ball

Kicking at AYSO

Matthew and his big buddy from last year, Luke

Chris and Matthew

Endeavour in Westchester

Going home after the parade

Koreatown Parade

Matthew helping with the flag ceremony

Koreatown Parade

Military truck in Koreatown Parade

Matthew and Charlie on the Expo train

Koreatown Parade

Running at soccer

Matthew playing with his light saber

Flower in our yard

Light saber fun

Soccer game


AYSO game

Flying low near the airport

Endeavour flying over

Endeavour flying overhead

People watching on the other side of the 105 freeway

People watching from the edge of the 105

People watching from this airport tower

Downtown LA


Playing soccer on the other side because they didn't have enough players


At the Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall

Looking for some fish

In Malibu for tidepools

At Zuma Point for tidepools

George opening his gifts

Selling popcorn at Ralphs

Soccer practice

Light saber fight at Haley's party

Matthew in his Cub Scout uniform

AYSO soccer

About to kick it

Eating a piece of bread

Bowling at George's party

After scoring a goal

Star Wars Miniland

Matthew and his pre-school classmate Grant

Good game



Matthew and Luke from school

Playing a game at George's party


Another Lego guy

Some Lego creations

Obama Lego head

Riding at Legoland

Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker

Evan, Matthew and Jason

Space ship

Space ship

Evan's birthday

Matthew's creation

Talking to one of his teammates

Coach David Parks

Gabi is now going to Matthew's school

Noni and Danny

Big ball maze

Matthew and Haley

Inside a climbing area


With some wildlife in Florida


Drying off

Opening some presents

Looking at birds


Pulling at the Science Center

Another trick

Jumping in

Big Tire

Tipped over on he floaty

Relaxing in the tube

Resting on the floaty

Swimming arounds


Trying to get on the floaty

Tube and Float

Matthew have a lot of fun on the pier

Alien Day at UCLA Camp

Alien day at UCLA Camp

Posing on USS Iowa

Soccer dribbling

Playing ball in he auditorium at Star Camp

Pacific Pier

Small Matthew and Big guns on USS Iowa

Still carrying two balls

Kerwood Ave 4th of July Parade

Pirate Day at UCLA Camp

4th of July - posing in front of a fire truck

Matthew coming in for a drink


Evil moustache

Drinking from the fountain

Playing Connect 4 at UCLA camp

Playing a game at Discovery Science Center

On top of the world

Matthew riding his bike

Looking at the bowling scores

Jason at bowling

Playing soccer

Susie playing a game

Carcassonne game

Power Rangers stuff

Magic set

Matthew driving

Matthew and a pirate water bottle

Check for his birthday

Matthew and Mrs. Higa on the last day of school

Pokemon battle set

Birthday lunch

Opening a birthday present

Matthew's birthday at home

Matthew in a jungle gym

Chris and Gabriel

Susie and Haley H

Matthew blowing out his candles

Kylie's mom


Chris, Gibson and Logan

Chris eating

Shane and Matthew

Logan and Alejandro at Matthew's party


Kylie and Cameron

Matthew and Coach Alex

Matthew with two of his chess teachers

Isabella and family

Mrs. Higa, Ms. Jeanne, and Matthew

Matthew and Isabella

Matthew and Wilson after a goal


Matthew and Jenny at Albertsons

Eating at Charlie's house

Planning at soccer


Shane getting his certificate

Sparring with Sensei Bobby

Patrick, Matthew and Chris at Chess Club

Kicking Sensei Bobby

Matthew and Shane


Matthew and his fourth place trophy

Shane won

Nika running at group class

Flamingo and then kick

Sensei Sarina kicking

Matthew practicing Pinan 4 at the tournament

Judge at tournament getting the winners names

Sensei Sam sparring against Sensei Kirk

Sensei Sam, on the right, sparring

High kick

Sensei Bobby and Sensei Sarina judging sparring

Matthew in line to get his trophy

Matthew picking up trash

Sensei Sam doing the weapons competition

Picking a prize for winning freeze dancing

Natural History Museum

Matthew and Mrs. Higa

Walking at STAR

Matthew riding on the Expo Line

Watching the fountain

Chris, Shane and Matthew

Having fun at the Aquarium

Trying to figure out what kind of sea creature's in there by feel

Chris smashing a penny

Shane and Matthew having fun at the Aquarium

Whale sound exhibit

Trying to make whale sounds

Kevin (Shane's Dad), Shane, Chris and Matthew at the Sea Lion show

Matthew and Wilson getting ready to do a drill


Hayley O and Matthew in the cafeteria before school

Opening a Mother's Day gift

Shane playing basketball

Chris and Matthew at school

Chris and Matthew at the Aquarium

Hayley O and Matthew

Playing guitar at music

Matthew kicking it

At the T-Ball party

Matthew and Brett

After scoring a goal

Matthew kicking a ball

Kids playing outside the pizza place at the t-ball party

Matthew swinging






At the Butterfly Pavilion

Cameron and her Mom

Sitting in front of the Natural History Museum

Cameron taking a picture of Ava

Mrs. Higa's class at the Butterfly Pavilion for a field trip


Mrs. Higa's class waiting to get into the Butterfly Pavilion

Running down the stairs

Monarch Butterfly

Mrs. Higa

Mrs. Higa

Looking at the butterfly guide




Hailey O

Resting while waiting his turn at soccer

After Matthew's goal


Matthew playing in the chess tournament

Miss Amanda giving directions

Matthew with his chess group at the tournament (Matthew came in 3rd)

Isabella and Chris making art

Looking for art supplies

Susie holding up some kind of fruit

Matthew and some kind of fruit or seed

I think this is a papaya tree


Matthew and his cacao pods

Matthew and a cacao pod

At the old Kailua airport beach

Matthew with his pals

Gecko licking cacao seeds

Matthew after a swim

Pretending to drink from the fountain

Matthew and Susie at the beach

Matthew pretending to eat cacao beans

Susie getting wet

Dr. Shaheedy and Matthew on the north coast at a supermarket

In an old-style Hawaiian house


Reading Magic Tree House books on the Kindle

Matthew enjoying the pool

Cooling off

Sea turtle

Sea turtle relaxing


Top of Rainbow Falls

Watching Busytown

Cat at the Coffee Farm

At a park in Hilo

Bird on a car

At a beach on the north coast

At the Big Island Candies factory

Cacao beans

Marlin statue

Taking pictures of Rainbow Falls

With Kilauea in the background

At the lava tube

At the tide pools

Kamehameha statue

Eating a brownie

Marlin statue

Looking for fish

At the tide pools



Matthew D

Playing soccer



Playing soccer


At the fire station

Kids looking around the fire station

Hailey O

At the Fire Station field trip




Hailey O

Classroom cleanup

Matthew at the Central Library

At the Central Library

Guarding the coach


Matthew in a Karate pose

Max and Matthew with their trophies

Matthew trying to take the ball away from the coach

Shaking hands

Matthew guarding Coach Keith


Matthew at first

Matthew in his batting helmet

Matthew catching the ball

Charlie playing hockey

Playing hockey


Matthew and Charlie

Mrs. Higa's class


Playing a greater than/less than game

Matthew in Kindergarten

Charlie looking at the track


Matthew picking names


Charlie and Matthew playing math game


Arthur throwing someone out



Zoe hitting



Chris running

The other Matthew

Fielding the ball

Matthew batting





Chris enjoying cake

Kirby and Charlie



Elliott playing hockey

100 items in bottles

Popsicle party points

Matthew building a Lego car

Big car track


Huge tracks at Christpher's birthday party

Matthew going through the tunnel


Fast cars

Matthew charging up a car

The other Matthew


Matthew tracking the ball


Unidentified kid

Isabella's hat

Checking out the lunch menu at school

Getting chess puzzles graded

Matthew making faces



Cleaning chairs

Playing soccer at Soccer Kids USA

Ariel's Mom

Running on the field

At classroom clean-up day

Hide-and-seek at school

Matthew running

Hitting a golf ball


Rose Bowl ticket

Nice kick

Eating a big donut

About to spar

Matthew's the shortest and only blue/green belt

Playing mini-golf

Susie cleaning at school

Matthew with Susie's parents

Getting a medal

Matthew's New Years Resolution

Kylie reading books

Sensei Sam taking down his opponent

At the Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl before the game


Matthew in front of the Duck

Hanging out before the game

Elliott and Matthew

Duck on the big screen at the Rose Bowl

Field at the Rose Bowl

Ducks running on the field

Avoiding balls

Throwing foam balls at people

On the horse ride

Susie and Matthew listening to music

Elliott's Hero

Susie coming out of the big slide

Building a Hero

Getting ready for a big splash

Pirate fighting in the Lego store

On the really long Oceanside Pier

At Legoland

King throne

Posing at Legoland

Matthew and Chewbacca

Trading gifts

Angry Bird pops

Jason and Matthew looking at the DS

Looking at the Pokemon game

Matthew flying the helicopter

Nolan and Ryan


Susie's Angry Bird pops

Matthew and his new pirate ship

Matthew and his candy cane stocking

Opening gifts

Dance Central 2

Radio controlled helicopter

Matthew and Susie

Susie holding a present from Matthew

Susie, Liliana, Matthew and Haley

Matthew opening up Lego Pirate ship

Matthew and Christopher

Calendar that Matthew made us for Christmas

Having a drink

Matthew's dirty pajamas

Matthew on the bus

Getting on the bus

Putting socks on before opening presents

About to board the bus

Opening up a present

Having fun at hockey

Susie putting hats on the kids

Passing the puck

Matthew having fun at hockey

Matthew eating a Chili's Baby Back Rib

Trying to get up by himself

Matthew with his fruit-roll and rice krispie sushi made at school

Matthew and Darron

Making chocolate covered pretzels

Matthew, Susie and some Angry Birds

Getting his medal

Matthew and his soccer medal

Matthew inside the test

Nika and her new belt

Getting his new belt on with help from Kim

Matthew and his new belt

Throwing the ball in

Matthew's gingerbread house from school

Matthew got his Blue/Green belt

Amazing middle school acrobat

Jonathan's Mom

Pyrotechnics at the play

Playing hockey

Matthew learning how to skate

Walking to Emerson for the Mulan play

Skating with another kid

Skating by himself

When Matthew first went on the ice

Cindy playing ping pong

Micah and Jason

At bowling

Manuel, Jonathan and Matthew


Thanksgiving mac and cheese


Matthew against Nolan and Ryan

Team cheer

Evan bowling

Ryan playing Matthew in air hockey

Evan and Matthew at bowling

Kids at Jason's birthday party

Reaching for supplies

Matthew getting raisins for a school project

Matthew bowling

Kids at the party

Team cheer

At Jason's birthday party

Matthew with his 3D glasses

Kirk Scroggs drawing Gonzo

Fox Tower

Matthew bowling

John bowling

Jason at the bowling alley

On the wall in kindergarten

Traffic signs

Thanksgiving homework from school

Getting some candy

Karate with Nassib

Hockey again

Matthew at the Westside Pavilion play area

Matthew and his music teacher Jason

Isabella's Mom, Chung, carving a pumpkin at school



Mrs. Hahn giving Matthew some candy

Matthew doing Susie's video


Matthew sliding (It's Wear mismatched socks day)

Playing drums

Ghost basketball


Waiting for class to start


Doing art with Ariel

Bowling at the Hoot

Throwing a ball into a basket



Trying to win tickets

Kicking a ball

Susie giving out cakes a the cake walk

Soccer game with Christopher

Matthew and the cake we made for the cake walk

Skye and Ariel

Drawing some snakes

Mentos and Coke experiment

At Skye Richmond's party

Golf swing

Skye's mom doing a science experiment

Golf at Holmby Park

Waiting to make a lava lamp

Sunday group Karate class

Riding a seahorse

Soccer class

Soccer class

Matthew and Leilani

Watching a game

Playing soccer

Eating a snack in Fairmont Park

Matthew at soccer

Telescope at Griffith Observatory

Looking through the Griffith Observatory telescope

Pendulum at Griffith Observatory

Matthew's chess problems


Matthew getting his chess problems graded

Middle of a soccer game


Kicking the ball

Matthew at soccer class

Resting at soccer

Wednesday's kindergarten schedule


Elliott as a soccer ref

Sitting at kindergarten

Kids at soccer

Matthew being interviewed at Westwood Charter

Doing sports at the Westwood Charter Ice Cream Social

Physical soccer game

Doing a soccer drill

Making faces

Matthew and kids being led to the field at the Ice Cream Social

Matthew climbing through the tunnel

Matthew playing with Emma

Matthew in front of another ninja

Playing Ninjago game

Playing Harry Potter game

Matthew with Susie and Doris in the background

Matthew with Chewie and R2-D2

Building the taun-taun

Kids driving school

Soccer kid

Kicking the ball

Matthew at pre-school

Matthew and his bag on a hook at Star camp

Broom hockey at the aquarium

Parents cheer at soccer

Playing a game at the aquarium

On the pirate ride

After purchasing Piggy Tiggy

Matthew and a group of kids at Star summer camp

Field trip info for Star summer camp

Wacky Wednesday at pre-school

Matthew and Elliott on the Daytona tour

Goofy at the Orlando airport

At the mosquito infested area

View of our dock

Matthew's hot

Goofy glasses


Lego creation

Matthew's Lego creation

Crawler that transports rockets

Lego creation

Matthew petting an alligator

Tiny Matthew head in an astronaut's car

Matthew in front of astronaut Snoopy


Lunar Lander


Matthew in the pool


Bottom of the Saturn V rocket

Walkway to Apollo

Elliott's Lego rocket

Susie's Lego rocket

Satellite inside the Explorer Space Shuttle

Jungle Gym at Kennedy Space Center

Fish swimming with their heads above water

Matthew and Susie in front of Explorer

Fish from our dock

Susie taking a picture of us

Big castle

King chess piece at It's a Small World

Skeleton at Pirates of the Carribean

Really hot on Tom Sawyer's Island

Trying to reach a rope to ring a bell

Matthew driving while sitting Indian-style

Matthew playing mini golf at Congo River

Feeding an alligator

Alligators at Congo River golf

Porsche at Daytona


Covered hole at golf


Race car at Daytona

Mini golf at Congo River in Daytona Beach

At Victory Lane

Space Mountain

When first entering Magic Kingdom

Huge Banana Spider

Epcot from the air

Waiting to get the rental car

Back stretch at Daytona International Speedway

View from on the track at Daytona

Matthew playing PvZ on the airplane

Osprey wondering why I'm standing there

Smashing a penny at Daytona

Starting line at Daytona

Pre-K class

Riding the half circle

Ashley hiding

Making art

Kicking a ball

Ashley and Matthew on Ashley's last day at school

Elena and Matthew at soccer

Matthew throwing the ball

Nika throwing the ball

Helicopter over Cheviot Hills park


Matthew doing the Soulja Boy dance


Matthew and Andrew racing to the ball

Police helicopter over Cheviot Hills park

Grandma Lee

Nobody on the freeway at the entrance to the 405 from the 10

Fighting for the ball

Empty onramp to the 405 from the 10

Going to the net

Playing iPad at the wedding

Matthew and Nika at school

Kids getting ready to run at soccer

ABC helicopter over Beverly Hills

Matthew practicing Kata 1

Four helicopters (out of five at least) that were following the royal couple


Looking at an exhibit at the aquarium

Crawling through the trees

Matthew and Boojack watching fireworks

Resting from the heat

Looking at a book

Playing with Keira

Interesting fireworks picture

Flower at Huntington Library

Doing a magic trick

Jason, Matthew and Evan at 3rd Street Promenade

Cousins at 3rd Street

Matthew on a scooter at school

Thomas participating in magic

Matthew at school

People at Matthew's birthday party

Doing magic

After graduation

Blowing out the candle

Goofy picture

Matthew graduating

Angry Birds pops

Another goofy picture

Singing at graduation

Watching a magic trick


Eating Angry Bird cake pops

Karate baseball

Matthew and his building

Graduation picture

Karate baseball

Receiving a soccer picture

Thanks to Susie for the treats


At Build a Bear for Claire's party

Elliott being held down by Elena during soccer

Matthew with his pen

Kids at Claire's party

Playing soccer

Claire and her birthday cupcake

Listing to instructions

Claire's birthday party

Talking to Keira

Andrew diving in

At Claire birthday party

Swimming at Keira's house

Nika swimming

Listening to music

Matthew doing the backstroke

Matthew playing golf at Holmby Park


Matthew playing soccer

Watching other kids play soccer

Doing push-ups at soccer

Luke at school

Watching kids play soccer

Crazy tushy light

Majestic Crest Theater where Augie had his birthday party

Awards for sparring

Matthew with his new hat and headband

At the forms event

Matthew and Susie's parents

Kids at Alexandru and Vincent's party

Riding the tumblewheel

Kids lined up

Susie's parents waiting for the sparring to start

Ashley shooting an arrow

Building his tiger

Waiting for the tumblewheel

Matthew and Heather

Heather and her cake

Sliding into traffic

Kids waiting for Heather's cake

Matthew and his Tiger Defense


Sliding at Heather's party

Fun in the bouncy



Matthew and Jason in a tent

Riding the train at Westside Pavilion

In the bouncy

At music class

Matthew and Heather sliding



Heather sliding

Ready to play for a fish

Matthew and Susie trying to win a fish


Matthew, Andrew and Alex

Who's not wearing orange shorts?

Matthew trying to catch a water balloon

Running around Cindy's house

Jason picking his prize


Ryan has two guns

High five's

Trying to shoot someone

Ryan filling up some water balloons

Matthew at soccer

Matthew and Isabella

Running at soccer


At swimming

Grant at his party

Claire and Isabella

Susie talking to Pre-K parents

Watching music

Nika telling Matthew something

Baseball Card for Matthew


Jake getting his trophy

Coach Keith passing out trophies

Trophy time

Matthew showing off his trophy

Keira getting her trophy


Matthew after getting his trophy

Keira's grandpa


Matthew practicing Kata 2

Jake's dad

Matthew getting his blue belt on

Ashley with her new yellow belt

Playing at the mall


Matthew and Nika at the park

Nika after getting her yellow belt


Matthew on a banana




Matthew playing with water at school


Learning some dance moves

Picture day



Who knows how to dance?

Matthew at soccer

Dance step

Riding on the arm ride

Freedom Tower

Holding on to the net

Sunscreen on the neck

Matthew making a mean face

In line for Aquazone

Matthew and Darth Vader

Smiling at me while in line

Naboo battle


Battle on Naboo

Matthew and Susie looking at Star Wars Miniland

Fight scene with Princess Amidala

Hoth battle

My car on the left and Matthew's on the right

Luke Skywalker hanging upside-down

Music at school

Endor Ewok battle

People running for their lives because of the speeding police

Nika making art


Matthew and Nika as Easter rabbits

Lola making art

Seif fielding a ball

Jake hitting


Matthew hitting


Matthew hitting



Eating cheese

Matthew kicking the ball

Matthew and Big Bird

Matthew after the Bubblefest




Eating cake


Thomas blowing his candles out

Kids at the party



Nika eating cake

Collyns family

Matthew about to fall off


Kids at the party




Matthew swinging


Matthew and Justin at soccer

Picking up a grounder

Blimp flying over the T-Ball field



Matthew talking with Keira



Matthew getting ready to throw to first

Getting his medal

Matthew and Alex at soccer




Alexandru hitting

Seif hitting it

Team cheer

Bake sale for Japan

Talking baseball





Team photo





Max hitting

Matthew playing in the infield

Max fielding it

Dev throwing it







Matthew starting toward first

Brett and Matthew in the infield


Andrew and his Dad

Max hitting

Dev running

Watching Lisa's presentation

Matthew swimming

Auntie Leona, Uncle Bill and Uncle Frank at Lisa's book signing

Lisa signing her book

Running at soccer

Soccer kids

Drawing some Mario stuff

Talking to his teammates

Throwing it to first

Throwing the ball

Fielding the ball

Holding his helmet onto his head

Throwing to first

Throwing to first

Fielding it the hard way

Matthew hitting the ball

Matthew deciding where to hit it

Out in the field


Trying to field a ground ball

Group picture with afternoon kids

Pre-school kids

Running the bases after practice


Jake getting a high-5 from Tyler's mom

Matthew and Brett

Coach Keith and Andrew

Matthew running the bases

Brett hitting

Tyler hitting the ball

Thomas coaching Matthew



Running the bases

Playing at the park

Tej looking at a sticker on his hat

Teammate of Matthew's





The Rangers



Nika at Karate


Running at soccer

Playing iPad

Alexandru playing hide-and-seek

Lucian trying to get his chains out

My Mario snow face

Alexandru's Mom in the snow

Riding in a sled

Susie riding a tube

Matthew and Alexandru

Susie going down the hill

Riding down

Heavy snowfall

At the cabin in Big Bear


Walking to the snowy hill

Nika swinging upside-down

Board at Pre-K

Susie and Matthew sliding

Susie in the snow


Nika running

Nika gorilla crawling

Resting at soccer

Making a goofy face

Getting his picture taken

Kids at soccer

Practicing Pinan 3

Celebrating at soccer

Trying to catch a ball

Matthew talking at Karate

Practicing Pinan 3

Goofy face

Pre-K room laying down

Pajama Day at school

Pre-K Pajama Day

Matthew at Karate

Matthew is Karate's Student of the Month

Playing soccer at Keira's

Dragon at the Chinatown new year's parade


Matthew making a funny face

Zachary's party

Climbing the jungle gym at school


Pulling on the rope

Rainy soccer class

Soccer class

Matthew running in the rain

Soccer drill



Soccer class

Getting ready for a snack

Playing soccer

Fun at soccer class

Running at soccer

Testing pulleys

Going under the portable bridge we created

Elliott and Matthew about to enter the stadium

Ducks getting ready



Our view

Sign on our bus

Us with Supwitchugirl

Line to get into tailgate party

Far side of the stadium from our seats

National anthem

Inside the Pep Rally. See all of the people on the garage

Our first view of the stadium as we arrived in Phoenix

Inside the Pep Rally

Somewhere near Blythe

Line to get into the Pep Rally

Ducked out car

Playing with bubbles

Fun at swimming

Playing with bubbles

Playing at Legoland

At the Natural History Museum in San Diego

Matthew's stuffed soccer ball


In the Bionicle ride

Opening up a present

Doesn't want to get hit

Eating lunch at Legoland

Waterslide statue at Legoland

Reading a book

Riding in the car together

Evan at lunch

Evan at lunch

Playing a game

Us with a big picture of the Duck


Susie and Matthew at the Model Railroad Museum

Matthew at Oceanside Harbor

Our view at Oceanside

Watching model trains

At the Natural History Museum at Balboa Park

Matthew and Susie playing Lego Xbox games


Playing golf

Debbie and Nolan

Playing games

Mini-golf at Legoland


Spinning ride at Legoland

Jacquie and Dennis

Yet another Zhu Zhu


Evan opening a present


Dennis opening a present

Matthew's Angry Bird

Look at this!

Playing drums



Watching Matthew playing iPad

Matthew and his new hat

Sarah and Felix

Claire and Nika

Walking to the concert

Matthew and Elliott

Lining up and getting ready


Santa at the sing-a-long

Kelly, Konrad and Karcher

Getting stuff from Santa

Anne and Lola

Vincent Chowing down

Anne, Lola, Jacob and Sophie

Teacher Ann and her new hat made by Susie


Alexandru and Matthew after the sing-a-long

The whole sing-a-long



Pre-K kids singing

Cookies made at pre-school

Andrew and his creation


Matthew and his new hat

Matthew being an obstruction

Carols by Candlelight

Follow through

Hitting a golf ball at Castle Park

Getting pictures taken at Karate

Music quiz

Playing guitar and singing

Playing with Grandpa's iPad

Playing in the sand yard at school

At the Christmas sing-a-long

Carrying the snare drum


Matthew at music class

Matthew playing with an iPhone at the Apple Store

At the Academy of Sciences

BCS Championship Ticket #1

BCS Championship Parking Pass

Decorating the tree

Uncle Mike doing a fancy move

Looking at an ornament up close

Looking for an animal


There's something in there

Throwing the ball in

Playing soccer at Auntie Amy's house

In the Tornado tube

Pulling the bowling ball up

Pulling hard

Playing on the computer at Discovery Science Center

Watching Busytown with Grandma Shin

Making a funny face while eating a snack

Looking at the computer

About to kick the ball

Setting up the robots

At Andersen's in Santa Nella

Making art at school


Matthew singing and playing guitar

Trying to avoid bubbles

Kids at school

Duck Duck Goose

Senpai Sam stretching

Getting ready to meditate

Team cheer

Sensei Mario teaching self defense against Senpai Ben


Nasib punching


Resting at Junior's

Listening to instructions

Kicking a ball

Putting at Rancho Park Golf Course

Smiling before a drill

Matthew's survival test

Crazy Tushy Light

Kicking a soccer ball

Trying to get the ball from Coach Keith

Running at soccer

Kicking the ball

Dribbling a soccer ball

Jumping jacks

Jason's cake

Matthew laying on top of Susie

Putting together the drum set

Laying on Jason's Wiggles couch

Playing guitar at music class

Playing a game with Evan and Jason

Jason blowing out his candles

Playing Wii boxing

Ashley and Luke's Au Pair Julia

About to practice the survival test

Matthew climbing the jungle gym at school

Matthew at Holmby Park

Ashley and Matthew swinging

Getting ready to swim


Ashley making the swing go around

Showing off his costume

Matthew and Elliott out trick-or-treating

Team cheer

Matthew and his 64 pieces of candy

Running at soccer


Trick or treating










Matthew eating a snack




Washing hands

Matthew and Coach Keith running


Playing a game

Throwing bean bags for prizes

Fishing at the Harvest Festival

Playing a game at the Harvest Festival

Nika and her mom

Kids at Nasib's party

Ashley making a Halloween cookie

Making cookies

Nasib at his party

Matthew and Miles at music

Matthew on the slide

Keira sliding

Talking to Teacher Nathan

Pre-K's pumpkin

Matthew playing at the park


Lola and her mom at her party

Lola and friend eating cake

Susie and Matthew blowing out Susie's birthday candles

Matthew, Anne and Debbie

Pinata goodies

Matthew setting up an obstacle

Matthew playing miniature golf


Big swing

Anne, Sophie and some other kids at Lola's birthday party

Susie playing golf


Susie jumping

Matthew in the dark

Matthew and his light-up necklace

Elliott's four arms

Ashley and Luke

Ashley getting her belt tied on

Squeezing glue

Matthew and his Cubby for Teddy Bear Day

Squeezing some glue out

Reading a book

Matthew and Konrad doing art

Dr. Cockroach dance

Matthew's Soccer Trading Card

Racing with teammate Grant

Fun at soccer

At soccer class

Team cheer


Playing a game at the picnic

Playing a Pokémon game

Putting together the drum set

Launching the rocket


Luke launching a rocket

Sunset at our house

Matthew and Elliott

More funny faces

Making faces

Ashley punching

Ashley stretching

Putting their belts on


Tiger's eye

Ashley stretching

Meditating again

Going around the coach

Pointing towards Elena

Matthew and Ashley on our glider

Slinking across the field

Chasing the coach

Celebrating a goal

After class

Jumping over a cone

Jumping a cone



Making swirly paint art

Matthew relaxing

B-17 nose gun

Hanging out

Computer schedule at pre-school

Jason driving the space shuttle

Matthew and Susie at the March Air Field Museum

Carrying a bass drum

Matthew and Jason on the space shuttle

Egg hunt

Pinata at Luke's birthday

Having fun

Ashley tossing a balloon to Claire

Scramble for candy

Sitting at soccer

Looking for something

Talking to Coach Keith

Matthew as a caveman

Playing keyboard

Looking under the jungle gym at school

Sitting on a hippo


Lee and Shin families

Playing Wii

Luke and Mira

Playing guitar at play date with Alexandru

Matthew in jail

Matthew drawing

Making a man out of shape pieces

Pre-K Circle Time

Matthew and Ashley singing the "Friend Song"

Matthew hanging with Ashley

Matthew wooden plane


Another Header

Making a wooden airplane with a hammer

Eek... HEADER...

Changing the tire

Thirsty at being at the Chocolate Factory

Fishing in a Rain Coat

Canoeing at the Chicago Children's Museum

Soldier Field

In front of a Million Dollars

U-Boat sailor hat

Playing around in front of the Bean

Elliott Hula Hooping

On top of money

Matthew and Nika in the sand yard

Matthew showing off his cape

Pre-K board

Playing piano

Sarah and Konrad

Leading the kids outside

Team clean up

Playing on the jungle gym

Circle time in Pre-K

Whale in Pre-K room

Playing on the jungle gym

Strong kids

Maybe we can use chopsticks

Trying to get that puzzle piece off


Bouncy ride

On the airplane ride

Riding on the bouncy ride

Elliott's Bionicle

Putting sunscreen on

Inside the aquarium

Reading the map

Susie's Bionicle

Our Bionicle

Matthew sitting on my foot

Matthew fighting Darth Vader

Matthew carrying his newly won stuffies

Shooting water up at Aquazone


Shooting water

Shooting water

Royal Joust

Fun at soccer

Crazy Tushy Light

Running from the water break

Fountain going over the river

Putting some gas in the car

Putting out a fire

Matthew at the Hershey store

In front of the Navy Pier stage that we've spent so much time at

Climbing the tube

Matthew climbing at the Children's Museum

Matthew's robot bird

Under the Bean

Susie in a 100 dollar bill

Making faces

Matthew on top of a floor full of coins


Lighthouse ride

Matthew's robot that he built

Matthew's robot/frame

A view from our tour bus

Airplane over Chicago

At the Adler Planetarium

Outside the planetarium

Watching the gravity well

Medieval podium

Navy Pier sign

Putting together a puzzle

Shedd Aquarium

U-505 submarine

Driving a tractor

Susie and Matthew as clowns

Susie projected onto the mannequin

Under a bridge

Pumping stuffing into Cubby

Old building

Chicago Tribune building

Mammoth tusks

Looking through a log

Playing the Japanese drum

Chicago Theater

At the Field Museum about to watch a 3D movie


Wave skyscraper

Playing iPad

Learning how to do a header

Making faces

Water break at soccer

Celebrating scoring a goal

Getting ready to race

Running at soccer

Log roll



High five

Riding at the Zoo

Looking around on the train

Sitting on an alligator

Grant, Lauren, and Ellie

Playing Lite Brite

Keira making a campfire

Jumping at school

Long jump

Playing in the sandyard

Helicopter over Century City

Making sand angels

Practicing a crane's beak


Fish outside of the Yellow Room

More Secret Service

Police escort

Presidential escort

Matthew, Ashley, and Luke enjoying cake

Matthew, Ashley and Luke making faces

Making a face

Matthew in his swim clothes for water day

Hawaiian shirt day

Swinging while standing

Lola and Matthew playing hockey

Lola talking on the phone in the play house

Matthew playing on the computer with Sarah

More crazy tushy light

Crazy Tushy Light

Konrad finger and face painting

Leopard's paw

Running at soccer

Karcher eating cake

Ellie, Keira and Matthew barbecuing

Who wants cake?

Matthew and Ashley eating cake

Making art

Matthew playing basketball

Hopping on one foot

Nika and some play people

Matthew with a face mask on his head

Running at the end of soccer class

Receiving a high-five


Soccer group activity

Hanging from the jungle gym

Karate drill

Shooting balls

Matthew in line at Universal Studios

Soccer group picture

Team cheer



Swimming class

Painting a handkerchief

Blowing bubbles at Holmby Park

Luke blowing bubbles

Team meeting


Being thrown into the pool

Making faces at soccer


Earthquake drill

Bubbles at school

Karcher spinning Ivy

Circle time at school

Practicing earthquake drill

Matthew in the sand yard


After getting his purple belt

Teacher Rory reading

Look over there

Being thrown

Being thrown at swimming


Team cheer

Stilt flying

Running at soccer

Carrying stuff to school

Ashley at school

Playing on the computer



High wire


Flying trapeze

Matthew and his name

Watching with sunglasses

Susie and Matthew watching the circus


Acrobats at the circus

Computer Time again at Pre-K

Computer Time at Pre-K

Tinker-toy exhibit at DSC

Sword Fighting

Hugging Heather

Astronaut Matthew

"Hello, are you there?"

Matthew with Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin

Watching out for Butterflies

Don't play yet!

Matthew at school with his hat

Team cheer

Elliott with Matthew's hat

Tushy light

Running and smiling

Waiting for a high-5 from Harrison


Making art

Using the Pre-K computer

Making faces at school

Nika playing with Matthew's golf set

Sliding with weapons

Matthew looking out the window

Singing a song

Watching the slideshow at the Red Room party

Lee's with room parent gift painting by Red Room kids

Sleeping at soccer

Matthew explaining something

Making art

Ian making art

Team meeting


Throwing away trash

Ian making Matthew some art

Making art at school


Belly swinging

Eating some birthday yogurt

Keira and Matthew making art

Eating yogurt

Red Light

Before swimming class

Juliette eating yogurt

Team meeting

Talking about his poster

Matthew talking about his poster

Getting ready to run

Talking to Andrew and Alex

Keira's goodies

Heading to play the water shooting game

Gabi pulling the pinata string

Markatos' playing a game

Pinata madness

Grabbing goodies

Nika showing off her snake


Matthew and his Transformers ring

Eating pizza

Louise and Claire eating

Matthew and Zachary eating

Playing ring toss with Tej's dad

Andrew and Claire

Eating a cupcake

Matthew and a big octopus

Ashley on the bumper car

Alexandru eating cake

Thomas making noise


Heather and her brother

Lots of kids on the bumper cars

Matthew and Alexandru weighing themselves (75 pounds)

Matthew's birthday cupcakes

Matthew at his birthday party

Swimming class

White pigeon in front of our house


Belt tag


Soccer game

Playing a game at Karate

Matthew received his medal for his soccer class

Playing belt tag

Learning from Sensei Mario

Playing iPad with grandparents

Matthew at Karate


Matthew blowing out candles at Matthew's 3rd birthday party

Isabella and Teacher Rachel


Ashley getting her face painted

Air Hockey

Ian and Matthew playing a game


Keira playing air hockey

Looks like they're looking at something scary

Ashley going down the slide

Lauren riding

Keira sliding

Claire's birthday party

Watching a magic trick

Making a face

The mermaid talking to Claire

Entertained by the mermaid

Racing Carter

Kicking the ball

Kids enjoying soccer

Kicking the ball


Concentrating on the game

Trying to get the ball from the tall coach

Matthew and Mom enjoying the great outdoors

Grant coloring his hat

2nd floor of the jungle gym

Grabbing candy under the pińata

Juliette and Isabella

Playing iPad

Vincent eating pizza

Heather sliding

Sliding on the new jungle gym slide

Starting the tour of the kitchen

Keira making pizza

Andrew and Zachary

Keita and his hat

Matthew looking through his chef's hat

Driving the pirate ship

Keita and his brother making pizza

Isabella's Mom, Chung and brother

Andrew playing with cars

Keita, Tej and Andrew

Keita's share toy


Looking at Ian slide

Matthew talking to Nika

Floating on his back

Holding his breath

Matthew and Nika pretend sleeping at school

Eating a big ice cream cone

Riding on the roller coaster

Hands up for the ride

Fun on the ride

Matthew and Isabel

Big kick for a goal

Having fun at school

Ashley and her grandmother and some kid in the background

Claire pouring oil

Zachary making a lava lamp

Juliette making her lava lamp

Teacher Jilla making art with Isabella and Ashley


Monkey Airplane Rocket

Showing off the sparring gear

Running around the putting green at Holmby Park


Playing Uno

Acting like a monster

Looking at a plane

Birdie song

Grant picking Ashley for the Birdie song

Music at Grant's

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Grant's party

Maestro class

Zachary and Grant

Crazy kids

Juliette and Lauren having fun

Grant making bubbles

Matthew smiling

Keira blowing out her horn

Girls reading

Red Room art

Playing musical chairs with Maren

Teacher Rory with Matthew's baseball glove

Teacher Jilla and Lauren making art

Zachary with a baseball

Broccoli in the Earth Box

Close-up of our broccoli

Talking to Elena

Running in Karate

Smiling at the beach

Carter, Isabel and Matthew

Teacher appreciation food

More food for teacher appreciation week

Kids waiting for their crepes

Susie at school

Making crepes

Making crepes

Susie making crepes with kids in the Red Room

Matthew in a tree

Getting his orange belt on

Teacher Rory

Rory playing with Ashley and Lauren

Andrew and Keita

Facial expressions

Looking at Zachary's truck

Susie and Barbara

Matthew and his ice cream machine

Zachary playing with his truck

Soccer Kids website #4

Playing soccer against moms (and a few dads)

Celebrating after class

Team and parents huddle at soccer

First DirecTV finisher

Susie and Matthew after the Revlon run

DirecTV runner

Second DirecTV finisher

Police escort for the first place runner

Matthew running through a tunnel at the Coliseum

Men's first place runner

Keira sliding down the pole

Over there!

Running to the ball

Doing a soccer drill

Pointing to where they're going

Enjoying a nice day at soccer

Matthew telling Coach Keith where they're going

Running as a team

Popping a bubble


About to pop the bubble

Making a scary look

Group dancing


Toddle Tunes rocking out

Susie selling yearbooks

Matthew blocking and punching

Using a computer in the yellow room

Matthew having fun

Amy and Kathryn and her two daughters

Pre-K kids

Matthew at music class

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Driving at Legoland

Bird at the Redondo Beach Pier (maybe a heron)

Running at soccer

Matthew talking to his coach

Eating cake at Gabi's party


Marching lights


Matthew's profile

Keira and Zachary at Holmby Park

Squirrel at Holmby Park

Kicking a ball


Zachary drinking juice



Luke playing

Getting ready for Pin the tail on the donkey


Matthew placing the tail

Ashley and Luke

Andrew blowing out his candles

Pass the parcel


Matthew playing with trains

Nika swimming

Matthew and Alexandru on Susie in the pool

Zachary on the slide

Happy running

Chasing Andrew

Matthew in the pool

Alexandru and Matthew

Climbing the spider web


Matthew and Aidan

Looking through the back of a chair

Alexandru and Matthew playing with water

Serving food

Swimming lessons

Matthew looking up

Alexandru getting a stamp at Kidspace

Fun at soccer

Showing off his new soccer shoes

Block one

Soccer drill

Fun at soccer

Getting some strategy

Matthew's class and the new teacher

Enjoying soccer class

Matthew and Coach Keith

Matthew and Justin playing goalies

Team meeting

Making a face

Running at soccer

Susie with two kids Matthew met in Huntington Beach

Taking a picture face

Curled tongue face

Sitting on Mom

Keira launching a rocket

Ian launching a rocket

Matthew's new headband

Keira's footprints after she took her rain boots off

In the jungle

Keira launching a rocket

Look at that!

Enjoying bubbles

Matthew and Susie making bubbles

Big bubble from Matthew

Susie's bubble

Susie's big bubble

Big bubble

Looking at a bubble

Thomas and a puppet

Bakugan in the Easter egg

Reaching for an egg

A bubble got onto Matthew's arm

Adding to his Easter egg collection

Matthew's eggs


Matthew enjoying bubbles

Getting ready to make bubbles

Ready for fun

Blowing out the candles

Eating lunch

Sabrina, Carol, Barbara and Susie

Hiding behind something

Isabella after eating some cake

Thomas and his cake

Licking some frosting

Kids at Thomas' birthday party

Inside the lion's mouth

Shooting water


Matthew reading

Building something

Shooting some frogs

In the Lego car

At the water park

Getting on Aqua Zone

Playing mini-golf

Riding Aqua Zone

Trying to win a prize

Riding the airplane with Ricky Rat

Building a tower

Susie and the Lego guy


Touching a Lego guy

Matthew at the Lego water park area

Riding the helicopter

Putting together a tower

Matthew and his Lego guitar

Konrad pulling the wagon

Matthew and Elliott on Grandma's tractor

Susie and Elliott

Susie and Elliott

Reading a Lego story


Doing the limbo

Blowing out the candle

Matthew and Grandma

Kids love games

Matthew's ribbon "tie"

Uncle Frank and Cindy

Playing music on his guitar

Kiana, Joanne and Evan

Rock out!

Nolan, Elliott, Matthew and Ryan

Matthew playing a game

At Elizabeth and Tommy's wedding

Mom and Matthew

Touching a feather

Matthew showing off Plants vs. Zombies

Taking a tour of the Star ECO station

Matthew and Jason

Music Class

Rocking out at Music Class

Sensei Sam telling Matthew of the secret level four

Fun at school

Matthew and Alexandru at Holmby Park

Attacking in the jungle at Holmby Park

Looking at pictures

Kids at Ashley's birthday party

Juliette, Ashley and Claire with noise makers

Ashley and Claire

Getting his certificate and medal

Running in a circle

We need to go there!

Upside down

Matthew, Zachary and Keita

More bubbles


Shaking the maracas

Dancing like crazy

Scary ABC song with kids screaming

Listening to the song

Blue Room and Teacher Halina

Fun at soccer

Soccer drill


Kicking the ball

Showing off his two-pack

Trying to get his pajamas off

Elliott and Matthew at the Zoo

Kicking the ball

Director Linda

Zachary and Alexandru

Robot arms

Pajama Day Circle Time

Ashley, Keira and Alexandru

Matthew after he got the ring from the bottom of the pool


A lot of kids on the swing

Ready to fight

Teacher Rory making French toast


Sliding down the stairs


Matthew at swimming

Soccer kids


Kicking the ball

Lauren's face


Big bite

Kids at Juliette's party

Birthday parade

Matthew's square

Matthew and Juliette surfing

Lots of fun


Playing music

Matthew and Tej

Team picture

Matthew running

Running through the Hot Wheels arch

Matthew's snowman

About to jump

Digging snow

Trying to stop


Building at pre-school

Matthew's technique

Playing music

Playing ring toss


Ring toss

Starting Matthew down the hill

5 more times

Making a scary face

Kicking the ball


High steps

Swimming class


Matthew playing music

Zachary and his cookie


Getting ready for soccer

Matthew telling a kid in Karate that he's fast

Playing Beatles Rock Band


Fun at soccer

Running around a tree at soccer with Isabel

Matthew and Alex running

A lot of kids in bed

Playing with a crane

Zachary blowing out his candles

Under the parachute

Kids enjoying the party

Sliding down the stairs

Matthew enjoying Zachary's birthday party


Zachary and Bonnie at the party

Teacher Rory reading a book

Susie with glasses

Matthew singing

Surprised face

Matthew's glasses


Isabella singing

Jumping into the pool

Mean face

Punching with Sensei Sam

Big jump!

Kids putting together a puzzle

Trying to hit a ball

Kids outside at circle time

Walking his scooter around the park

Matthew and his soccer class

Not sure what this is called

Kicking a soccer ball

Snoodle fighting

Marching light

Soccer class

Doing a soccer exercise

Matthew on Karate Illustrated

Looking at something

Playing with Alexandru


Floating in the pool

Diving into the pool

Back punch

The new kid Keita

Experimenting in science class

Riding at Knott's

Huff and Puff

Where's the other team?

Roller coaster

Enjoying the ride

Kicking the ball

Demonstrating soccer technique

Kicking the ball

Using binoculars to find something

Koji flipping

Keira's Mom, Sabrina reading a story

Baby shower gift

Elle pushing Matthew


Matthew showing Teacher Rory his gift

Isabel, Claire's Mom Kathryn, Claire and Matthew

Matthew and Gabi at Century City Mall

Jumping into the pool

Opening Mr. Zachary's gift

Getting coached

Driving the Zamboni

Doing a soccer drill

Talking about soccer

Using binoculars to see the other team

Talking strategy

Matthew smiling

A bunch of kids at Keira's birthday party

Jumping at Keira's birthday party

Getting all wet

Opening a present from Mr. Zachary from Junior's

Eating lunch at Kidspace

Putting together a puzzle

Art that Matthew made at school

Matthew and Mr. Zachary

Hugging Grandma Shin

Matthew and Grandma Shin

Thrust Punch!

Laughing with Sensei Sam

Fun with Sensei Sam

Another funny face

Fun at Karate

Playing a game in the Red Room

Jogging in place



Matthew and his duck lips

Going into the game

All Ducked Out!

Matthew having fun in his room

Matthew as a mermaid

Getting ready for the Bob the Builder show

We saw Chad Peppars at the Century City Mall

Smiling at Under the Sea

Mt. Rushmore at Legoland

Susie and Matthew at the Pep Rally

Elliott and Matthew going to the Ducks Pep Rally at the Pier

Circle time!

Listening for the ocean

Grant showing off his hard hat

Lauren and Claire playing with Play Doh

Elliott reading to the Red Room

Matthew pushing

Hula hooping

Alexandru, Zachary and Vincent

Matthew all bundled up

Matthew and Teacher Jilla

Cranking a penny

Heather and Lauren making art

Matthew climbing a wall

Matthew in the fire show

Reaching for the top

Going through the obstacle course

Susie and Matthew enjoying the plane ride

Santa flying around the MetLife building


Susie dancing

Climbing the jungle gym

Going down the log ride

Going down the huge slide

Auntie Harriet and Debbie

Joanne posing



Linda playing guitar

Matthew at Christmas

Matthew getting a present

Fun swinging

Looking at his present

Matthew scooting

Kids playing

Matthew playing Bakugan



Putting together a puzzle

Along came the spider...

Heather climbing

Ashley and Heather playing

Opening his first Christmas present

Christmas story

Some people hanging out at a building near our house

Looking for a fire truck at pre-school


Heather climbing

Looking at a fire truck outside of pre-school

A lot of kids

Stretching at karate

Matthew being awarded his orange belt


Climbing the ladder

Getting ready for the train

Riding a tricycle

Isabella and her tree

Climbing the web

Kids doing a train down the slide

Teacher Rachel sliding with Ian

Dumping some water

Shooting water

Matthew happy at music class


Alexandru and Dad came back for the Sing-a-long

Red Room kids singing

Susie giving kids their new hat

Kids at the Christmas sing-a-long

Matthew at pre-school

Matthew flying to pick a friend

The WUMP Christmas sing-a-long

Matthew picking a sad Nika in the bird song

Making faces

Doing push-ups

Kameline and Maren wearing the same shirt

Pre-K Matthew

Over there

Matthew doing the seal clap

Stylized picture of the teachers rocking out


Kids playing

Zachary playing with gears

Teacher Seseh

Teacher Sharon and Dillon

Teacher Ann with a lot of kids

Teachers Rory and Georgina singing

Matthew and company singing at the concert


Matthew making a gear tower

Matthew and Ethan snacking

Matthew and Ethan

Matthew playing bingo


Dillon and William

Making art

Playing picture bingo

Matthew's gingerbread man

Maren drawing

Heather and Matthew making a cake out of sand

Maren's art

Isabella playing in the sand

Zachary hugging mom

Eating a Latke

Matthew at pre-school

Teacher Rachel reading a story

Knocking down a bag


Pre-K Matthew and friend in the sandyard

Playing in the sand

Matthew and his sand equipment

Ian "playing" with Keira

Front of WUMC

Matthew looking up

Matthew and Elliott at the huge park we found in Buttonwillow

Matthew making faces at swimming

Teacher Rachel reading a book


Grant, the new kid in Red Room

Front of WUMP

Relaxing at Fairyland

Shopping at Habitot

Squeezing through the jail doors

Riding a horse

Fun on the ride to San Francisco

On the fire truck

At the California Academy of Sciences

Zachary and Matthew riding the wacky bikes

Zachary sliding on his knees

Making pancakes

Playing with the Hot Wheels at school

Matthew eating at Giggles and Hugs

Kaitlyn and Zachary

After taking a bath

Freddy on the Bearcolounger

In jail

Matthew as the tin man

Mom and Matthew

Going down the water slide

Heather relaxing in the sandyard

Matthew at swimming class

In the space capsule

Maren partly buried

Talking to his sub-teacher Jovany

Reading a book in the afternoon


Kids participating in a song

The Huff and Puff

Kameline and Anirudh

Riding on the dizzying ride

Red Room turkey art

Blue Room boys

Pushing the car around the track

Doing some art

Matthew building a car track

Thomas sitting in the bucket

Keira making art

Matthew and Zachary on a ride at Giggles and Hugs


Washing hands

Making a foot outline for Thomas' turkey

Matthew making some art

Lauren, Teacher Rory and Lauren's Mom

Matthew building a train track with Teacher Rachel

Ellie in the car

Playing with a Lego train

Teacher Rory and Lauren

Making an outline of Lauren's foot

Sitting in the wagon

Thomas admiring his art

Isabella showing something off

Climbing sideways

Thomas showing off his art

Lauren making a turkey

Matthew and Alexandru playing with the marble maze

Kaitlin building a marble tower

Matthew filling up the bucket

Thomas on the slide

Kids at Holmby Park playing a game

Riding in the sand

Anirudh and Ellie

Making a cake

Riding a two-wheeled scooter

Blue Room kids making sad faces

Eating some ice cream

Teacher Jason tickling Matthew

Nika and the bucket-hat

Opening Grandma's gift

Jason showing off his Hot Wheels toy

In front of a big Chinese bell

At the Mission Inn

Team Lee

Jason's birthday gift

Jason blowing out his birthday cake candle

Halloween art

WUMC through the sandyard tree

Matthew rolling up his sleeves

Thomas playing with silly putty

Karcher and Konrad

Heather, Karcher, Konrad, Dillon and Matthew on the boat

Lola at pre-school

Swordfighting pose

Vincent playing with a puzzle

Kids doing fun activities at pre-school

Matthew and Alexandru putting a puzzle together

Hello in there!

Singing into a microphone and looking through a kaleidoscope

This line goes around the block for quite a ways for H1N1 shots

Blue Room kids

Reading with Teacher Rachel

Having fun in Karate with William

Matthew getting some air

Having fun at swimming class

Walking on stage at the costume contest at Santa Monica Airport

Playing hockey

Matthew's new glasses

Pulling the bowling ball

Claire the cat

Making smoke signals

Nika on Halloween

Doing the Thriller dance

Teacher Rory and Claire

Playing with the wood blocks

Teacher Rory and Matthew with his new cat ears

Fitting Claire for the cat ears

Matthew having fun

Red Room Spider Web Art

Walking the hallways on Halloween

Getting candy from Sidney at the office

More goodies

Trick or treating

Getting goodies at the church office

Kids with their trick or treat bags

Red Room getting ready to trick or treat

Trick or Treating at the senior housing

Lauren as a cat



Heather doing a puzzle with Teacher Rachel

Kids doing puzzles

Mom and Matthew swinging

Vincent and Claire eating a cookie

Dr. Keira

Heather's cookie


Having fun at swimming

Blue Room kids


Trying to grab William's belt

Elliott rolling down

Climbing a rope

Throwing a hoop

On the balance beam

Getting ready for the slot car race at the Halloween Hoot

Making a face while eating

Lots of fun

Trick or treating at the zoo

Eric and Matthew eating popcorn at the zoo

Jenna in the bucket

Nika playing with Legos

Freddy at Karate

Meditating and breathing

Everyone working on something

Making a snack


Teacher Rory and Matthew


Practicing kicking

Hugging Lola's Mom

Giving Lola a kiss

Keira, Alexandru and Ian racing

Lola making a funny face


Keira racing

Ian and Keira

Matthew scooting

Teacher Rory catching Sadie

Decorating his scooter

Kids riding in the new cars

Claire and Ashley playing

Keira getting a bottle ready

Playing even more games

Dillon won some rubber duckies

Goldfish contest where we won Seventoes the goldfish

Trying to knock over some paint cans

Picking a prize

Jumping at the Harvest Festival

Mmmm cupcakes

Eating some cake

Lola's 3rd birthday party cake

Lola with three different cakes

Riding at Giggles n Hugs

On the teeter-totter

Popping bubbles

Having fun at music class

Sleeping in the Red Room

Kids digging in the sand

Playing golf at Holmby Park

Making something out of clay

Building a Lego train

Zachary and Alexandru having fun on a trampoline

Rubber band toy

Teacher Rachel and Matthew's mask

Red Room art

Matthew's creation

Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Kaitlin's tower

Look at that face

Making a goofy face

Big tower

Kids in the Red Room

Putting the bikes away

Teacher Wendy reading

Nika and Lauren

Playing with water



The airplane ride

Susie and Matthew sliding

Matthew building with big Legos

Trick or treat

Riding on a boat

Kaitlin's soup

Zachary playing with a shovel

Matthew showing Zachary his pal

Dillon sliding

Playing the violin


Showing how to play

Matthew and Heather

Matthew, Tej and Zachary going crazy

Tej riding

The image that inspired a movie

This doesn't seem safe

Fun swinging

Zachary on his fire truck

Having fun on swings


Matthew and Keira making sand castles

Konrad and Karcher

Kaitlin, Karcher and Dillon

Konrad wanted to pose for this picture

Matthew trying to get by

Matthew jumping

Let me through!

Kaleidoscope room rules

Kids in the play yard

Hanging out with Freddy on the new recliner


Matthew floating


Diving into the water

Getting ready to dive


Konrad and Karcher

Matthew and Zachary on the plane

Acting silly for 5 seconds

Koji trying to do something dangerous

Zachary and his goofy face

Frog hopping!

Carrying the pumpkins to the car

Bouncing inside the pumpkin bouncy

Matthew fits in the hay maze with ease

Matthew and some pumpkins

There's hay in my pants!

Poor Dad!

Jumping at the waves

Going through the hay maze

Looking for fishies

Feeding a ray

Koji and Jenna with hats

Matthew dumping some sand on the plant

Playing with cars

The play area from the front of the church

Matthew and Zachary

Playing inside the house

Putting something on top of the play house

Matthew folding his belt

Having fun at Karate

Matthew talking through a mini-megaphone


Building at pre-school

Relaxing at Karate

Block #1

Kicking a ball

Matthew and Grandpa and Grandma Shin

That was good

Kids participating

Matthew and Keira in a playhouse

Huge 7-up waiting for Dad when we got home from our trip

Dad, Matthew and Ed Dickson

Dad, Matthew and LaMichael James

The big octopus at the Marine Science Center

Playing on stage

In front of a submarine at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Running at the beach

Mom and Matthew at Newport

The view from our condo

Inside the play area

Playing a video game at McDonald's

Mom and Matthew at the tidepools

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Matthew at the Aquarium

Watching a sea lion swim by

Playing checkers


Dad and Matthew at Autzen

Going across

Climbing the jungle gym


Riding across the aerial tramway


Matthew at Autzen Stadium

Taking little steps down the hill at Riverplay in Eugene

Making big bubbles

Making bubbles

Looking at the train set from the middle

Swinging on his belly

Fun stuff at AC Gilbert Discovery Center

Looking for something

Watching Backyardigans on the way to Salem

Playing at OMSI

Building something with Legos

Testing some water equipment

Watching a show

Eating ice cream at Ben & Jerry's in Portland

Looking at some shells


Building stuff at OMSI

Building up a dam in the water

Having food by the campfire

Knocking over Mom's tower

Matthew after playing with water (look at the wet pants)

Playing with a water machine

Building something out of pipes

Mom and Matthew making something with clay

Sending some rocks up the conveyor belt

Matthew talking on the phone

Building something on the wall

At the cash register

Reading a story

Playing with the castle

Lots of kids playing

Reading a story

Lola sharing raisins with Matthew

Matthew and his panda hands

Zachary in the sandyard

Teacher Rachel and Matthew

Concentrating on the tall tower

Eating some cake

Hanging out at pre-school

Looking at a shoe mirror

Playing with cousins

Playing drums


Resting in Jason's room

Having fun with Jason

Coloring at Nordstrom's Cafe

Matthew and Lola on a hot dog

Playing clarinet with Teacher Shane

Matthew and Lola eating

Dragon Breathes Fire

Elbow strike

Playing with cars with Teacher Rory and Sammi

At pre-school with Heather

At the Green Eggs and Ham event at pre-school

Doing the limbo

Flamenco dancing at pre-school

Riding the ATV

Racing, but having time enough to smile for the camera

Showing off the car

Playing Treasure Chess

Touching the cone in the race

Trying something out


Walking around the museum


Having fun at Discovery Science Center

Looking down from the dinosaur

Putting together the puzzle with Grandpa Shin

Matthew staring at an exhibit

Riding a dinosaur

Making a smoke ring

Watching a presentation at Discovery Science Center

Getting music stamps

Having fun in the Yellow Room

Making something out of foam, hammer and tees

Kids loving the song

Having fun with sand


Having fun at the park

Head butt

Knee kick

Running for dear life

Matthew at Karate

Making some foam sculptures

Playing in the house in the sand area

Matthew at swim class

Floating on the mat

Block 1


Smelling his feet


The moth on Dad's foot

Playing Ring Toss

Matthew's Origami hat

Playing bean bag toss at Nisei Week

Matthew took this picture of Dad taking a picture of a Moth on his foot

Mom and Matthew at Nisei Week

Inside the Tornado tube

Matthew and Mom's impression

At the campground

Matthew and Matthew playing with knights

More sand play

Having fun at the Discovery Science Center

Matthew and Dillon

Getting bubbles with Teacher Rory

Bubbles with Teacher Rory

Matthew and Matthew

Rylee and Matthew

Matthew at Fun Care with Tandy and Kayla

Making something with Play-Doh

Hugging Jenny

More washing machine stretch

Trying to smell his feet

Chasing after Dylan

Sensei Mario putting Matthew's belt on

Riding at the Pier

Having fun with Dylan

What did you eat for breakfast?

Mom and Matthew trying to win a prize

Hammer strike!

Matthew and Jason

This is fun!

Having fun at the Hulett's

Playing a board game

Rocking out

Playing electric guitar with Teacher Jason

Matthew playing with Andrew

Making faces on the swing


Digging some sand

Matthew, Lola and Anne at Aidan's Place

Playing in the house in the sand area

Making some art with Sammi at pre-school

Sammi's art

On an ATV

Bundled up after a bath

Monkey crawl

At Karate

Flying a plane


Driving the jeep

Matthew, Eric and Dad riding on a jeep

Making a wet mess

Playing hula hoop

This is fun

Riding with Dad

Looking out the top of the tower

Looking down

Having fun with Eric

Playing in the sand


On the small jungle gym

Playing the Irish drum