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Abe Lincoln

Trying to get a bird to climb onto his arm


Driving school



Adding some tickets

Matching Lego books


Light bulb Lego

Atlanta Braves mosaic

Matthew and some Lego mice

Team meeting

Space ship

Matthew's Angry Birds present

Pick up Pico day

Making food in cooking class

Eating a donut

Playing hockey


Charlie playing hockey

Charlie and Matthew playing math game






Austin running

Matthew and Chewbacca

Riding the arm ride

Evan flying the helicopter

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin


Auntie Verna

Elliott and Matthew on Christmas morning

Kicking a ball

Matthew running at soccer

Under the waterfall


Matthew sweating

Matthew in the pool

At Victory Lane

Matthew playing mini golf at Congo River


Watching a magic trick

Group picture with family

At Claire birthday party

Doing push-ups at soccer

Crazy tushy light

Matthew with his new hat and headband

Matthew getting his medal

Konrad and Andrew

Matthew and his medal and certificate

Girls waiting for their turn on the pinata

Team meeting

Evan running

Kicking it into the goal

Trying to shoot someone

Grant and the piņata

Matthew trying to break the piņata

Isabella playing drums

Listening to music


Claire and Isabella

Performing at Grant's party

Baseball Card for Matthew

Checking out baseball cards


Trophy time

Keira getting her trophy





T-Ball party

Elliott hitting


Coach Keith


Seif's mom

Brett's sister or sister's friend

Matthew getting his blue belt on

Matthew and Sensei Sam

Matthew batting

Matthew and Nika at the park

Matthew throwing

Matthew doing Pinan 3

Matthew and Sensei Jason after Matthew got his blue belt



Elliott coaching Keira


Matthew at school


Matthew at soccer


More dancing

Almost tall enough

Playing Harry Potter Lego board game

Our cars on day one

Our racing cars (Matthew's in front, Elliott's in the middle and Susie's in back)

Running the bases

Matthew running the bases



Susie playing the dancing game

Dancing game

My snow iPad

Follow the leader

Practicing Pinan 3

Making a goofy face

Matthew practicing Kata 1

Playing soccer at Keira's

Playing golf

Old Pic of Matthew Rocking Out

Matthew and his Zhu Zhu Pet book

Ashley and Luke

Getting his belt tied on from Senpai Sam

Racing with teammate Grant

Running with the ball

Meditating again

Computer game at school

Elena and Matthew after soccer

Team meeting

Evan putting together his plane

Computer schedule at pre-school

Susie and Matthew

Matthew with his substitute swim teacher

Carrying a bass drum

Running at music


Elijah from Red Room

Matthew and Jason on the space shuttle

Matthew and Evan

Talking to Coach Keith

Egg hunt

Making a shark face

Climbing an elephant

Running at soccer

Polar Bear

On top of money

Driving school

Shooting water up at Aquazone

Waiting in line at Kid Power Tower

Hula hoop

Matthew's robot bird

Making faces

View from Willis Tower

Hula hooping

Matthew's robot/frame

On the lighthouse ride at Navy Pier

Measuring something

At a planetarium exhibit

Matthew wearing his sunglasses

Hanging out behind the U-505 submarine

Transformers 3 prop

Smiling on the train

Chicago Tribune building

Old building

Smiling at a lady who's blowing bubbles at the train

Looking back

Transformers 3 prop

Under a bridge

Riding on the train

Looking in the hole on the bus seat

Picking up some mastodon food

Residential buildings

Buckingham Fountain

Playing a drum

Chicago Theater

Playing xylophone

Playing on the computer


Running at soccer

High five

Acrobats flipping

High wire

Matthew at school

Matthew, Nika, Luke and Ashley

Alexandru and Matthew watching the circus


Circus is too loud

Computer Time again at Pre-K

Getting ready to go home... first week at Pre-K

Matthew doing art with his pal Ian

Ice Hockey... "GOAL"

Sword Fighting

Matthew getting Dad on the defensive

Matthew on the computer at DSC

Hugging Heather

Matthew with Grandpa Shin and Grandma Shin

Tushy light

Matthew at school with his hat

Don't play yet!

Watching Ryan and Dennis playing hockey


Waiting for a high-5 from Harrison

Running and smiling

Sifting sand with Keira

Getting ready to race

Elliott with Matthew's hat

Playing goalie

Nika playing with Matthew's golf set

Making faces at school


Singing a song

Grant looking at worms

Using the Pre-K computer

Watching the slideshow at the Red Room party

Watching the slideshow


Before swimming class

Matthew's birthday in the Red Room


Team meeting

Eating some birthday yogurt

Talking to Andrew and Alex

All the kids playing the game

Keira's goodies

Looking out for Vincent

Heading to play the water shooting game

Getting off a ride

Riding with Keira and Nika

Ashley and her mother

Grabbing goodies

Enjoying the ride

About to play the shooting game

Vincent shooting water

Eating pizza

Eating a cupcake

Gabi eating chips

Matthew and his Transformers ring


Pulling the pinata strings


Thomas making noise

Playing ring toss with Tej's dad

Blowing out the candles

Bumper cars

Matthew and Zachary eating

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"

Isabella in a bumper car

Matthew and Andrew waiting in line

Matthew's cake

Tej in a bumper car

Riding on the spinning ride

Matthew's birthday cupcakes

Spinning ride

Andrew enjoying himself

Matthew at his birthday party

Lots of kids on the bumper cars

Blowing on a horn

Matthew riding

Soccer game

Belt tag

Snoodle fight


Coach Keith must have said something funny

Matthew received his medal for his soccer class

Running happy

Playing belt tag

White pigeon in front of our house

Receiving his medal


Playing a game at Karate

Washing babies

Thomas playing with Play Doh


Zachary as a leopard

Lauren getting her face painted


Matthew's hole in his sock

The mermaid talking to Claire

Lauren riding

Making a face

Entertained by the mermaid

Catching bubbles

Talking to the mermaid

Claire's birthday party

Claire sliding

Keira sliding

Lauren and Nika

Claire in the parachute

Vincent sliding

Watching a magic trick

Eating lunch

Ashley going down the slide


Kids playing dodge ball

Trying to get the ball from the tall coach


Kicking the ball


Kids enjoying soccer

Matthew sitting next to the tall coach

Running to the ball

Matthew going under Coach Alexa

Concentrating on the game

Coach Keith talking to Matthew

Team huddle

Racing Carter

Talking while playing soccer

Running as fast as possible after tagging the coach

Vincent eating pizza

Heather opening up a present

2nd floor of the jungle gym

Juliette and Isabella

Playing iPad

Matthew and Mom enjoying the great outdoors

Grabbing candy under the piņata

Heather sliding

Floating on his back

Lauren, Ashley and her grandmother making art

Fun at swimming

In their cocoons for the Butterfly song


Carter, Isabel and Matthew

Susie and Barbara

Alexandru, Matthew and Zachary

Jumping into the pool

Dancing like a fool

Alexandru dancing


Getting ready to dance

Dance move

Hitting a kite with a balloon sword

Drinking through the net in the bouncer

Matthew's art and description


Andrew and Matthew playing with Thomas trains

Nika swimming

Grant eating cake

Birdie song

Fun at Kidspace

Looking through the back of a chair

Climbing the spider web

Playing with water

Looking at the map at Kidspace

Rock climbing

Block one

Matthew's class and the new teacher

On Fairy Tale Brook

At the water park

Ryan, Nolan, Matthew and Jason

Fun at school

Keita blowing a bubble

Playing with the parachute

Lauren making art

Putting together a puzzle at pre-school

This line goes around the block for quite a ways for H1N1 shots

Building something

Launching a rocket at California Science Center

Girls playing

Karcher, Konrad and Will

Konrad playing doctor

Blue Room kids making faces

Reading with Teacher Rachel

Blue Room kids

Walking on stage at the costume contest at Santa Monica Airport

Reaching for the twister

Matthew's new glasses

Teacher Rory and Matthew with his new cat ears

Teacher Rory and Kaitlyn

Teacher Rory and Claire

Kids participating in a story


Kids doing puzzles

Dr.'s inspecting their noses

Heather doing a puzzle with Teacher Rachel

Making Halloween cookies

Heather's cookie

Heather on the slide

Dr. Keira

Matthew and Alexandru sliding at the same time

Checking for a fever and H1N1

Zachary having fun

Thomas and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Matthew and Teacher Rachel making cookies

Thomas and Zachary's Grandma Jean

Alexandru and Dad, Lucien, playing with gears

Having fun at swimming

Juliette making a snack


Matthew at swim class with his new teacher Brett

Concentrating on the gears

At swimming

Heather making some food

Matthew upside down

Elliott rolling down

Throwing a hoop

Checking out his bag of goodies


Everyone working on something


Teacher Rory and Matthew

Blue Room kids

Lola and Elphie

Making some cookies

Giving Lola a kiss

Digging a big hole

Building in the Red Room

Hugging Lola's Mom

Lola and Anne

Jenna riding down the big hill

Alexandru riding

Decorating the scooter

Lola making a funny face

Sammy riding a scooter

Susie, Anne and Sammy's nanny

Keira racing

Matthew scooting

Alexandru riding a bike

Ian and Keira


Matthew, Keira and Ian racing

Teacher Rory catching Sadie

Racing with Alexandru

Decorating his scooter

Pre-school decorated pumpkins

Riding a scooter at Aidan's

The jungle gym at pre-school through the church arch

Matthew and Seventoes

Dillon won some rubber duckies

Blue room pumpkin

Yellow Room pumpkin

Kaleidoscope pumpkin

Look at this octopus!

Mom and Matthew at Newport

Sea lions in Newport

Up the jungle gym

An anemone in the tidepools at Yaquina Head


Matthew and friends in the Lincoln Log house

Concentrating on the tall tower

Teacher Jason and Teacher Shane

Relaxing with Dad

Teaming up on Scooby

En garde!

Trying to hit a kid through the netting

Matthew in the bouncer


Matthew's getting more adept at this

Sunny and Charlotte on her 2nd birthday

Story time

Matthew with food on his face

Riding on a dinosaur

Matthew wearing a baseball helmet

"This is my Snake Tree House"

Playing belt tag

Riding a truck with Dear Ol' Dad

Matthew and Dad on the airplane


Riding on an airplane

This is fun!

Sensei Jason putting on Matthew's new belt

Grandma Shin and Matthew

Daddy and Matthew

Jumping at Karate

Matthew dancing

Matthew and his Spongebob underwear

Riding down a huge slide at Lindberg Park

Matthew, Jason and Evan on a camel

Looking at a mouse

Having fun on the camel

Climbing on the spiderweb

Matthew climbing at the Zoo

Matthew and Jason at the Zoo

Having fun at Music class

Watching Kung Fu Panda with Po Panda hands

Taking a nap at Child's Play

Matthew and Mom at Music class

Riding at Child's Play

Beep beep

Spraying with a kid

Spraying drums with water


Looking up the tower

Climbing a big tower

Mommy and Matthew riding a scooter

Riding in a jeep

Climbing the tower with Dad

Playing guitar with Teacher Shane

Solving a puzzle

Matthew hugging Justin

Matthew, Riley and Kayla

Having fun at Child's Play

Carrying some toys

Building a tower

Having fun in the ball pit

Matthew and Adriana

Throwing something at Child's Play

Matthew and Austin playing

Matthew, Lola and Teacher Nancy singing about what's in the water

Matthew riding with Lucy

High-Fives for Mom

Climbing on a watermelon

Playing foosball

Playing air hockey

Closing his eyes at pre-school

Matthew eating a sandwich

Making a funny face

Climbing at Aidan's Place

Dad and Matthew playing guitars


Singing on stage

Having fun at Aidan's Place

Digging in the sand

Using heavy machinery

Kicking the ball

Another goofy face

Trying to keep his eyes closed

Monkey crawl


Sunset at the beach

Swordfighting with another kid

Having fun at the park

Eating pasta

Moving the bench to get to the steering wheel

Playing at the children's museum

Riding on the surrey


Playing in the sand

Laying on the beach


Digging in the sand

Matthew in Oxnard

Look over there

Oxnard Mandalay Beach

View from our room in Oxnard

Matthew and Gabi jumping

Making a funny face

Gabi jumping in

Pre-school kids eating snacks

Riding a scooter

Playing with Play Doh at Pre-school

Eating some noodles at Shin Peking


Justin kicking the ball

Kicking a ball

Catching a bubble

Eating frozen yogurt

Look at this butterfly

Playing hopscotch



Taking his shirt off

Trying to hold three balls



Jumping to the next bag

In karate group class

Look out!


Frog hopping

Grandma Shin hugging Matthew

Making a funny face

Lola taking a picture of Matthew, except the camera's backwards

With Lola and Anne at the swimming pool

It's cold

Matthew showing off his goggles

At Station 92's open house

Making food

Matthew and Eric setting up food

Matthew and Austin

Matthew and Austin watching Wonder Pets


Riding a scooter

Setting up tea at pre-school

Carrying a huge ball

Riding a tractor at Under the Sea

Painting at pre-school

Playing with Play-Doh with Charlie Breitbart

These are our goofy faces


Making goofy faces with Dad


Matthew with a better view

Running at karate

Looking through a telescope

Matthew and Lola high up

Eating some popcorn on Dad's head

Matthew and Lola on the train

Matthew and Lola at the zoo

Are you there?

Am I tall enough to ride on the train?


Bert,Ernie and Lola's Dad Charlie

Looking at Bert and Ernie at the zoo

Matthew, Bert and Ernie

Climbing the ladder

Riding on the frog


Huge kick!

Having fun at Roxybury Park

Kicking the ball

Matthew and his soccer hat

Riding a horse

In the petting zoo

This is fun

Matthew and Dad eating

Playing soccer

Playing with the hoe

Playing hockey with the hoe

Riding a horse at Jacob and Sophie's 3rd birthday party

Matthew packed in with a bunch of kids

Music class

Playing catch

Jumping over the snoodle

Big jump!

Pushing a toy around and Three Cheeky Monkeys

Flying through the air

Matthew hugging Grandma Shin

Matthew at the Star Eco Station

Ducking under the snoodle

Big kiss

Matthew hugging Riley

Eating a snack

Matthew with his hair combed

We're here


Sitting at the table

Getting a push from Joseph

It's this big!

Mowing the lawn

Shopping for food

No, it's this big!

Shuttle Ride to the Airport

Staring Contest


Matthew showing off his bicep

Giving the eye

Block #1

Matthew feed Gabi more fruit

Teacher Shane playing the saxophone

Guitar playing with Teacher Jason

Taking a big bite

At Juniors

Playing with the sun

Yummy Coldstones


Matthew and Justin building a snake

Checking out the sandwich

Trying to climb a block

Matthew getting ready to frog hop

More goofy faces

Making art at the Getty Center

Making a Japanese box

Having breakfast at McD's

Making some funny faces

Eating a hash brown

Making some music

Playing a new instrument with Teacher Jason

Having some fun in music class

Playing the xylophone

Riding the roller coaster

Tall tower

Matthew and Gabi

Matthew with lots of stuff inside his house

Jumping like crazy

Matthew and the big ball

Rabbit ears

Almost flipping over

Driving the little red car

Giving a show

Matthew's Sunday Karate group

Folding his belt after class

Riding the blue dogs

Grandparents and Matthew

Pulling hard on an orange

Rocking out playing Rockband

Matthew's world record sized orange

Matthew and his freshly picked orange

Getting into picking oranges

Picking oranges at Grandma's

Bubbles at Toddle Tunes


Eating more

Matthew playing the xylophone

Doing yoga on the Wii Fit

Jumping at Child's Play

Swordfighting Austin

Matthew with his sword

Having fun at music class

Riding the Snoopy-housemobile

Playing at the Topanga Mall

Matthew and Eric on the obstacle course

Running around at Palms Park

Finding leaves and grass

On the Reagan Library lawn

Climbing a ladder

Running around like a fool

Lee's at the Reagan Library

Brrrrrr! Cold at Palms Park

All the kids singing Christmas carols

Opening up a present

Matthew playing with his iPhone

Kids playing

Running around with Jason at Christmas

More presents!

Opening his first Christmas present

Matthew and Ryan and Nolan with their games

Mommy and Matthew decorating the tree

Fun at Auntie Harriett's

Climbing Sammy the Seal

Sliding down a big slide


Climbing a big ladder

Decorating the Christmas tree

I got it!

Playing baseball


Dressing up at Child's Play

Playing cello with Mommy

Getting a stamp

Playing the drum


Playing the piano at Westwood Unified Methodist Church

Dad and Matthew at Koreatown Plaza


On top of the small jungle gym

The ABC puzzle

At the kitchen table

Toot toot chugga chugga

Riding the seesaw by himself

Jumping from lily pad to lily pad

Swimming in the water

Mmmmm noodles!

Carrying stuff from Gymboree

Matthew having a good ol' time at Karate

Matthew sliding

Matthew and Daddy on a train

Matthew jumping high



Matthew and Gabi hanging out

Matthew riding around at a pumpkin patch


Gabi jumping

Matthew picking out a pumpkin

Darth Matthew waiting for cake

Matthew jumping

"Check it out!!!"

Matthew and his hula hoop

Matthew and Gabi

Matthew picking the pumpkin to buy

Matthew and Gabi iPhoning

Matthew pretend play

Matthew looking

It's windy at the beach today

Matthew and Elliott at Sea Lion Caves

Too windy today

Matthew riding with Underbear

Walking down stairs at the Children's Museum

Looking through a telescope

I see you!

Matthew digging

Matthew watching some kids bury someone

Scanning some veggies

Matthew singing his favorite song, "Other Wiggle La"

Checking out at the supermarket

Shopping at the Children's Museum

Matthew trying to wash some veggies

Matthew at the Portland Children's Museum

Having lots of fun at Pioneer Square in Portland

Where are we going next?

Testing out one of his favorite genre toys

Matthew and Mommy going up to the Ark Maze

Matthew at Noah's Ark

Matthew leaning on Beary

Matthew checking out a cool car

Having fun at Grandparent Shin's house

Slam Dunk!

Matthew looking at a big hand

I'm a One Year Old Now

Tunnel Time

Maya trying to take Matthew water

Look Over There

Matthew playing ball

Matthew and Mommy on the train

Can you see that?

Matthew and Gaby playing ball

Matthew and Brayden fight over the tunnel

Matthew crawling

Susie taking a bite out of the boat

Flower and Zihuatanejo beach

Dennis Dixon runs


Getting ready to go out in a new outfit

More sleep

Grandpa and Matthew

I told you I was hungry!

First hair-do

Susie and Crystal and all the great gifts from Crystal

Brett and Ryan

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