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Building a device to protect an egg

Bees at school during Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts

Matthew's Pinewood Derby car

Watching a race

Building the Egg Device

Playing Quirkle at school

Watching the race

Testing the egg device

Bees at school

Watching races

Playing a game during STAR

Matthew, Haley, Cammie and Caswell at baseball

Haley and Matthew on Crazy Hair Day

Celebrating a goal

Running at baseball

Crazy Hair Day with Haley and Chris

Celebrating a goal

Getting ready to bat

Fighting for the ball

Kicking the ball

Hanging at on Crazy Hair Day


Playing soccer at Soccer Kids USA

Trying to get there first

At school with Haley hiding

Elbow strike

Eating breakfast at school with Isaiah

Karate kick


Waiting at soccer

Eating breakfast

Playing basketball at Chris' birthday party

Michael's birthday party

Watching basketball

Trying to make a basket

Jumping at Chris' birthday party

Snowy mountains behind Downtown LA

Matthew taking a swing

Celebrating a goal

Trying to block another kid

Haley and Matthew at Chess Club

Favorite thing to do at soccer

Rocket launch

Rocket launch

Jumping on the trampoline

Karate group class

Opening Day

Karate class

Matthew and Haley with their teacher Mrs. Oschack

Matthew and his pre-school friend Claire who's selling Girl Scout cookies

Mini golf

Rocket on re-entry


Matthew jumping

Matthew and Haley at school

Rocket launch

Our model rocket


Matthew playing baseball

Cloud created by the launch

Hailey O jumping rope

Matthew going into class

Matthew jumping rope

Jumping or celebrating

Throwing a baseball

Plovers at Jalama Beach

Matthew trying to avoid the rope

Seagulls at Jalama Beach

Plovers searching for food

Jalama Beach

Hailey O jumping

Matthew avoiding the rope


Going under the rope

Susie and Matthew

Decorating a pot

Jalama Beach

Matthew's school work

Landsat LDCM launch (Landsat 8)

Rocket launch at Vandenberg

Matthew taking Karate

Matthew waiting for baseball

Matthew hitting a baseball

Elliott waiting for a rocket launch

Stairs to nowhere at Vandenberg at the launch pad

Tracey taking a picture of the rocket

Computer room near mission control

Inside of the top of a nuclear missile

Landsat Atlas rocket

Mission Control room

Lots of people with expensive camera equipment watching the launch

KSC head Bob Cabana and NASA head Charles Bolden

Tracey at the launch site

Charlie, Matthew and I with Ken Landreaux

Landsat Atlas rocket

People at the NASA Social

Missile at Vandenberg

Mustang display at Vandenberg

Launch complex where the space shuttle was supposed to use

Opening Day at baseball

Start of the NASA Social

One of the computers at Mission Control

Stars in Lompoc

Matthew testing out his whirlybird

Throwing his plane at California Science Center

Matthew and a science experiment

Inside the California Science Center

T-38 at the California Science Center

Matthew with all of the trophies from his Dojo

Matthew at soccer

Birthday wall at school

Matthew with a big kick

Matthew with some friends on classroom clean-up day

Shin family New Years

Classroom clean-up

Some of Matthew's school work

Matthew and his old pal Gabi

Matthew at California Science Center for Cub Scouts

Matthew with Karate trophies

Matthew at STAR

Getting ready for a corner kick

Throwing planes at California Science Center

Pajama Day

Cub Scouts at California Science Center

California Science Center roof at the entrance

The Moon and Jupiter

Matthew kicking a ball

Matthew in a team meeting

School work

Abe Lincoln

Hoth battle scene

Darth Maul model

Space Shuttle

Scene from Episode 1 of Star Wars


Scene from Episode 1

Downed AT AT

Han Solo on a tauntaun

My camera car

My car about to race

George Washington

Luke Skywalker


Susie and a Macaw

Feeding a Macaw



Matthew looking at a parrot


Matthew and my camera car

Boba Fett

Trying to get a bird to climb onto his arm

Princess Leia

Han Solo

Susie and a parrot

Darth Vader

My camera car

Darth Maul


Bird in Del Mar


Captain Rex


Matthew's car

Getting all wet

Driving school

Driving school

Matthew racing cars

Michael's parents and us


Michael and Matthew


Writing his journal

Kid Power Tower

Shooting some water

All wet (Michael's all covered up)

Matthew on a reindeer



Riding in a boat

Getting wet

Joseph, Matthew, and Michael

Matthew and Michael shooting water

About to get wet

Legoland Christmas

Uncle Frank opening a gift

Michael at Pharoah's Revenge

New baby


At Legoland

Matthew with a camera strapped to his head


Running around the jungle gym

Auntie Verna

Micah and Kenny

Matthew at Legoland

Susie and Matthew

Michael and Matthew


Uncle Frank

Michael, Joseph, and Matthew

Getting ready to slide

Matthew and Susie sliding


Coming out of a slide


Jason's gift

New Wii U

Uncle Frank and Uncle Bill




Debbie and Uncle Frank




Ronny, Cindy, Susie and Matthew

Uncle Frank, Auntie Marylin, and Uncle Bill

Xmas present

Present Matthew made


Book from Mrs. Oschack


Matthew and Jason

Uncle Bill, Auntie Leona, and Uncle Frank

Debbie, Uncle Frank, and Uncle Bill

Picture Matthew made


Gift from Grandpa

Vandenberg Space sign

Matthew driving Station 92's engine after donating some toys

Matthew's total number of tickets at Chuck E. Cheese

Riding a virtual rollercoaster

Playing chess at STAR

Ringing the fire station's doorbell

Monarch butterflies in Pismo beach

Playing football

Space Shuttle Lego model


Adding some tickets


Avila Beach pier sea life

Matching Lego books

Vandenberg AFB space sign

Donating some toys to the fire station

Opening presents

Susie opening a present

In the Station 92 fire engine

Riding Angel's Flight

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese

Power Rangers toy


Looking for Monarch butterflies

Shoreline in Pismo Beach

Multicultural Week feast

Matthew hiding

Starfish in Avila Beach

Playing Tetherball at school

Crab in a shallow pool

Multicultural Week

Hollywood sign

Playing with the waves

Matthew and a pelican

Detecting metal

Running from waves

Swinging high

Change Matthew found while metal detecting

Feast at school

Fox Tower

Eating lunch

Multicultural feast

Parents of Matthew's class

Feast at school


Running from the waves

Elliott and Matthew at Mt. Hollywood Trail

Matthew at the top of the hill above Griffith Observatory

Susie and Matthew and Hollywood sign

Rock climbing


Trying to find the next thing to grab

Climbing with Cub Scouts


Griffith Observatory


Waiting for rock climbing


Elliott in mid-air

Matthew jumping over Griffith Observatory

Matthew kicking the ball

Multicultural Week pinwheels

Pinwheels have different flags on them


Listening to instructions for rock climbing

Rock climbing


Rock climbing

Shin family Thanksgiving

San Francisco

Matthew and a crab

Ghirardelli Square


Making pumpkin pie

Climbing over a wave

At Treasure Island at the Bay Bridge

Matthew's new funny face

Bay Bridge

SF from Chinatown

Surfing a wave

Matthew in SF

Goofy face

Susie and Matthew in San Francisco

Elliott and Matthew and the Bay Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge

Matthew and his pre-school friends at Ghirardelli Square

Matthew climbing a structure

Chocolate machine

Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge

Matthew playing at a park

Cable Car

Susie and Matthew and our tree

Running from the wave

Grace, Matthew and Susie

USS Hornet

Matthew at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Apollo capsule

Susie and Matthew on the USS Hornet

Coast near Carmel

USS Hornet

Apollo capsule

Elephant seal coming out of the water

Bay Bridge, Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge

Bridge near Carmel

Matthew and a big candy bar at Ghirardelli Square

Sea creature at the aquarium

Helicopter like the one that pulled up the Apollo 11 capsule

Octopus in Monterey

Susie running back to the car

F-14 Tomcat on the USS Hornet

Corsair on the USS Hornet

Matthew taking a nap

Sleeping with his arm up

Trying to recreate a famous photo of Apollo 11

Hurrying to get the smashed penny


Plane on the USS Hornet

Reading about the Space Shuttle

After Max scored a goal

Playing with his jersey

Matthew's awards

Looking at the ocean at Cambria

Space Shuttle exhibit

Team Lee in Cambria

Back of Endeavour

Elephant seals

Waiting for a ball that's in the air

Running from the waves

Underside of Endeavour

Elephant seals

Shaking hands

Looking at the tide pools

Underneath Endeavour

Tide pools in Cambria

Hotel at Cambria

Inside California Science Center

Waiting for a high ball

Elliott and an orbiter rocket engine

In Cambria

Matthew at Chess Club

After scoring a goal

Pack leader Chris

Matthew and Chris looking at a Space Shuttle toilet

Orbiter rocket engine

Looking at an interactive exhibit at California Science Center


Holding up Endeavour


Watching a movie of the move across town


Matthew's box he painted for the Cub Scouts book drive

Under Endeavour

Running at soccer

Matthew in Karate

Chris and Matthew

Underneath Endeavour

Raffle time at Cub Scouts

Listening at Cub Scouts

Watching a movie at the Endeavour exhibit

Looking at Space Shuttle stuff

Receiving a patch for Cub Scouts

On a trampoline

Playing soccer with Elliott as Ref

Karate group class

Big kick

Catching a ball at Cub Scouts

Playing soccer


Jumping off the balance beam

Watching some coaching

Max talking to Matthew

Frog hop

After scoring a goal

Doing the balance beam

Putting a dent in the ball

Soccer game

Throwing a ball at Cub Scouts

Soccer with Matthew's friend Michael on the left

After scoring

Cub Scout Den

Playing soccer


Balance beam

Back in San Pedro

In front of the camp sign


Susie and Matthew back in San Pedro

Matthew in Catalina

Matthew and his pal Riley

Getting ready to leave

Getting off the dock


Playing on the hill

Getting off the boat

Matthew and Riley

Matthew way over there

Boat coming back from Catalina

Kids at Catalina from Westwood

Writing in his journal

Matthew and his new friend Riley

Matthew and the pirate sign

Westwood Pack

Coming back home

Den leader Steve and his son

Owen and his dad

Bison in the distance


At the activity area

Praying Mantis

At the beach

Sweating inside the tent

Using his Map and Compass skills

Bathrooms at Catalina

Matthew on top of a log

Wearing a life jacket

Matthew and his new friend Riley

Map and Compass class

Petting a shark

On the beach

Hanging out at the beach

Susie and Matthew in Catalina

On the beach in Catalina

Boat in the ocean at Catalina


Wildlife Conservation class

Going on a hike

In Catalina

Matthew looking out the window from the Catalina ferry

Checking his BB gun target

Climbing a big hill in Catalina

Susie and Matthew's tent


On the shore at Catalina


Eating a S'more

Outside the tents

On top of a big tree trunk

Hanging out in Catalina

Shooting a BB gun

Reading before the trip to Catalina

Sunset on Catalina


Matthew inside the tent

Inside the boat

Waiting in line for S'mores

Dolphin in San Pedro

At the campground

Heating up a marshmallow

Loading his gun

Atlantis in front of the Visitor's Complex

Side view of Atlantis

Getting a better view from a lift

Tiles on the bottom of the nose

Liz, Kelly and I with Astronaut Jim Voss

Last view of Atlantis in its building as I was driving away

Atlantis passing by the front of the Visitor's Complex

Carrying Atlantis


Me in front of SpaceX capsule

Lift people taking video or pictures

Bird on top of Atlantis

Fireworks celebration

Wheels on the transporter

Atlantis heading for the rocket garden

Atlantis passes by

Atlantis and reflection

Taking a close-up picture

Atlantis rolling down the street

Side of Atlantis

Astronaut and head of KSC Bob Cabana

Atlantis looks like it's hovering


Kennedy Space Center security


Crowds of people taking pictures of Atlantis

Back of the wing

Atlantis coming into view

Coming towards us

Underneath Atlantis

Under Atlantis

Coming right at us

Shuttle Xing

Parade for Atlantis

Atlantis coming towards us

Front of Atlantis

Coming at us

Tracey Larvenz and Atlantis

Me and Atlantis

NASA helicopter taking video of the parade

Armored tank

Side of Atlantis

Kids leading the parade

Vehicle Assembly Building

First glimpse of Atlantis

Top of Saturn V rocket and the moon

Underside of Atlantis with help from Photomatix

Tour bus

Me and Atlantis

Mock control room for Mercury

Beginning of the 2nd day

Top of the Orion/SLS rocket

Launch pad for the Space Shuttles. The wings rest on those two things sticking up on the right side

Mercury capsule and the moon

Me and Atlantis

Vertical Pano of the VAB

Huge crane inside the VAB

Catwalk for Saturn V

What SLS rocket will look like inside the VAB

Astronaut bus


Countdown timer

Countdown timer and launch pad

Original 7 astronauts

Group members

Inside our bus

Group members

Huge countdown timer

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

NASASocial group picture

Hard Hat tour of the new Atlantis building

Rendering of the new building

Outside of new Atlantis building

Shuttle Launch Experience ride

Astronauts Bob Crippen and Jon McBride

On the Hard Hat tour

Tile that's supposed to change colors just like the shuttles did on re-entry

Rendering of the new building

First glimpse of Kennedy Space Center

Rendering of the new building

Waiting for the events to start

Describing the material of the sidewalks which are made of crawler rock

Intro to the Hard Hat tour

Rendering of the new building


Atlantis logo

Before we went inside

Some of the group members

Atlantis' home


Front of Kennedy Space Center

Intro to the Hard Hat tour

Matthew at the Z-Ultimate booth

Chris and Matthew at the Hoot

Playing chess with Haley

Bowling at the Hoot

In front of the Challenger Memorial in Little Tokyo

Electric chair at the Hoot

Playing a game at the Hoot

Haley celebrating in bowling

Moon a few days before Halloween

Matthew bowling


Cake Walk


Distances from LA


Obstacle course

Cub Scout drink booth

Night soccer practice

Matthew at the Challenger Memorial

Running in soccer

Haley's bowling form


Playing at the Hoot

Haley bowling

Matthew and Susie at the Hoot

Celebrating a goal

Chris, Haley and Matthew

Big kick

Matthew and his big buddy from last year, Luke

Kickball at school

Soccer Kids USA

Practicing at AYSO

Endeavour parked in Westchester

Max and Matthew

Chris and Matthew

Running at practice


Kicking at AYSO

Matthew at soccer

After scoring a goal


Team goofy picture


About to kick the ball

Chris, Matthew and Isabella

AYSO team picture

Endeavour parked in Westchester

Back of Endeavour

They were selling usage of this lift to get better pictures of Endeavour

Rolling the ball for kickball

Endeavour's transporter wheels

Military truck in Koreatown Parade

Koreatown Parade

Koreatown Parade

Koreatown Parade

Matthew dancing at Cub Scouts meeting

Gangnam Style kid

Koreatown Parade

Matthew after getting an achievement patch

Koreatown Parade

Koreatown Parade

Endeavour in Westchester

Matthew helping with the flag ceremony

Rainbow over Century City

Endeavour parked in Westchester

Going home after the parade

Koreatown Parade

Michael playing mini golf

Koreatown Parade

Koreatown Parade

Matthew and Charlie on the Expo train

Gangnam Style kid

Rainbow over Century City

Matthew playing with his light saber

Koreatown Parade

Presidential helicopter

Soccer game

Matthew throwing it in

Soccer practice

Soccer practice

Koreatown parade

Light saber fun


Koreatown parade

Flower in our yard


Empty Olympic Blvd for the parade

Soccer practice

AYSO game


Flower in the yard

Wells Fargo horse transporter

Running at soccer

Endeavour doing a fly-by of the airport

NASA escort jet

People watching from the 105 freeway

People watching on the other side of the 105 freeway

People watching from the top of Baldwin Hills

People leaving across the freeway

Downtown and haze

Endeavour flying over Baldwin Hills

Taking a picture of Endeavour

Endeavour coming towards the airport

Crowds on top of the 105

Escort jets

Our first view of Endeavour

People watching from this airport tower

Endeavour flying overhead

People watching from the edge of the 105

Endeavour flying over

Crowds waiting on Aviation Blvd

Endeavour flys over

Flying toward the airport

Endeavour flys past

Flying low near the airport

At the Disney Concert Hall

After the Cub Scout tidepool adventure

Playing soccer on the other side because they didn't have enough players

Downtown LA

Tidepool adventure

Looking for sea creatures


Running at the Disney Concert Hall

Karate class

Angel's Flight

Disney Concert Hall

Three surfers competing for a wave

Running at soccer

Disney Concert Hall

Angel's Flight

Playing soccer

In Malibu for tidepools

Looking for some fish

World's biggest rock according to Matthew

Matt Construction

Frog hop

"Pass it over here!"

Angel's Flight

Front position

At Zuma Point for tidepools


In Malibu for tidepools

Looking over the tidepools

Kicking it in the goal

Matthew and his light saber

AYSO soccer

Kicking it

Practicing soccer


Pinata candy

Selling popcorn at Ralphs

Light saber fight at Haley's party



Throw in


Talking to Tommy

Running at soccer

About to kick it

Pinata hit

Looking at Gangnam Style on the iPad


Matthew in his Cub Scout uniform

Soccer game

Team meeting

Haley and Matthew


George opening his gifts


Soccer practice

Tauntaun that we built the year before


Riding on the boat ride at Legoland

Matthew's alien for the Lego contest

Kicking a ball


Playing soccer

Big kick

Soccer practice

Star Wars Miniland


Matthew playing soccer

Star Wars Miniland

Playing a game at George's party

Good game

Bowling at George's party

Matthew and Luke from school

Playing at George's party



After scoring a goal

Waiting for the driving ride at Legoland

Haley and Matthew


Matthew and his pre-school classmate Grant

Eating a piece of bread

Lego person

Matthew and some Lego mice

Nyan cat

Light bulb Lego

Matthew and a big Lego dude


Another Lego guy


Princess Leia

Boba Fett


Some Lego creations

Lego Mosaic

More Minilanders

Darth Maul

Luke Skywalker

Nyan cat

Lego jackhammer

Atlanta Braves mosaic

Darth Maul

Nyan cat


Evan, Matthew and Jason

Matthew and a Lego crown

Riding at Legoland

Obama Lego head

Giving out snacks in the Lee soccer tent

Matthew running away from someone

Coach David Parks

Charlie and Matthew

Matthew and his Lego creation

Evan's birthday

Matthew about to kick it

Talking to the ref

Matthew's creation

Space ship

Good game

Talking to one of his teammates

Matthew's new soccer jersey

About to kick it

Soccer practice

Matthew's AYSO team

Lego space port

Soccer game

Evan's birthday

Kicking the ball

Coach Parks

Matthew and his teammates

Space ship

Team meeting

Space ship

Throw in

Matthew doing the obstacle course

Gabi is now going to Matthew's school

Lining up for games

Sack race

Baby shower presents

Haley hiding from the camera

Less competitive sack race

More competitive sack race

Matthew at school

Noni and Danny

IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame (I gotta pee!)

Diving into the pool

Making a big bubble

Matthew and Haley

Matthew and some big bugs

Inside a climbing area

Feeding fish and turtles

Flying an airplane

Making bubbles


Drying off

With some wildlife in Florida

Feeding fish and turtles

Banana spider

Big ball maze

Looking at birds

About to feed some fish



Opening some presents

Jumping in with a tube

Gun fight


Trying out new ways to play with the tube

Jumping in

Lighthouse in Florida

Shooting his water gun

Testing out his water gun

Dancing at the Science Center in Florida

Jumping in

Tricks with the tube

Pulling at the Science Center

Jumping in

How do you use this gun


Big Tire

Jumping in with a Tube

On the coast

Another trick

Dancing on the coast

Freestyle Race

Relaxing in the tube

Swimming in Florida

Swimming arounds

Tube and Float

Resting on the floaty

Trying to get on the floaty

Having a great time in the pool

Trying to swim with a tube

Freestyle swimming

Tipped over on he floaty

On the floaty


Backstroke Race

Trying to get on the floaty

Trying to relax

Trying to figure it out


Holding on

Having fun

Super Hero day at UCLA Camp

Matthew and Elliott at USS Iowa

Skeeball at the Pier

Matthew have a lot of fun on the pier

Alien Day at UCLA Camp

Pacific Pier

Matthew making a funny face on USS Iowa

Soccer dribbling

Matthew and Michael

Pacific Pier with DIRECTV

Matthew with missiles on USS Iowa

Playing ball in he auditorium at Star Camp

Matthew and Elliott at USS Iowa

Resting on a ball

Big gun on USS Iowa

Small Matthew and Big guns on USS Iowa

Alien day at UCLA Camp

Resting on USS Iowa

Posing on USS Iowa

Still carrying two balls

carrying two balls

Matthew's 4th of July parade outfit

Great foot work

Getting ready for a drill

Matthew against Max

Matthew playing soccer

Kerwood Ave 4th of July Parade

Pirate Day at UCLA Camp

Pirate Day with Kyle

Matthew coming in for a drink

4th of July - posing in front of a fire truck

Team cheer at Soccer Kid USA


Pirate Day at UCLA Camp

Fireman on the ladder on 4th of July

Kerwood Ave

Matthew and his friend, Kyle, at UCLA Summer Camp

Kyle's work of art

Last day at Mrs. Higa's Class

Crazy Hair Day

Matthew and Christopher's crazy hair

Kyle's fun project at camp

Smiling at the park

Evil moustache

Matthew with his best friend Christopher

Drinking from the fountain

Rolling a ball across a turntable

Playing Connect 4 at UCLA camp

Finding some bones

Trying to find stuff at Discovery Science Center

Looking at a dinosaur skull

On top of the world

Playing a game at Discovery Science Center

Matthew at Discovery Science Center

Matthew and Ashley at UCLA camp

Jason at bowling

Matthew riding his bike

Playing soccer

Joanne and Jason

Susie playing a game

Matthew and his bowling ball

Looking at the bowling scores


Matthew bowling

Team cheer


Jason's form

Evan bowling

Strategy meeting


Matthew at UCLA summer camp


Playing soccer

Getting a drink

Matthew likes to play with his jersey


Matthew and Mrs. Higa on the last day of school

Matthew's Angry Birds present

Matthew and a pirate water bottle

Radio Control car

Matthew driving

Personal birthday card

Power Rangers stuff

Opening a birthday present

Check for his birthday

Matthew playing two-touch at school on the last day

Matthew and Coach Mike

Matthew's birthday at home

Magic set

Matthew and Miss Brandy

Carcassonne game

Pokemon battle set


Matthew and Miss Melanie

Birthday lunch

More birthday presents

Shane driving

Kylie's brother

Chris' dad Rich on the left

Power Ranger pose

Chris and Gabriel

Matthew on the boat

Chris, Matthew and Shane

Kylie's mom



Chris playing a shooting game

Shane and Matthew

Watching a video game


Playing a video game

Matthew blowing out his candles

Matthew in a jungle gym

Susie and Haley H

Charlie and Kirby


Logan and Alejandro at Matthew's party

Shane and Matthew

Playing a game

Charlie and his brother Max


Gibson and Kirby

Chris, Gibson and Logan


Shane and Matthew

Matthew at his party

Ariel and Matthew playing a Spongebob game

Matthew looking at a big ball dropping game

Ariel, her brother and Dad

Shane playing a basketball game

Kylie and Cameron

Gibson eating

Matthew and Gibson playing a game

Chris eating lunch

Chris eating

Matthew and Shane playing Skee-Ball


STAR show (Matthew on the far right)

Matthew with alien glasses

Chess Club cake

Isaiah and Matthew

Matthew playing against Chris

Matthew with two of his chess teachers

Sonia from Chess Club

Kids waiting for the chess cake

Matthew and Coach Alex

Chess Club teachers

Girls at the STAR show

Matthew after the STAR show

Matthew in the STAR show

Matthew and Isaiah

Kids eating chess cake

Charlie getting his certificate

Matthew and Isabella

Shane and his breakfast

Isabella and family

Matthew getting his certificate

Looking at their certificates

Matthew and Shane eating breakfast


Matthew and Mrs. Higa

Getting his certificate

Matthew shaking hands with Mrs. Higa

Parents and kids at the breakfast

Looking at the picture

Matthew, Chris, Isabella and Charlie

Mrs. Higa, Ms. Jeanne, and Matthew

Parents taking pictures of the kids

Eating at Charlie's birthday party

Shane getting his prize


Kids at the kindergarten breakfast

Matthew playing air hockey against Giselle

Planning at soccer


Mr. Harrison, the music teacher


Haley, Matthew and Shane

About to sing to the parents

Matthew at the school breakfast

Matthew and Wilson after a goal

Charlie blows out his candle

Eating at Charlie's house


Isabella and Mr. Harrison

Kids at the breakfast

Playing badminton

Matthew and Jenny at Albertsons

Shane getting his certificate

Charlie winning his prize for slot car racing

Matthew and Shane

Patrick, Matthew and Chris at Chess Club

Charlie and Matthew at Charlie's birthday party

Sparring with Sensei Bobby

Shane won

Kicking Sensei Bobby

Slot car racing

Shane after he won


Flamingo and then kick

Matthew and his fourth place trophy

Nika running at group class

Matthew lost his first tooth

Getting ready to race

Sensei Bobby and Matthew with his trophy

Shane taking a shot



Shane and Matthew at basketball

Matthew practicing Pinan 4 at the tournament

Sensei Sam doing the weapons competition

Matthew picking up Pico

Pick up Pico day

Matthew picking up trash

Judge at tournament getting the winners names

Sensei Bobby and Sensei Sarina judging sparring

Sensei Sarina sparring

Matthew with his fourth place trophy for Pinan 4

Sensei Sam, on the right, sparring

Sensei Sarina

Sensei Sam sparring against Sensei Kirk

High kick

Sensei Sarina

Sensei Jason getting his 2nd place trophy for forms

Sensei Sam getting his first place trophy for sparring

Sensei Sarina kicking

Matthew in line to get his trophy

Sensei Sam sparring

Sensei Jason jumping


Watching the slideshow at school open house

Matthew riding on the Expo Line

Walking at STAR

Matthew bowling

Relaxing during the open house

Natural History Museum

Chris and Matthew

Matthew dancing

Matthew finding his bowling ball

Matthew reading Mom a story he wrote

Matthew and Mrs. Higa

In line at STAR

Chris bowling

Matthew's schoolwork about butterflies

Attributes of Matthew at open house

Picking a prize for winning freeze dancing

Chris, Shane and Matthew

Posing with the penguin

Watching the fountain

Having fun at the Aquarium

Partial eclipse

Volunteering at the sea otter show

Chris, Shane and Matthew

Partial eclipse

Volunteering at the sea otter show

Trying to make whale sounds

Matthew and a little penguin statue

Susie and Chris in front of the big tank

Chris smashing a penny

Posing with the penguins

Looking at fish

Shane and Matthew having fun at the Aquarium

Matthew and Chris looking for frogs

Pink fish

Kevin (Shane's Dad), Shane, Chris and Matthew at the Sea Lion show

Chris and Matthew

Trying to get wet

Shooting water

Spraying water


Matthew and Chris looking at fish

Having fun at lunch

Chris and Matthew looking for sea lions

At the whale sound exhibit

Interesting looking fish

Trying to figure out what kind of sea creature's in there by feel

Whale sound exhibit

STAR basketball team cheer

Some of Matthew's work on the kindergarten wall

Chris and Matthew at school

Having fun at soccer


Karate with Sensei Bobby

Shane playing basketball

Hayley O and Matthew in the cafeteria before school

Matthew hiding in his shirt

Hayley O and Matthew

Opening a Mother's Day gift

Matthew playing basketball

Matthew's Mother's Day present

Playing soccer

"I'm open!!!!"

Butterflies in kindergarten class

Matthew and Wilson getting ready to do a drill

Mother's Day

Chris and Matthew at the Aquarium

About to receive a pass

Running around the Aquarium

Playing guitar at music

At the T-Ball party

Kids playing outside the pizza place at the t-ball party

Matthew kicking a ball

About to kick the ball

Running with the ball

Matthew and Brett

Waiting at soccer

After scoring a goal

Soccer kids

Matthew kicking it

Matthew, Brett, and Brett's sister

Soccer kids




Susie doing traffic duty


Miss Jeanne

Susie doing traffic duty






Matthew swinging




Sitting in front of the Natural History Museum

Hailey O taking a picture with a phone

Mrs. Higa's class

Ava trying to get a butterfly to land on her

In front of the Natural History Museum


William petting a butterfly


Looking at a butterfly

Looking for butterflies

Kirby's Mom

Skye and Giselle

Ariel and Giselle

Ava's Dad and Isabella's Mom

Butterfly search

Cameron and her Mom

Leilani with a butterfly on her finger

Looking up a butterfly

Talking butterflies

Cameron taking a picture of Ava

At the Butterfly Pavilion

Mrs. Higa

At the Natural History Museum Butterfly Pavilion

Looking at the butterfly guide

Talking butterflies

Mrs. Higa's class at the Butterfly Pavilion for a field trip

Matthew talking to Shane

Monarch Butterfly

Miss Amanda

Mrs. Higa

Looking at animals at the Natural History Museum

Looking at elephants

Mrs. Higa

Dawson and her Dad



Mrs. Higa's class waiting to get into the Butterfly Pavilion


Touching a butterfly

Running down the stairs

Looking at the butterfly guide

Looking at dinosaur fossils

Matthew's description of his art project

Looking for butterflies

Skye making art

Shane and Manuel

Getting supplies

Skye and Alejandro



Hailey O


Alejandro making art





Alejandro and Isabella





Hailey O



Kindergartners finding art supplies

Miss Amanda the art teacher

Matthew taking a swing

Matthew with his art supplies

Isabella and Chris making art

After Matthew's goal

Matthew won a raffle at the chess tournament

Resting while waiting his turn at soccer

Miss Amanda giving directions

Listening to directions

After Matthew's goal

After Matthew scored a goal

Looking for art supplies

Matthew playing in the chess tournament

Matthew with his chess group at the tournament (Matthew came in 3rd)

After scoring


Matthew about to throw a ball

Resting at soccer


Swinging at T-Ball

Helicopter over the park

Presidential helicopter flying over our house

Helicopter over the park

Presidential helicopter flying directly over the house

Pineapple at the Mauna Loa factory

Susie holding up some kind of fruit


I think this is a papaya tree

Hibiscus flower

Matthew and some kind of fruit or seed

Matthew and a cacao pod

Playing hide and seek in his robe

At the old Kailua airport beach

Mauna Loa factory

Matthew after a swim

Dr. Shaheedy and Matthew on the north coast at a supermarket

Matthew pretending to eat cacao beans

Gecko licking cacao seeds

Matthew with his pals

Pretending to drink from the fountain

Susie getting wet

Matthew and his cacao pods

Gecko at the chocolate farm


Matthew and Susie during the chocolate tour

Flower at Mauna Loa factory


Small pineapple

Gecko eating

Matthew and Susie at the beach

School of yellow fish under the glass-bottom boat


Strange fly

Susie and Matthew with a hula dancer

Matthew trying to find wildlife


Reading Magic Tree House books on the Kindle

Matthew enjoying the pool

Really hard puzzle we did

Two sea turtles

Our pool and house

Susie and Matthew found a cat at the coffee farm

Matthew looking around


View of Kailua from the glass-bottom boat

Coffee factory


Strange fly

In an old-style Hawaiian house

Dad's pot pie

Turtle swimming in the tide pools

Snails and crabs

School of fish swimming right under us

Luau entertainment

Band at the Luau

Matthew at the hot beach we went to on our first day

Matthew and palm trees

Lava rocks on the coast



Sea turtle relaxing

Matthew and his friends

Cooling off

Susie and Matthew waiting in line at the Luau

Fish and sea life at the tide pools

Matthew cooling down after a hot day at the beach

Walking through the jungle at the volcano

Susie at the Luau

Sea turtle

Sea life

Rainbow Falls

Tree at Rainbow Falls

Susie and Matthew in front of King Kamehameha statue

Rainbow Falls

Picturesque bay we saw on the first morning in Hawaii

At a scenic turnout in Hilo

Top of Rainbow Falls

Susie and Matthew at Rainbow Falls


Thurston Lava Tube

Matthew playing Dragonvale on our first morning in Hilo at around 5am


Lots of vines on a tree

Lava tube

Top of Rainbow Falls

Sunrise over Hilo Bay

Bay that we saw on our first morning in Hawaii

Steam Vents walk at Kilauea

Cool looking tree in Hilo

Waterfall under a one lane bridge

Cat at the Coffee Farm

Matthew at the tide pools

Looking at huge fish

Macadamia Nut cheesecake

Coffee after it was roasted

Bird on a car

A wedding at one of the historic sites

Matthew on the glass-bottom boat

Watching Busytown

At the Big Island Candies factory

At a park in Hilo

At the coffee factory

Eating at the Macadamia Nut factory

At a beach on the north coast

Cacao beans


At the Luau

Getting ready for the Luau

Looking down on the glass-bottom boat

At Hilo just before we left

Dolphin from the glass-bottom boat

At the mall on the north coast

At tide pools near Kona

At Rainbow Falls

Matthew posing with a shark statue

Matthew at Rainbow Falls

In the car

Taking pictures of Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

At the volcano area

Eating a brownie

With Kilauea in the background

Marlin statue

At the tide pools

Kamehameha statue


At the tide pools


In front of an old-style Hawaiian house

Looking for fish

Looking at Kilauea

At the lava tube

Marlin statue

Matthew with a Happy Meal box on his head




Matthew D




Coach Elliott




Brett and his Dad


Matthew playing soccer

At kindergarten

Playing soccer

Playing soccer

Playing soccer


Taking a break


Matthew having fun at soccer





Fire truck

At the Fire Station field trip





Matthew, Skye, and Hailey



At the fire station

Kids looking around the fire station

Shane, Christopher and Matthew


Hailey O

Learning about the fire station


Matthew, Skye, and Hailey

Hailey O


Matthew at the Central Library

Making food in cooking class

Mini golf

Cooking class food

Eating a donut

In Hollywood

Classroom cleanup

At the Central Library

Matthew posing

Playing iPad games

Waiting for the field trip

Matthew in a Karate pose

Soccer meeting

Matthew guarding Coach Keith

Max and Matthew with their trophies

Guarding the coach

Talking about their trophies

Matthew running


Shaking hands

Awards ceremony

Guarding the coach

Team cheer

Matthew trying to take the ball away from the coach

Matthew running

Playing hockey

Zoe catching a ball

Christopher playing hockey

Matthew D

Brett throwing someone out at first

Matthew sitting on the bench

Matthew in his batting helmet

Charlie playing hockey


Austin running




Playing at Charlie's

Matthew catching the ball




Matthew at first


Matthew in Kindergarten


Haley H and Matthew

Charlie looking at the track

Matthew picking names

Playing a greater than/less than game

Playing at Charlie's house

Playing with a track

Xander and Dawson


Matthew and Charlie

Matthew playing

Playing soccer

Charlie and Matthew playing math game

Matthew picking names

Mrs. Higa's class



Matthew throwing the ball in

Ethan running



Going for the ball


Matthew running

Matthew hitting

Chris at first base


Arthur throwing someone out

Chris running








Zoe hitting

The other Matthew

Coach Michael




Matthew fielding



Other Matthew



Fielding the ball



Austin running

Zoe running

Matthew batting




Chris enjoying cake

On Matthew's class board

Kirby and Charlie

Kids at Chris' party

Elliott playing hockey

100 items in bottles

Popsicle party points

Shane and Matthew playing tetherball

Jun family picture


Blowing out the candles


Chris enjoying cake

Unknown kid

100 items

Elliott playing hockey


Christopher's mom, Laurie

Matthew charging up a car

Running through the tunnel

Kyle charging a car

At Christopher's party

Opening Day tunnel

Matthew going through the tunnel

Hot Wheels ramp

Lego race

Car ramp



Matthew building a Lego car

Racing cars



A bunch of cars

Matthew and Zoe talking

Big car track

Fast cars

Huge tracks at Christpher's birthday party


Some Red Sox on Opening Day



The other Matthew

Cousins hugging

Matthew throwing to first

Opening Day

Unidentified kid



Resting after the game




Matthew and Zoe relaxing

Matthew tracking the ball

Some Red Sox

100 days of school celebration

Opening Day picture with former Dodger 3B Ron Cey

Matthew's Office Space

Getting chess puzzles graded

Checking out the lunch menu at school

Skye about to take a test

Matthew in the helicopter

Trying to make it through the loop



Isabella's hat

Matthew making faces

Matthew at Mulligan's

Shane pretending to take a test

Ryan setting up a game

Christopher, Shane and Matthew

Talking about chess puzzles

Charlie in his Office Space

Playing some kind of chess

Birthday chart at school

Setting up the chess board

Mrs. Higa handing out partitions for a test

Matthew playing chess at school chess club

Playing soccer at Soccer Kids USA

Charlie's Dad putting in shelves at school

Isabella's Mom cleaning

Kids playing iPads and iPhones

Running on the field

Isabella cleaning

Alejandro's Dad at school

Christopher and his Mom

Playing games

Ariel and Isabella

Ariel's Mom

At classroom clean-up day

Kirby's Mom

Ariel's Mom and Alejandro's Dad

Matthew running

Charlie's Dad

Kylie and her dad

Matthew running and jumping

Christopher's Dad cleaning the floor

Cleaning chairs

Hide-and-seek at school

Matthew getting ready to do his form

Playing mini-golf

Rose Bowl ticket

Matthew's the shortest and only blue/green belt

Matthew with Sensei Sam

Matthew's New Years Resolution

Matthew and his certificate from sparring

About to spar

Kylie reading books

About to spar

Bubbles from school

Hitting a golf ball

Susie cleaning at school

Sensei Sam

Matthew and his certificate from Forms

Getting a medal

Sensei Sam taking down his opponent

Matthew, Ariel and her brother

Matthew with Susie's parents

Nice kick


Eating a big donut


Ducks about to win the game 45-38

Matthew playing iPad at the game

If you stand back far enough, this picture doesn't look too bad


Darron Thomas on the big screen

Picture after the game

Matthew and George Horton, the Oregon Baseball Coach

Team Lee at the Rose Bowl

Scene after the game

At the Rose Bowl

Duck on the big screen at the Rose Bowl

Matthew at the game

Rose Bowl before the game

Matthew in front of the Duck

Susie's parents and Matthew

B2 flying over Rose Bowl

Hanging out before the game

Ducks running on the field



Walking to the game

Matthew sweating in the 82 degree heat

Field at the Rose Bowl

Elliott and Matthew

Fireworks before the game

Matthew and Elliott

Coin toss that Wisconsin won

Drinking lemonade

Ducks running onto the field

Bowing for money

Matthew and some Lego people

New Year's hat

Elliott's Hero

Coming out of the big slide


On the horse ride

Building a car

Matthew and his Hero

Susie and Matthew listening to music

Playing video games with another kid

Susie coming out of the big slide

Dodging foam balls

Avoiding balls

Building a Hero

Throwing foam balls at people

Throwing a ball

Matthew talking to Susie

Matthew's Hero

Pirate fighting in the Lego store

Log ride


Log ride splash

Matthew in the ball shooting room

Getting ready for a big splash

Matthew's face

On the really long Oceanside Pier

Matthew and the cookies he made

On the log ride

Eating a cookie

Putting together his car

Bird on the Lego cruise

Riding the horse

Our cars

Making chocolate chip cookies

Ridiculous amount of avocado on my burger


Matthew waiting in line by himself

Riding on the Lego cruise

Riding the arm ride

Playing a game at Legoland

Climbing the net ladder

At the top of the ladder

Going through an obstacle course

Clone troopers

Going through the obstacle course

Riding in Joanne's car

At Legoland

King throne

Clone troops

Clone troops

Riding an ATV at Bass Pro Shops

Matthew and R2 D2

In front of Bass Pro Shops

Flying helicopter

Han Solo's tauntaun

Clone troops

Matthew and Chewbacca

Posing at Legoland

Jason and Matthew looking at the DS

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin

Matthew playing Dance Central 2

Trading gifts

Looking at the Pokemon game

Evan flying the helicopter

Auntie Verna

Gift exchange

Jason flying the helicopter

Showing off their gifts


Debbie and Nolan

Auntie Marylin

Matthew and Jason and the flattened gingerbread house

Nolan and Ryan


Angry Bird pops

Matthew flying the helicopter

Looking for presents under the tree

Gift exchange

Gift exchange

Susie's gift

Jason and Matthew

Kids at Cindy's house



Matthew waiting for gifts

Hanging over the couch

Kiana opening a present

Matthew hiding

Debbie, Uncle Frank and Auntie Marylin

Ryan, Nolan and Micah

Taking pictures


Auntie Verna



Playing video games


Taking gifts

Opening a present

Elliott and Matthew on Christmas morning

Matthew and Susie

Matthew and his candy cane stocking

New sweater

Long sleeve shirt

Matthew and his Oregon pillow pet

New Lego set

Radio controlled helicopter

Some candy

Opening gifts

Matthew and his new pirate ship

Susie holding a present from Matthew

Matthew's card to Susie (an Angry Bird scene)

Susie's Angry Bird pops

Dance Central 2

Gift for Mom

Matthew's gift to Dad - $1

Matthew's card for Mom

Matthew's new Millennium Falcon

Matthew opening up Lego Pirate ship

Opening up a present

Matthew on the bus

Putting socks on before opening presents

Running around the yard on pajama day at Winter Camp

Matthew's dirty pajamas

Waiting for the field trip

Having a drink

Balancing soccer balls

About to board the bus

Calendar that Matthew made us for Christmas

Matthew and Christopher

Susie, Liliana, Matthew and Haley

Opening up a present

Looking at something on the wall

Balancing soccer balls

Mrs. Higa's class

Getting on the bus

Waiting for the field trip

Matthew and Christopher at the movies

Matthew having fun at hockey

Matthew's class with hats

Art on the kindergarten wall

Mrs. Higa with Akira and Kylie

Matthew and Alejandro

Matthew trying to type a message to Mom

Passing the puck with an older kid

Matthew and Logan

Matthew and Darron

Matthew's class with hats

Susie and Matthew decorating our lopsided tree

Passing the puck

Susie putting hats on the kids

Matthew and his class' pinwheels

Having fun at hockey

Smiling at hockey

Trying to get up by himself

Making chocolate covered pretzels

Matthew eating a Chili's Baby Back Rib

Matthew with his fruit-roll and rice krispie sushi made at school

Elliott and Matthew decorating the tree

Shooting a puck into the net

Mrs. Higa with Jiselle, Matthew, and Liliana

Matthew and his soccer medal

Kids getting medals

Matthew and Andrew at the park

Team picture

Zachary, Matthew and Andrew

Getting his AYSO soccer medal

Matthew, Susie and some Angry Birds

Kicking the ball in

Elliott as a referee

Getting his medal

Going through a tunnel of parents

Matthew waiting for a throw-in

Rhonda, Bobby, Matthew and Jason

Nika getting her orange belt

Matthew's gingerbread house from school

Matthew at soccer


Brogan, William and Matthew

Kicking a ball

Matthew got his Blue/Green belt

Saving a ball from going out of bounds

Big kick

After the belt test

Matthew and his new belt

Getting his new belt on with help from Kim

Throwing the ball in

Running in soccer

Nika and her new belt

Kicking the ball

Matthew inside the test

Matthew getting his new belt

Kids in the Emerson auditorium

Amazing middle school acrobat

At the end of the play

Matthew with his friends

Mulan and Mu Shu

Going into the auditorium

Walking down Santa Monica Blvd.

Jonathan's Mom

Going to find a seat

Pyrotechnics at the play

Matthew playing soccer

Watching Manuel play his DS at school

Matthew in hockey gear

Matthew learning how to skate

Walking to Emerson Middle School

Playing hockey

Playing soccer

Walking to Emerson for the Mulan play

Matthew at soccer

Learning to skate


Skating with another kid

Skating by himself

About to fall down

Watching Manuel play his DS


When Matthew first went on the ice

Being held up

Watching DS before school starts

Matthew's cafeteria card

Eating some mac and cheese at Thanksgiving


Evan and Jason

Picture in the school cafeteria we see every day

Video games

Air hockey

Mural on the wall at the cafeteria

Thanksgiving mac and cheese

Playing games

Eating some dinner

Matthew hula hooping

Luck's playing ping pong



Manuel, Jonathan and Matthew

Eating dinner


Air hockey

Micah and Jason

Cindy playing ping pong

Matthew against Nolan and Ryan

At bowling

Getting a soccer medal

Doing a project at school

Evan bowling

Team cheer

Matthew's apple turkey

Matthew's kindergarten portrait

Jason's birthday cake

Matthew getting raisins for a school project

Matthew bowling

Matthew playing Nolan in air hockey

Shane and Matthew

Evan and Matthew at bowling

Reaching for supplies

Looking at the scoreboard

Kids at Jason's birthday party

Matthew fake smiling

Team cheer

Ryan playing Matthew in air hockey

Jason looking at me while bowling

Kids at the party

Eating pizza at Jason's birthday party

Getting ready for the corner kick

John bowling

Kicking a ball

Waiting for his music teacher

Listening to author Kirk Scroggs at school

Matthew bowling

Setting up the schedule for the day


Making a face at school

Jason bowling

Big kick

Kirk Scroggs drawing Gonzo

Matthew playing drums

At Jason's birthday party

Jason doing the splits

Matthew with his 3D glasses

Jason at the bowling alley

Fox Tower

On the wall in kindergarten

Family pictures at kindergarten

Matthew sitting at soccer

Traffic signs

Matthew enjoying breakfast at school

On the door at school

Matthew playing soccer

Thanksgiving homework from school

On the wall at school

Matthew playing chess against a 1st grader

Getting candy from someone dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow




Getting some candy

Under a big spider

Ariel and Matthew


Trick-or-treating at the Hahn's house

Soccer class on Halloween


Matthew doing Susie's video

Very decorated house in our neighborhood

Mrs. Hahn giving Matthew some candy

Matthew and his music teacher Jason


Karate with Nassib

Hockey again

Matthew sliding (It's Wear mismatched socks day)

Isabella's Mom, Chung, carving a pumpkin at school

Matthew at the Westside Pavilion play area

Playing drums

Super Mario



Elliott in the penalty box for hooking

Elliott playing hockey

Matthew at school


Teacher Jason and Matthew

Matthew, Charlie and Christopher

Getting ready to make a shirt

Ghost basketball

Art at school

Cake walk

Cake walk

Cake walk

Baking at school

Making a shirt

Matthew and Christopher

Doing art with Ariel

Waiting for class to start

Susie and Matthew at the cake walk

Spinning color wheel for tickets!



Christopher doing the cake walk

Matthew making art

On the apparatus

Laughing because the schedule has two goodbye's

Talking to some kids

Waiting in line

Elliott refereeing

Playing basketball game at Halloween Hoot

Playing skee ball


Throwing a ball into a basket

Bowling at the Hoot



Susie giving out cakes a the cake walk

Matthew playing with Christopher

Skye's dad

Duck fishing

Kicking a ball

Skye blowing out her candles

Matthew and Christopher

Going into the Haunted House

Matthew and the cake we made for the cake walk

Getting ready to run

Trying to win tickets

Soccer game with Christopher


Matthew putting his shoes on

Matthew and Christopher at school

Matthew and his smiley sausage

At Skye Richmond's party

Drinking lemonade

Skye Richmond in pink

Skye's mom doing a science experiment

Waiting for that little rocket to lift off

Golf swing

Drawing some snakes

Skye and Ariel


Soccer balls

Golf at Holmby Park

Matthew and Christopher

Waiting for the next experiment to start

Sitting in class

You can see Matthew's smile

Mentos and Coke

Waiting to make a lava lamp

Mentos and Coke experiment

Making a Halloween bag

Kicking a ball

Matthew and Leilani

Kicking a soccer ball

Watching Evan play Gameboy

Soccer class

Riding a seahorse

Watching a game

Matthew's famous squat

Eating breakfast at school

Matthew, Jason and Evan

Squatting at school

Evan's birthday present

Soccer class

Elliott refereeing a game

Matthew with Jason in the background

Angry Birds game

Eating a snack in Fairmont Park

Group picture

Sunday group Karate class

Playing soccer

Matthew's the short one

Lining up for a soccer drill

Mrs. Higa and Ms. Jeanie

Looking through the Griffith Observatory telescope

Matthew at soccer

Team cheer

Telescope at Griffith Observatory

Pendulum at Griffith Observatory

Susie looking through the telescope

Matthew at soccer class


Matthew talking to Leilani

Elliott as a soccer ref

Matthew getting his chess problems graded

Kicking a ball

At chess club


Chess club

Matthew's chess problems

Kindergarten class

Sitting at kindergarten

Kicking a ball

Blocking Max from getting balls out of the goal

Playing soccer

Playing soccer


Middle of a soccer game

Kicking the ball

Wednesday's kindergarten schedule


Sitting in kindergarten

Following along in kindergarten

Resting at soccer


Soccer class

Doing sports at the Westwood Charter Ice Cream Social

Making faces

Balancing a frisbee

Playing in his first official soccer game

Running at soccer class

Doing a soccer drill

Running after the ball

Matthew being interviewed at Westwood Charter

Running at soccer

Lined up with some kids at the Ice Cream Social

Physical soccer game

Soccer kids

Matthew talking on the megaphone

Controlling the ball at soccer

At the Ice Cream Social

Jumping over the lines

Kids at soccer

Running at soccer

Soccer kids meeting


Having fun at soccer

Matthew and Isabella hiding

Matthew and kids being led to the field at the Ice Cream Social

Matthew in front of a ninja at Legoland

Plane ride

Kids driving school

Matthew with Susie and Doris in the background

Matthew climbing through the tunnel

Matthew with Chewie and R2-D2

Playing Harry Potter game


Matthew at his first AYSO soccer game

Marines Memorial with ninja

Building the taun-taun

Hugging R2-D2

Log ride

With the completed taun-tauns

Playing Ninjago game

Matthew and his team, the Blue Sharks

Doris and family on the fire truck ride

Matthew in front of another ninja

Building his Ninjago

Log ride

Ninjago battle

Matthew playing with Emma

Ninja on top of a carriage at Miniland

Going through a tube

Team Lee with Taun-taun models

One of the last days at pre-school

Matthew running at soccer

Broom hockey at the aquarium

Hitting a big hammer

Water break

One of Matthew's last days at pre-school

On the pirate ride

Star summer camp last day after the field trip

Riding on the pirate ride

Matthew's nose patch

Field trip info for Star summer camp

Matthew at pre-school

Wacky Wednesday at pre-school

Gift from Auntie Grace for getting to kindergarten

Playing a game at the aquarium

Last days at pre-school

Matthew and a group of kids at Star summer camp

Matthew making his first purchase -- Angry Bird pig

Practicing high kicks

After purchasing Piggy Tiggy

Matthew's nose patch

Using a huge hammer

Pirate ride

Soccer kid

Kicking the ball

Parents cheer at soccer

Matthew and his bag on a hook at Star camp

Angry Birds game from Auntie Grace

Matthew playing iPad on the plane

Matthew and Elliott on the Daytona tour

In front of a satellite inside the space shuttle

At the Kennedy Space Center

View of our dock

Goofy glasses

Under the waterfall

Driving the car ride at Disneyworld

Matthew's hot

Part of the tracks that transport rockets to the launch pad

One of our fish we caught

At the mosquito infested area

At the front of Disneyworld

Goofy at the Orlando airport

It's hot at Disneyworld

Running under the huge spider's web

Huge chess in Orlando

Having fun in the pool

Playing on the river simulator table

Train at Kennedy Space Center


Matthew petting an alligator

Matthew's Lego creation


Mousing around at Orlando Science Center

Building a river

Sitting in front of a studio background at Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center entrance

Feeding alligators

Crawler that transports rockets

Lego creation

Lego creation

Alligator biting the pants of the guy feeding him

Making a smashed penny

Juno lifting off

Apollo 12 Capsule

A few seconds after launch

Juno on the ground

Ibis in front of us at the rocket launch

Apollo Lunar Command Module

Vehicle Assembly Building

Matthew and Susie in our rocket launch spot

Holding up the Saturn V rocket

Holding up the rocket

Alligator in front of us at the rocket launch

Tiny Matthew head in an astronaut's car

Towers at Kennedy Space Center

Lunar Rover

Top part of Saturn V

Our last view of Juno

Lunar Command Module

Saturn V rocket bottom


Susie holding up the rocket

Huge jungle gym

Bottom of the Saturn V rocket

Hermit crab



Rocket Garden

Matthew smiling in the water

Stages of Saturn V

Matthew in the pool

Lunar Lander


Walkway to Apollo

Matthew in front of astronaut Snoopy

Blue crab


Rocket engines


Matthew smiling in the pool

Mars robot

Saturn Center

Model of Saturn V

Mars rover

Matthew hot

Elliott's Lego rocket

Matthew in the pool

Fish swimming with their heads above water

In front of the Orion capsule

Susie's Lego rocket

Matthew in the Kennedy Space Center jungle gym

Satellite inside the Explorer Space Shuttle

Matthew driving the spacecraft

Matthew's Lego creation


Jungle Gym at Kennedy Space Center

Matthew sweating

Matthew and Susie in front of Explorer


Matthew and Susie in front of the Saturn V rocket

Jungle Gym

Fish from our dock

Matthew's Lego scene

Inside the spacecraft

Matthew in front of the big castle

It's a Small World chess piece

Jack Sparrow at Pirate of the Carribean

Really hot on Tom Sawyer's Island

Skeleton at Pirates of the Carribean

Happy Matthew waiting for the pirate ride

Jack Sparrow hair

Trying to stay cool on Tom Sawyer's Island

Playing in the pool

Susie taking a picture of us

Matthew driving while sitting Indian-style

Matthew with his Mickey Mouse ears

Running across a bridge

Trying to reach a rope to ring a bell

King chess piece at It's a Small World

Matthew underwater

Big castle

Matthew sweating

Jumping for the rope

It's a Small World

Matthew playing mini golf at Congo River

Space Mountain

At Victory Lane

Mini golf at Congo River in Daytona Beach

Playing golf

First view of the Magic Kingdom from the ferry boat

Castle at the Magic Kingdom

Matthew at Swiss Family Treehouse

Porsche at Daytona

Covered hole at golf


2011 Daytona winning car

Last winning car at Daytona

View of Victory Lane from luxury suites

Race car at Daytona

Alligators at Congo River golf


It's hot at Swiss Family Treehouse

Feeding an alligator

When first entering Magic Kingdom

Back stretch at Daytona International Speedway

Our first view of Daytona International Speedway

Osprey wondering why I'm standing there

Matthew walking to the Turtle Mound at Canaveral National Seashore


Matthew on the plane to Florida

Starting line at Daytona

View from on the track at Daytona

Driving fast down the track

Matthew and Susie at Victory Lane

Fish at Canaveral National Seashore

Huge Banana Spider

View of Disneyworld from the plane

Matthew playing PvZ on the airplane

Huge spider

Osprey that just caught a fish

Waiting to get the rental car

Matthew on the 18 degree straightaway

Smashing a penny at Daytona

Epcot from the air

Matthew hearing some soccer techniques

Running with the ball

Ashley and Matthew on Ashley's last day at school

Riding the half circle

Carrying his new golf clubs (Thanks Ryan!)

Playing with water toys

Making art at school

Ashley hiding

Matthew at swimming class

Making snake art

Kicking a ball

Tej and Matthew meditating

Making art

Elena and Matthew at soccer

Pre-K class

Matthew throwing a ball at Karate

Orange team

Getting ready to play a game at Karate

Nika throwing the ball

Talking strategy at soccer

Carrying two chairs and a blanket

Matthew throwing the ball

Celebrating after winning the game

Trying to block the ball

Helicopter over Cheviot Hills park

Steve and Auntie Verna

Matthew doing the Soulja Boy dance

Passing with Elena

Getting ready to catch the garter

Jordan winning the garter toss


Grandpa Lee taking a picture

Lew Crew dancing

Learning a new dance

Talking strategy at soccer

Police helicopter over Cheviot Hills park

Running with Aaron at soccer


Bouquet toss

Danny and Kenny


Matthew and Andrew racing to the ball

Matthew making gestures


Flower girls

Ryan doing a dance move

Kids getting ready to run at soccer

Matthew's soccer class

Dribbling the ball

Running to the ball

Matthew kicking a ball

Going to the net

Painting at school

Grandma Lee


Nobody on the freeway at the entrance to the 405 from the 10

Empty onramp to the 405 from the 10

Fighting for the ball

Auntie Leona and Uncle Bill



Tushy light

Playing iPad at the wedding

Matthew and Nika at school

Green team

Matthew at the wedding

ABC helicopter over Beverly Hills

Matthew practicing Kata 1

In front of the fountain at the Aquarium

News helicopter following the royal couple

Matthew watching the wave fountain

Trying to catch a car in a bucket on the slide at school

In front of the shark air blower

Crawling through the trees

Looking at an exhibit at the aquarium

Four helicopters (out of five at least) that were following the royal couple

Taking pictures at the aquarium

Matthew and his puzzle he got from Ashley and Luke


KTLA helicopter

Matthew in front of the shark air blower

In the Lorikeet cage looking at birds

Matthew playing with Keira

Lizard at Huntington Library

Matthew and Boojack watching fireworks

Looking at a book

Flower at Huntington Library

Resting from the heat

Snack time at school

Playing iPad/iPhone games with visitors from Korea

Playing with Keira

Resting at Huntington Library

Fireworks in front of our house

Matthew watching fireworks

Interesting fireworks picture

Matthew in a tunnel

Matthew on a scooter at school

Dixon with Karcher in the burger

Matthew at school

Jason, Matthew and Evan at 3rd Street Promenade

Doing a magic trick

Thomas participating in magic

People at Matthew's birthday party

Doing magic


Resting on the Pre-K bed

Cousins at 3rd Street

Graduation picture with family

Matthew's birthday party

Singing at graduation

Family at Magicopolis for Matthew's birthday party

Matthew graduating

Matthew's party

Blowing out the candle

Matthew and his teachers (Denise, Nagwa and Ann)

Watching a magic trick

Going to graduation

Doing magic

Shin grandparents

Watching magic

Goofy picture

Angry Birds pops

Group picture with family


After graduation

After graduation

Another goofy picture

After graduation

Eating Angry Bird cake pops

At swimming

WUMP church

Matthew and his building

Graduation picture

Receiving a soccer picture

Karate baseball

Graduation picture

Listening to a book being read

Holding Max

At swimming

Ellie holding Isabella's head

Matthew's Lego creation

Before graduation

Matthew and Keira with small kid on their shoulders

Thanks to Susie for the treats

Karate baseball

Getting a soccer medal

At the Sparks game

Goofy picture

Watching Sparks basketball

Elliott being held down by Elena during soccer

Matthew getting his bear

Matthew chasing Elliott

At Build a Bear for Claire's party

Matthew's bear

At the brushing station

Claire and her birthday cupcake


Listing to instructions

Kids at Claire's party

Matthew with his pen

Matthew talking to Ashley

Talking to Keira

Lauren, Claire and Ellie

Sitting on a hot dog

Holding up some bears

Kicking a ball

Claire's birthday party

Listening to instructions

Playing soccer

Claire and Louise jumping into the pool


Listening to music

Nika swimming


Andrew playing guitar

Listing to music

Swimming at Keira's house

Andrew diving in

Matthew doing the backstroke

Kids in the pool


Participating in a song

Matthew and Keira

Matthew swimming


Matthew playing golf at Holmby Park

At Claire birthday party



Matthew at swimming

Doing push-ups at soccer


Matthew playing soccer

Learning something in swimming

Crazy tushy light

Playing soccer

Luke at school

Watching kids play soccer

Majestic Crest Theater where Augie had his birthday party

Playing soccer

Watching other kids play soccer

Sparring with Sensei Sam

Matthew and Keira

Sarah and Nour

Matthew performing Kata 2 at the tournament

Awards for sparring

Matthew and another kid with their medals

Matthew and Susie's parents

At the forms event

Matthew with his new hat and headband

Waiting for his turn in the tournament

Kids at Alexandru and Vincent's party


Z-Ultimate sign

Kids lined up

Matthew getting his medal

Sarah shooting an arrow

Susie's parents waiting for the sparring to start


Sparring against a bigger kid

Sparring in the match that Matthew won

Ashley shooting an arrow

Sliding down a hill

Riding the tumblewheel

Climbing up a hill

Thumbs up

Matthew and his medal and certificate


Matthew and Susie waiting for the tournament

Konrad and Andrew

Matthew and his Tiger Defense

Matthew and Heather

Heather getting her custom stuffed animal

Fun with Heather

Sliding into traffic

Grabbing pinata candy

Building his tiger

Getting candy from the pinata

Heather awaiting her cake

Kids waiting for Heather's cake

Waiting for their turn at the pinata

Grabbing candy

Waiting for the tumblewheel

Matthew and Heather

Pinata time

Grabbing candy

Matthew waiting for his tiger

Heather and her cake

Blowing her cake out

Girls waiting for their turn on the pinata

Matthew and Heather sliding

Matthew in a bouncy

Sliding at Heather's party

Shanté dance move




Evan in a bouncy

Matthew and Susie trying to win a fish

Matthew and Jason in a tent

Ready to play for a fish


In the bouncy

Heather sliding


Jason and Matthew playing Stratego

Fun in the bouncy


At music class

Riding the train at Westside Pavilion

Soccer Picture processed in Wordfoto

Running at soccer

Matthew, Andrew and Alex


Running and smiling

Team meeting

Matthew getting a prize

T-Ball team picture and frame

Andrew playing with Alex

Who's not wearing orange shorts?

Watching soccer


Playing with water guns


Ryan has two guns

Running around Cindy's house

Trying to catch a water balloon

Running away from someone


Jason shooting

Matthew trying to catch a water balloon

Jason picking his prize

Matthew getting his prize

Picking up balloons

Going through the obstacle course


Kids lining up

Matthew having fun

Evan shooting

Evan running


Games for the kids

Kicking it into the goal

Guarding while playing with water guns

High five's

Matthew and Isabella

Cindy's cupcakes

Congratulations after a game

Cindy's cupcakes

Watching soccer

Pre-K kids and parents on Parent's Day

Matthew running with Andrew

Cindy's cupcakes

Cindy's cupcakes

Matthew at soccer

Running at soccer

Ryan filling up some water balloons


Trying to shoot someone

Team cheer

Cindy's cupcakes

Matthew in the car

At swimming

Team meeting

Matthew trying to break the piñata

Matthew and his drum

Grant and his Mom and brother Luke

Susie talking to Pre-K parents

Mad dash for candy

Grant and the piñata

Watching music

Grant at his party

Nika and Matthew eating

Nika telling Matthew something

Isabella and Grant playing drums

Matthew talking to Vincent


Playing music

Teacher Matthew playing music

Participating in the music

Claire and Isabella

Listening to music

Performing at Grant's party


Isabella playing drums

Nika hitting the piñata

Playing drums


Baseball Card for Matthew

Matthew and his new trophy

Checking out baseball cards

The Rangers

Keira getting her trophy


T-Ball party


Coach Keith, Jake and Zachary

Trophy time


Coach Keith passing out trophies


Matthew after getting his trophy

T-Ball cupcakes


Matthew showing off his trophy

Jake getting his trophy


Matthew enjoying a cupcake


Getting trophies

Jake and his dad looking at the trophy


Matthew batting

Tyler's dad

Alexandru's mom

Brett's sister or sister's friend

Brett's sister or sister's friend

Coach Keith

Keira's grandpa


Matthew practicing Kata 2 before T-Ball practice

Oakley's mom


Seif's mom

Matthew throwing the ball


Jake's dad

Zachary's mom


Matthew practicing Kata 2


Elliott hitting

Matthew throwing

Matthew and Sensei Jason after Matthew got his blue belt

Matthew batting

Matthew at the Westside Pavilion's fruit play area

Nika after getting her yellow belt

Matthew and Sensei Sam


Matthew getting his blue belt on

Matthew and his new blue belt

Matthew throwing

After a game

Ashley with her new yellow belt

Matthew doing Pinan 3


Matthew on a banana

Nika with her new belt

Matthew doing Pinan 3

Matthew and Nika at the park

Playing at the mall

Pinan 3



Matthew playing with water at school





Elliott coaching Keira


Seif and Matthew trying to get the ball

Matthew cleaning something








Matthew at school


Breakdancing at school

Learning some dance moves

Who knows how to dance?

Doris and Molly at the fundraiser



Dance step


More dancing


Ashley holding Isabella in her hand


Snacks at T-Ball



Matthew at soccer

Picture day

Fun at the Pre-K room at the fundraiser


Eating pizza

Matthew at the bottom of the big slide

Playing a Lego board game

Sliding down the three story slide

Riding on the arm ride

Our cars on day one

Matthew's still too short for some water guns

Almost tall enough

Playing Harry Potter Lego board game

Our racing cars (Matthew's in front, Elliott's in the middle and Susie's in back)

Riding on the horse ride

The mother (with backpack on) who wanted me to push her son down the three story slide

Freedom Tower

Matthew climbing at the jungle gym


Some of Star Wars Miniland from above

Horse ride