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Fun Links
Holmby Park 2010 Episode 1
Matthew and Zachary movie poster
Matthew and Lola on paper
Matthew on the cover of Karate Illustrated
Matthew singing Rockaway Beach Movie (9.4 MB)
Matthew singing I Fought the Law Movie (8.4 MB)
Matthew's special way of eating Cheetos Movie (6 MB)
Matthew tells some soccer players "Good job guys!" Movie (3 MB)
Playing drums at Toddle Tunes Movie (7 MB)
Riding a horse at Jacob and Sophie's Birthday Party Movie (20.3 MB)
* Map of places Matthew has been to
Finding dinosaurs in Boston Movie (1.6 MB)
Driving the Boston Duck tour bus/boat Movie (9.6 MB)
Finding a "fox" at Boston Commons Movie (3.0 MB)
Matthew and Gabi at the LA Zoo Movie (9.6 MB)
On TV at the Boston Children's Museum Movie (8.0 MB)
Playing drums at Boston Children's Museum Movie (4.7 MB)
Racing at the Boston Museum of Science Movie (1.6 MB)
Matthew sleeping on the plane ride from Boston Movie (6.4 MB)
Matthew on stage at Under the Sea (April 2009) Movie (7.4 MB)
Matthew showing off a combo Karate move (April 2009) Movie (1.5 MB)
Matthew playing the keyboard and rocking out (Feb 2009) Movie (10.7 MB)
Matthew in the snow at Big Bear (Feb 2009) Movie (3.9 MB)
Matthew on a fun contraption at Pre-school Movie (3 MB)
Karate class (really really really big movie) Movie (95 MB)
Matthew at Karate class (really big movie) Movie (65.1 MB)
Matthew learning some Karate Movie (6.8 MB)
Matthew's playing Dance Dance Revolution Movie (6.5 MB)
Matthew's favorite game Froggie Boogie: Small (1.7 MB)
Gymboree: Let's all make a circle: Small (6.4 MB)   Big (26.5 MB)
At Pre-pre-school doing monkey song: Small (5.1 MB)   Big (20.8 MB)
Top Gun, starring Matthew Lee
Approximate Age
give or take 60 seconds
Info about June 21 - 172nd day of the year (173rd in leap years)
- Summer Solstice
- First day of sun sign Cancer
- National Day of Greenland
- Go Skateboarding Day
- International Surfing Day
Weather at 90064 - Average for June: 59-73F
Matthew's birth stats Born June 21, 2006 at 3:21am, 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20 inches long
Born on June 21
Historic events on June 21

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